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It was a good read although it certainly never me looking forward to get back into it the other books have It took a while infact to be honest i think it was only once i was 3 uarters into the book that i even thought was OK No I wasn t captivated by the characters and surrounding story I feel as though it has been a while since I ve read a book and been entranced by the story I must say I really do miss that feeling ou get when a book gets under The Defense (Eddie Flynn your skin and anything can be happening aroundou but nothing matters but Hai nhà you and the book I really need an excellent book to get engrossed in Xx good intense thriller but i felt it overall lack a connection between all the characters i only managed to figure out the whole story only towards the few chapters and i still have some uestions lingering after i finished the book Montanari is one of the finest thriller writers around today just as good as people like Kathy Reichs or Harlan Coben He never disappoints and Kiss of Evil is no. Police officer Mike Ryan was murdered with his own gun A beautiful suspect walked away free after tainting his reputation with allegations of greed and corruption only to perish herself in a fiery apparent suicide For twoears Clevela.

Exception A good gripping read but not my favourite from this author The style is as previous novels first person narration by the killer the rest Paris other characters in the third person but this time I found it a little muddling keeping track of the characters Nevertheless well worth a read The book started off great Nice touch with the killer s point of view But as the book neared its end the story got and blurry and a little hard to comprehend Just too much in the end I m afraid Not his best in my opinion The Violet Hour and his ByrneBalzano series are much better It took a lot to get into this book For the first half I put it down a lot For some reason I just couldn t get into it There were a few occasions where I almost gave up but I forced myself to finish itOnce I got past about 70% of the way through the story got a lot interesting and I finished the last 30% in about 3 days Now that I ve read the whole I can see that the story was interesting but it didn t grab me. Nd Homicide Detective John Salvatore Paris has been struggling to clear his friend Ryan's once good name with no success And now a rash of brutal slayings is rocking Paris's city a plague of terror and ritual sacrifice savage enough to.

From the start I struggled with his writing too There is something about his style that I can t get on with and I found myself re reading sentences I hate that I m not exactly sure what it was about this book but it did put me off this author a little The shame is that I read Devil s Garden a while ago and really enjoyed it I bought this book thinking it was a new novel and not realising it was released Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian years before This book wasn t as good as Montanari s recent novels the story was often confusing and there was often almost too much going on but overall the story was good The lead characters in Montanari s later books are much better developed but it was still a good read A brilliant trashy crime novel that made me feel like a detective If I was to go back in time I d give myself a tip and say note down some names nicknames and character memory joggers Even though my memory is terrible for names this one gets a tad complicated with character similarities In a nutshell Brillian. Shatter even the most street hardened cop's faith in justice and a rational world Each murder is differentet eually horrific each victim and crime connected only by a strange symbol carved into their fleshAnd by one name Michael Rya.

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