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Will need to know about the lives of trees and important information about the circle of life in regards to nature and nexpected habitats for animals The students could recreate this story on paper with definitions for the vocabulary words on the appropriate page Also it could easily be performed by giving each group of students a section of the story and having them act out their parts demonstrating that they nderstand the new vocabulary Lastly the students could put the seuence of a tree s life in order in their own creative waysGrade Level K 2 Sweet I m always a sucker for a story about a tree This would be a great toddler book it follows one tree s life cycle from mature tree to tumbled over trunk to humus for the next sapling There s very little text and the pictures are whimsical but with strong lines and easy for little eyes and minds to decipher Bittersweet A tree grows has leaves fruits flowers Then it grows very old and dies It becomes a home to animals on the ground Then it becomes dirt and its grandchildren s roots grow in the soil This is a wonderful story that tells about the life cycle of a tree The story is told with a simple short narrative and bright cartoonish illustrations that wil. The suirrels and birds that made their homes in her leafy branches And every year seeds from the tree scattered in the wind along with many millions of leaves Mary Newell De.

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L appeal to young children The narrative is easy to read aloud and I think this book would work well for a group storytime especially one with a tree or Arbor Day theme I saw this book mentioned in a discussion about Arbor Day in the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads So in honor of Arbor Day we read a few books about trees A beautiful little book about the life cycle of a tree DePalma writes a simple book with rich language This little book lends itself nicely to mini lessons on active voice and verb se in writing and life cycles and decomposition in science It is accessible to early elementary students and complex enough to engage older learners in conversation around word choice and poetry A lovely book on the life cycle of a tree I liked it as a grandmother tree and how trees give so much Language is poetic and clear and death is shown as part of a passage of living I enjoyed the simple illustrations as well Good for many ages Scientifically speaking I can t recommend this highly enough It s wonderful It beautifully illustrated and very well written It presents a concept life cycle in an age appropriate manner that is easily nderstood by young children LOVED ITBUY THI. Palma creates an emotional tale of life and renewal of nature's bounty and iet balance illustrated with simple images made powerful with vivid colors and moving composition.

I want to Taming a Dark Horse (Men of the West, use these illustrations to decorate my daughter s room Some of my favorite illustrations ever and the pictures are what earned the extra star for my review I believe the story was well written but the sadness of this tale did notite mesh with the cutesy print and darling pictures I did like it but it was not The Child Who Rescued Christmas / Firefighter with a Frozen Heart uite what I was expecting the experience with my three year old Jordan was only semi interested I really liked how short this book and how the tree changes throughout the book with many different animals The illustrations were lovely and the text was short and simple I engaged the preschoolers with before during and post readingestions and they seemed to enjoy this book but they did notice how short it was This book was The Sabbides Secret Baby used for our Trees Unitnder the Creative Curriculum This is a book that illustrates a story about a tree how it grows and its life cycle Would be great for younger elementary students ATOS Book Level 26Lexile 530LSix1 Traits Ideas and Presentation When creating plans on teaching the life cycle of a tree this book should absolutely be included The flow of the book mimics the slowly swaying movements of a tree on a windy day There are many vocabulary words that students. Once there was a grand old tree whose roots sank deep into the earth and whose arms reached high into the sky Every spring the grand old tree flowered and bore cherries for.

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