Mark Monmonier: Air Apparent How Meteorologists Learned to Map Predict and Dramatize Weather

Ce this book was published After readong this I feel I have a better understanding in the tradeoffs made when choosing how to style meteorological maps and I certainly am grateful for the availability of modern technology. E cases enlightening Joe Venuti Bulletin of the American Meteorological SocietyMonmonier is solid enough in his discussion of geographic and meteorological information to satisfy the experienced weather watcher But even if this information were not presented in such a lively and engaging manner it would still hook most any reader who checks the weather map every morning or who sits happily entranced through a full cycle of forecasts on the Weather Channel Michael Kennedy Boston Glo.

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Istory of science A brief history of meteorology especially from the aspect of presentation The diagrams and explanations of meteorological phenonena were great even though meteorological graphics have come uite a way sin. Be central to our daily livesClever title rewarding book Monmonier offers here a basic course in meteorology which he presents gracefully by means of a history of weather maps Scientific AmericanMark Monmonier is onto a winner with Air Apparent It is good accessible science and excellent history Read it Fred Pearce New Scientist Air Apparent is a superb first reading for any backyard novice of weather but even the veteran forecaster or researcher will find it engaging and in som.

Excellent book on the history of meteorology Extensive explanation on surface maps the rise of prediction models and the advancements in tracking of severe weather Great read for weather buffs or those interested in the Weather maps have made our atmosphere visible understandable and at least moderately predictable In Air Apparent Mark Monmonier traces debates among scientists eager to unravel the enigma of storms and global change explains strategies for mapping the upper atmosphere and forecasting disaster and discusses efforts to detect and control air pollution Fascinating in its scope and detail Air Apparent makes us take a second look at the weather map an image that has been and continues to.

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Mark Stephen Monmonier is an American author and a Distinguished Professor of Geography at the Maxwell School of Syracuse UniversityHe specializes in toponymy geography and geographic information systems His popular written works show a combination of serious study and a sense of humor His most famous work is How To Lie With Maps 1991 in which he challenges the common belief that maps inhe