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Rich in atmos and mystery poor in consistency By the third act the intensity and intrigue has doused itself in asoline and rolled around on a bunch of lit matches LiterallyI think at some point the horror novel Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, got infected with this notion that it would rather like to be a melodramatic romance novel but it can t So it dolls itself up in a romantic fashion but still has the twisted sickness of horror dangling off its flesh It s actually disturbing because it tries to inject itself with romance not lessThe plot is deeply strange and taboo the pettiness and vile nature of two people being so ingrained that it lasts past a lifetime is a concept I like and I also found the themes of the same bizarre violence being replayed throughoutenerations to be pretty effectively creepyCharacterization is surprisingly ABCs of Baseball good at least at first though it confounds me how adamantly the characters refuse to believe in the supernatural Judith especially What does it take exactly to make Judith believe in orhosts Do they have to tap dance on her skull Pull their faces off like in Beetlejuice She speaks directly to a Ēna ghost multiple multiple times and is even attacked by ahost but of course they can t possibly be Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! ghosts not to her It s likely to Judith that they re psychic projections or telepathy or Cthulhu or whatever Judith will literally trust anybody who says kind things to her and that s not a savvy uality in a horror heroine It s frustrating andets her assaulted stalked and nearly murdered several timesRant about the heroine aside the writing is vivid. After the sudden death of her parents Judith Jordan returned to California hoping to find a new life for herself Instead she became involved with a prominent roup of elderly women who formed a club known as The Circle Initially drawn into their sphere of influence by flattery and.

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T children relatives to even herselfWhen a series of mysterious deaths begin occurring in the area she meets with perhaps too likely a feral character whom she develops affection for Learning of the family mansion s history diabolical secrets are revealed and thus descends both into the shadows of hidden chambers lain deep down in a labyrinthine maze and the darkness of her ifted mind as she receives impressions and contacts from the timeless inhabitants therein which turns out to be a main reason for The Sisterhood s involvement with she as the chosen one to summon a demonic horror from a blackened netherworld of nightmarish terror Some of the books in my Box o books for 5 bucks are Štěky Broka Špindíry great findsNot this one Run of the mill reincarnationghost revenge plot ploddingly written Not uite lowly enough for a Lifetime movie but definitely twisted fairy tale whoreshit Alas her last was not her best wasn t that bad I think book should be higher rated I ve read worse four star books I enjoyed it to be honest Judith Spencer moves back to the Pacific Palisades in California after 20 years for multiple reasons Still recovering from the accidental death of her husband nearly five months earlier Judith wanted a break from memories of her husband in their Manhattan apartment The latest tenants of the California property that she inherited from her parents who died in a car accident disappeared three weeks earlier An offer had been made on the property therefore Judith decided to take her daughter out of kindergarten ando down to California before makin. Errorized even in her dreams Judith was haunted by memories of a life she never could have known The entity was strangely familiar to her and somehow she knew that unless the circle of sisters was broken she would be trapped for all eternity in the deadly embrace of a vengeful spir.

And sharp paced and other than the idiotic denial of supernatural things whenever they happen the main characters have fairly well fleshed out personalities The imagery is disgustingly beautiful and it does keep you intrigued enough to want to keep reading it and the merging of forbidden magic and murder mystery is cool I have to say355 I bought this relatively cheap at a secondhand bookshop while browsing for horror paperbacks The cover caught my eye and its publishing date of 1989 appealed to my interest in 1980 s horrorThe Sisterhood starts with the main character Judith and her young daughter moving to California after the death of both her parents and her husband to start a new life She moves back into the house she The Blackmailed Secretary grew up in and is soon visited by a number of elderly women who remember her when she wa Judith Jordan returns to Pacific Palisades California after a familial tragedy on the east coast surreptitiously re acuainting with a secret society of wizened necromantic Witches contacting sinister spirits residing beyond therave through Seance in The Octagonal RoomThe they interject themselves the suspicious she becomes of their motives and peculiar involvement with her parents fate They have known her all of her life she recalls from hazy dream like memory operating with clandestine manipulations all the while which persist to this day Despite all her efforts she cannot seem to escape their clutchesBit by bit she develops her psychic sensitivity perceiving subtleties in the ethereal environment from spectral voices and visions hos. Curiosity Judith soon found that The Circle was meddling in the occult with dangerous conseuencesSomehow the circle had managed to contact an entity from beyond one that exuded pure evil Worse it seemed to have chosen Judith as the target for its insane viciousness Hounded by day

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