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Nted his face and wore a turban for crying out loud He was even in a play ears before acting as a character named Madame Doubtfire She didn t remember that Wow these two should have never stayed together long enough to have children It is a rare ocassion when a movie surpasses its source material but such is the case here The book mainly focuses on how divorces affect the children The book tries to be fun at times but the characters are so toxic that it takes the fun awayIf FRIENDLY ENEMIES you are trying to choose between the book or the movie I suggest that the movie is the perfect option A 3 star rating to me is somewhere between a 55 and 7 on a 10 point scale The movie ruined the book for me It is one of my favourites and I can watch it over and over again Robin Williams is brilliant and so this the movie s added feature of Dan being a voice actor I think that gave the story a lot depth The book was missing that depth And the fact that the children view spoilerknew from the start that Dan was Doubtfire and Miranda didn t made the story seem a lot plausible hide spoiler I think it wasehnot as good as the movie Then again they never areDaniel lied saying he had a job as a nude modelGloria s neighbor name in the movie is Mrs Hooper in the bookMiranda has red hair 37Chapter 3 everyone fears MirandaMiranda worked at Hillard s lighting Emporium while in the movie Miranda was an interior decoratorNatalie opened the door for Madame D 58 when they first met not MirandaMadame DoubtfireDan tapped Natalie on the buttNatty knows Madame D is Daniel She calls him Daddy 61 She knew during the whole book while in the movie she didn t know until he performed the Heimlich maneuver on Stuwho was NOT in the bookLydia was nice to Madame Doubtfire while Chris was meantotally opposite from the movieMadame D says Chris needed to be hitLydia likes reading comics and other things 74 and 77Close calls 103 and 104Scrutinize 107Stories about Daniel 110There s a bold across a bathroom door 113In the book Dan and Miranda have been divorced forears while in the movie it was only a few monthsNatalie sucked her thumb 122Daniel abuses Chris and swears at him 129Madame D s signature is awesome 140Nat s hedgehog storyEgog 146 She can t spell hedgehogLydia plays the oboe 150Daniel agreed to pose nude for art people and there Miranda found out he was Madame D The gross thing is the kids didn t mind seeing their dad naked because they ve seen it several times 169I know I d be mortified My dad s a couple hundred pounds so it s bad enough but even if my dad had a good body I still wouldn t want to see him naked Daniel blames his behavior on MirandaMiranda was mad because she s actually been paying Daniel to watch their kidsDaniel punched a wall 174Daniel tossed Madam D clothes in the trash 182Even after Miranda found out Daniel was Madame D she still kissed Dan on the cheek 195Chris uail diesLydia elled at her mom telling her she s staying at her Dad s which caused Miranda to bring the kids there and leave them there until the next morningIt ended with Dan reading and later reciting by memory a book and the kids and Daniel holding handsOkay ending I was hoping for thoughI m not sure wha. Niel gets the job disguised as Madame Doubtfire This bittersweet touching and extremely funny book inspired the highly successful film Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Willia.

OubtfireIt isn t a funny book although i think its constant reference to embarrassing male nudity was meant to be amusing Now seems a tad immatureBoth parents came across badly but Daniel seemed to be of a twat The film he was immature and not very responsible but still likeable and by the end ou could respect him Book Dan if accounts were true was a dick and a bit lame The end felt a little too wrapped up considering what had happened the film version felt realistic to this end Written as Young Adult fiction however to me it feels a children s story in tone and style Maybe that reflects the differences in books written nowadays for YA and those written in the early nineties and eighties Fine was aiming for realism by writing about a sadly common occurring family issue Maybe it pales now in comparison to the film but the humour fell flat and it felt a little ham fisted at the end as if written for the parents rather than children Which perhaps explains three slightly adult humour inserted into it Not really a bad book that being said it s very misleading It offers the promise of being really funny but instead it s just incredibly sad as the children in the story are thrown around through their parents messy divorce And if And a Bottle of Rum you ve ever seen the 1990 s Robin Williams film adaptation this book will likely be just a big disappointment toou I don t think I would have enjoyed Madame Doubtfire even as a kid The emotionally fraught parts of it probably wouldn t have bothered me the family torn apart by divorce etc though it would bother some children but I would have been too embarrassed by the whole charade for words and that s how I feel now as an adultIt s an attempt at realism really despite the rather whacky concept It deals with things the children might really think and feel and with problems parents might well have with their former partners Some children might find it funny but eek I couldn tLooking forward to the lecture on this I m sure there ll be plenty to say about it More like 25 Stars This was probably the harshest not to say it wasn t fairly well written most depressing kid s book I ve read A realistic and extremely uncomfortable portrayal of the effects of a nasty divorceaftermath on the children being Crochet yanked in both directions That said I ll stick with the movie from now on I saw the movie so many times that I lost count I love it it is so funnyThat being said I don t like the book very much It s not funny at all I really don t know about divorce at all In this book it is horrible The parents are always fighting with each other and verbally bashing each other seperately in front of the kids The father Daniel was always pretending to act out killing the mother Miranda in various ways Sometimes in front of the childrenThe author never specifies the children s ages Very agrivating She mentions how much money Madame Doubtfire will be earning and even the phone numbers for both parents but never how old the kids are As far as I can tell they are somewhere between 2 and 14ears oldSomething else that bothered me how Miranda didn t recognize her ex husband as Madame Doubtfire The daughters knew it was him right away He only pai. Volatile mother Miranda and their out of work actor father Daniel Then Miranda advertises for a cleaning lady who will look after and mind the children after work and Da.

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The book is good but the movie is better I mean being a bookworm it does not mean Playhouse you stick to the idea that the book shall always better than the movie over there was Robin Williams in it andou know how perfectly he pulls of Danielle therewho does not like a movie RW in it duh oh okay sorry it s a book review not a movie But ROBIN WILLIAMS man 3 I didn t know there was a book that inspired the movie until I watched the special features of Mrs Doubtfire on DVD I went out and got the book right away and started reading it The chapters are long but ou wouldn t know that from reading this book The story flows so elouently that it s hard to put it downThe story of Miranda and Daniel are one that many children today so than ever have to deal with because of the divorce of their parents What made this story so special was the writing was so real You had real arguments between the parents that would blow up in front of the children just like in real life The children were forced to find coping mechanisms to handle the stress placed on them The movie story line and book story line cross at certain points and use certain lines in the book in the movie I could see how the writers of the film were able to construct the outline of the storyIn reading this book ou would almost think that the book came after the movie because of how Daniel talked throughout The character truly matched how Robin Williams would have talked in the movie You have this humor side this childlike uality but also this parental figure for his children It was a near perfect match I have seen the movie so many times growing up that it was hard to picture any other characters in the book I could see Robin Williams saying everything he did in that book including Sally Field and the Desire and Deceive young actorsI didn t realize the story came from the UK until they started mentioning teatime and pounds and names of places The whole time I kept picturing San Francisco as the setting because that was where they lived in the movieThis book will only add to what took place in the film You get a better sense of how they were in their own homes but also how the children felt about the whole mess because that s what divorce creates a mess If parents would only take the time to think about that and communicate before having kids there would be less of a need for therapy for adultsIfou enjoyed the movie then ou will love this book for it s realism It is a great bedtime read and funny at certain parts and sad and touching at others The story moves very fast so try to savor those arguments because they mean so muchuick movie fact Director Chris Columbus decided to change the ending and keep The film is better than the book It was a bit of a shock to find out that it was firstly a book and secondly by an author that I have read a couple of books of as a child I can t say i was into her books much back then Thirdly it is most definitely British and written in the way books were back in the early 90s and before where the children sounded so awfully posh So prim and proper UghI kind of preferred it as American as I coughs not uite match Robin Williams up to this version And who cannot love Robin as Mrs Lydia Christopher and Natalie are used to domestic turmoil Their parents' divorce has not made family life any easier in either home The children bounce to and from their.

Though readers often find themselves inadvertently laughing aloud as they read Anne Fine's novels as she herself admits a lot of my work even for fairly young readers raises serious social issues Growing up is a long and confusing business I try to show that the battle through the chaos is worthwhile and can at times be seen as very funny In 1994 this uniue combination of humour and r