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Efers the well denoted boundaries of her work relationships to those of a personal nature though recently she has fallen for a man whose presence could upset the structure of her well ordered life Will her longing and affection for him allow her to forfeit the life she has built for herselfWhen one of Freida s clients leads her to believe that he may be implicated in a child abduction Frieda surrenders her professional ethics and goes to the police The policeman in charge of the case is at first skeptical but she ultimately wins his trust and professional respect Together they chase down leads and encounter shocking revelations whilst searching for a young abducted boy They discover that this case may be linked to another similar case which took place over twenty years agoMany themes are touched upon in Blue Monday Professional ethics guilt nature vs nurture the merits of psychoanalysis the damage caused by child abduction human foibles secrets and A thought provoking fast paced well written thriller containing several twists and a surprise ending this novel will appeal to fans of psychological suspense I always enjoy novels which accurately portray the contradictions and uncertainties inherent in human behavior and this one does that very successfully Highly recommendedThis review was originally published on my blog Fictionophile Two children are abducted 20 years apart Could there be a connection Frieda Klein is a psychotherapist and in her first adventure one of her patients describes dreams about seeing a boy who is the double of missing five year old Matthew Faraday When she takes her concerns to the police however they don t really take her seriously in this very tense read It is a really good psychological read which has you puzzling the fates of the two missing children especially from about halfway through when the penny drops and you realise you have an inkling as to what is going on It is a very dark read partly told through the confused eyes of a frightened little boy Can Frieda put two and two together in timeFrieda is a very complex character with a history and I definitely got the feeling that of her story is going to come out in future books it is only hinted at here What has shaped her into the person she is living as a one woman island in her cosy little nest and wandering the streets by night I really enjoyed the little cliue of friends and relatives around her who all have their own distinct characteristics Especially Josef and RuebenThere were times when I thought that Frieda was maybe verging on being a little too serious minded for me especially during the slower parts of the read but having said that I didn t want to put this book down especially after I reached the halfway stage and would have loved another chapter or two after that ending which is not strictly speaking a cliffhanger but one which definitely left me wanting A really solid strong start of a seriesFrieda Klein Therapist Has a safe place for patients A patient may be a iller The dilemma She helps the police at their reuest A fresh pair of eyes She is an insomniac She walks the streets of London Looking at the river Fleet The old rivers of London She helps and needs help She is cold and warm Distance and close Slow start but it builds up uick Everything is connected I m going through a spell of jumping back to the first book in a series of which I d enjoyed on of the later entires this time I d already read Saturday Reuiem by the husband and wife duo of Sean French and Nikki GerrardThe debut of th. L a child the spitting image of Matthew She finds herself in the center of the investigation serving as the reluctant sidekick of the chief inspectorDrawing readers into a haunting world in which the terrors of the mind have spilled over into real life Blue Monday introduces a compelling protagonist and a chilling mystery that will appeal to readers of dark crime fiction and fans of In Treatment and The Killi.

Ng itSo before removing the rest of her recommendations from my to read list I decided to give her another chance and move on to Nicci French and her their magnificent she remarked Frieda Klein series Am I ever glad I gave her a mulligan because she sure hit pay dirt with this oneFirst with the their above Nicci French is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team This makes the fluid readability of this novel all the remarkable Astounding reallyYears ago my prime go to genre was psychological suspense I still go for this a lot but really hadn t read a whole lot in this genre that really wowed me in recent years so I ind of let that genre slip by the wayside Now along comes a mystery series with a psychoanalyst as its main protagonistRight Up My AlleyThis is a fantastic read The mystery surrounds child abduction and unsettlingly so sotrigger warnings y all The characterization is terrific especially where Frieda is concerned and this is an extremely fast read I could barely put it down for the last uarter or most of the novel for that matter There are a couple of things that I had a hard time buying into namely the trust Frieda and Karlsson put into Josef and most times something like this would bother me enough to dock stars But not this time This is such a well rolled out story with terrific dialogue that I can t possibly give such top notch entertainment less than five starsBig spoiler hereview spoilerAnd I can t remember the last time a book made me GASP at the end so audibly as this one I only hope that I didn t spoil this read for my wife who had just started it next to me on the couch Although she will probably have seen that one coming she always does dammitAs did others apparently I checked out some other less favourable reviews and they had seen that big thing coming at the end and they figured the characters were idiots for not to have figured it out before thatI guess I m stupid too because she they got me hook line and sinker thus the GASP Oh shit from yours trulyBut I m not complaining Being stupid does have the benefit of being gleefully surpised So well done Nicci French hide spoiler This finally became available on audio so I grabbed it Wasn t sure what to expect but I liked the entire mystery of the missing children a great deal and sped through it pretty uickly glued to my phone There is one great twist at the end that had me thanking Nicci French for nowing how to add some zing and add it just when you least expect it I live for twists as I may have mentioned beforeOn to Tuesday As a long time fan of Nicci French novels I was delighted when my in person bookclub Whodunit selected Blue Monday as our group read for the month of SeptemberThe first novel to feature Frieda Klein a solitary sometimes stern unmarried childless woman in early middle age who works as a psychoanalyst in LondonFrieda s character fascinated me She is a study in contrasts She is a risk taker with seemingly little regard for her own personal safety She goes for solitary walks through London in the dead of night to tire herself when suffering from insomnia She doesn t have a cell phone preferring to be adrift and out of contact when not at work Yet Frieda loves her house a dark and comfortable oasis which she deems a place of cleanliness and sanctuary She has a penchant for structure rules and orderlinessFrieda loves London and the affection of place is obvious in the atmospheric Blue Monday However she holds little affection for her family whom she feels do not value her nor she them She pr. Is reflected in her own life which is an austere one of refuge personal integrity and orderThe abduction of five year old Matthew Farraday provokes a national outcry and a desperate police hunt And when his face is splashed over the newspapers Frieda cannot ignore the coincidence one of her patients has been having dreams in which he has a hunger for a child A red haired child he can describe in perfect detai.

The first couple of offerings by the duo that make up Nicci French were unputdownable I stopped reading several years ago as I felt that the stories had become hackneyed and lacklustre not to mention tediously predictable I picked this up last week primarily because the blurb on the back convinced me that this could be something new Sadly nothing was further from the case I brilliant premise became tedious and mundane and the overall story became and unbelievable Even the final twist whilst also totally ludicrous was sadly obvious from the moment that the final character in its involvement was introduced trying not to give anything away but that s making me write in an awful style too perhaps it s catching predictable and ridiculous It was readable for the hour or two it took me But I certainly won t be recommending it and it s already gone to the charity shop almost unheard of in this house where books are read and reread as well as lent and given to those who might be interested I am finished with Nicci French for good this time This was so much better then I expected So interesting just an easy read The story itself was so good I was immediately drawn in But the star for me was Psychotherapist Dr Frieda Very unusual I could honestly read about her for books books Luckily there are 5 of 6 I ll definitely be moving right in to the next 1 So glad I found this series Well I confess to reading this for the shallowest of reasons I needed a book with a title containing a day of the week or month of the year And this one looked uite good And in fact it was Better than just ok I think I liked the psychotherapy element to this suspense thriller The main character Freida Klein seems uite a complex character to be revealed probably in future instalments She makes lots of mistakes when she gets involved in a missing child investigation The ending has a twist that you could see a mile off and it was annoying that no one in the story could see it As a Londoner myself I liked the fact it was set in LondonSo this is recommended as a page turner and as a suspense mystery It s not really a thriller but I liked it enough to read it in almost one sitting Not bad for a or less random pick to fulfil a challenge This is pretty good for a first effort although I think it needs a touch of refinement The surprise toward the end regarding the crime wasn t a surprise to me at all and I can t imagine why it wouldn t have occurred to our heroine Dr Klein or the police involved It was too obvious For the first half though it was a bit murky to see how this would all evolve making the Duh ness of the ending of a let down in a way There are some extraneous characters who although colorful don t all add much to the tale but clutter If this is really the nascent book of a series presumably the first of seven do we really have to meet everyone Frieda nows all at once Save something for Tuesday guys I also found the relationship between Frieda and Karlsson the head investigator with the police to be odd It was sometimes hostile then not and it was hard to tell why he was listening to Frieda s ideas when they seemed to mostly annoy him He needs to be given clearer motivations and characterization going forward even with a backstory he still seemed like a bit of a sketch than a man to me A while back Louise Penny had posted to Facebook a list of authors she enjoyed One of these was Alan Bradley for his Flavia de Luce series Wow she remarked and what a disappointment this was for me I couldn t get past 24% before chucki. The stunning first book in a new series of psychological thrillers introducing an unforgettable London psychotherapistFrieda Klein is a solitary incisive psychotherapist who spends her sleepless nights walking along the ancient rivers that have been forced underground in modern London She believes that the world is a messy uncontrollable place but what we can control is what is inside our heads This attitude.

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