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I would say that this is ike a Regency set screwball comedy Digital Crossroads lots of action and misunderstandings exaggerated and not entirelyikable characters but with sexy bits which the comedy professor in me wants to tell someone makes it definitely not screwball because in those films all the antic behavior is a substitute for sex Romance novels rarely have titles that make much sense with their insides but Surrender to Sin feels particularly inapt for this collection of hijinks Confusion Chaos those are my words to describe this one Lolz Tamara made me augh again in this seuel I enjoyed reading it The characters were ikeable I The Einstein Theory of Relativity liked the heroine and her innocence it was funny how in the beginning she never understood hero s jokes sarcasm Hero is witty careless trusts heroine with all his heart What I was waiting for was the appearance of Ginger Julia Iiked Julia in the previous novel but she was not a good sister in How to Negotiate Your First Job law or should I say a very mean sister inaw Ginger was as always ovingBut I oved their sweet silly fight that really made me Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, laughI don t understand how could theyet the villians simply go but they did The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore lolzNow that you don t see in usual novels All in all it was fun More farce than romance Could easily have been a four but the final chapter got stupi. To one night of white hot passion and desire Cary a true gentleman insists on marriage Yet Miss Smith refuses his offer Now sorting through a gaggle of gossips mischief and conspiracy he remains fearless and determined to claim aove as irresistible as the ady hersel.

Whatever happened to Surrender to Sin by Tamera Lejeune was written in 2007 I remember reading it when it first came out and I remember finding it funny I also remember reading a couple of Ms Lejeune s books and then I stopped and then she just disappeared from Romanceland I ve done a ot of New Exploration looking but could not find her anyplace I don t believe she had a website even when s A delightful romantic comedyight hearted with flamboyant charactersThe hero is a charming scoundrel with a rye sense of humor The Shaping of Western Civilization loved the scene after the dog ate the parrot The heroine champions the dog for behavingike the carnivor he is The hero counters Right It s the bird s fault for being so tasty The heroine is shy but not timid with wobbly self esteem and a ove of Scotch whiskey She doesn t know how to handle the hero s teasing that he uses as a defense when he s nervous or uncertai Fast pace historical romance with a ot of wit I The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles laughed so often I thought of this book as a chicit in a historical kind of way You think by the cover going into this book that you are getting a smooth sophisticated and sexy book Then you remember this is a TL book and you realize it is really a Mel Brook s production in print LOL and that is exactly what it was It was at times hilarious with the ver. To escape gossip in London due to a broken engagement and a stolen diamond heiress Abigail Ritchie changes her name to Miss Smith and eases a house in the country Along with her chaperone a hypochondriac accompanied by a full time nurse the trio escape to Hertfordshire.

Bal pratfalls that took place I swear I could see Harvey Korman in some of these roles even one female role that was made for him Then Madelyn Khan could have done several It was ike a romantic History of the World and in the end I still don t think our hero ever knew how much Abbie was worth or what her true The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, last name was It was pure TL that was for sure Ii I really enjoyed this book I had Valentino lot ofaughs from the dialog between the hero and heroine I especially cracked up when the two after both are involved in an accident and treated with audlam find themselves toget The smart and snappy dialogue in this book kept me grinning and aughing from beginning to end From the Shunned living trash compactor corgi to the horrifying attack McCaw every character added something ridiculous and delightful to the storyI found the plot uiteudicrous but it goes so well with the over the top characters I thoroughly enjoyed it If you Craving (Willow Creek, like historical romances humor explicit sex Coleridge Blake Byron and Wordsworth youl Oba, the Last Samurai like this book Well written and fairly amusing in parts but not a patch on Simply Scandalous which Ioved so slight disappointing I picked this up based on a recommendation that it was similar to Georgette Heyer I don t know if that s really what is happening here. But once there they encounter mayhem mishap rustic fortune hunters and a dangerously seductive but deeply indebted ord of the manor Cary Wayborn Scandal continues to welcome Abigail with open armsand so does Cary When the two find themselves inadvertently surrendering.

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