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I tried to start and finish this one in a day because it kept me wanting to find out what happened next My eyes finally gave out very late into the night What a rollercoaster ride this story was and many sides and issues were involved I like this type of story and I know I will read of Daniel Palmer s work I found myself interested in this story right from the start There is something scary and compelling about reading a story that can believably take lace The dynamics of the father daughter relationship was very believable based on a split home where one Trouble parent is trying toit the child against the other Hogan parent Having the main character struggle to build a relationship with his daughter while also trying torove his innocence really helped make this story believable The story itself was interesting and kept me reading until the end The author touches on some topics that I believe Wedding Daze parents are already trying to get a handle on in this day and age This book really brings into focus just how damaging the internet can be and how eternal the information is that you find online He brings up the topic of sexting among teenagers Many of the things from this book are already takinglace in our society and should be addressed by Gender and Multiculturalism parents If you add in the cop with a grudge who is so blinded by theast that he wants to blame Tom for everything that is happening in his town Tom doesn t stand a chance at clearing his name alone so he calls in for help from a friend who works for the FBI None of his so called friends believe that he s innocent and there sure not willing to help him clear his name This makes it difficult to tell who the real bad guys are Overall I enjoyed the small town olitics and the story line of Helpless I recieved this book for free from Goodreads Action acked book from the moment you start reading Tom Hawkins a former Navy SEAL has had a uiet life coaching a girl s high school soccer team until his ex wife is murdered His estranged daughter Jill comes to live with himThe Mourning Child Grief Support Group Curriculum police suspect Tom of murdering his ex wifeThat s just the first couple chapters then the book has you on the edge of your seatTom is then accused of having underage sex with one of hislayers on his team who is also his daughters s best friend FBI agent Rainey then becomes involved and charges Tom with child Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, pornography and downloadingictures of teen age girl s This book was a fast A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) paced great read You can tut it down because you have to find out why Tom who was a uiet soccer coach is now being framed Excellent read It could happen to you originally Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) posted Thoughts I found myself interested in this story right from the start There is something eerie and compelling about reading a story that can believably takelaceThe fatherdaughter relationship was well done based on a bad divorce with one Gone Cold parent trying toit child against the other The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate parent Having Tom struggle to build this relationship of trust with Jill while also trying torove his innocence really helped this aspectThe story itself was interesting and kept me reading until the end With the revalence of sexting among this age group you can see many things from. Palmer son of bestselling author Michael Palmer delivers the follow up to his acclaimed debut Delirious the story of an award winning coach whose ordered world is suspended by shocking accusations of murder A high school soccer coach finds his world upended by shocking accusations and long buried secretsNine years after he left Shilo New Hampshire former Navy Seal Tom Hawkins has moved back It's not an auspicious homecoming Tom has returned to raise his teenage daughter Jill following the murder of his ex wife Kelly Despite Tom's effort.

This book already taking lace in our society Then add in the cop with a grudge who is so blinded by ast grudges that he wants to blame Tom for everything that is happening in his town to so called friends who have a uniue way of dealing with things you don t know who the real bad guys areThe only thing that didn t work for me was the attempt at romance It kind of felt like it was added to appeal to a certain audience and I didn t need it to enjoy the story Both characters were strong enough to carry their roles without adding to itOverall I enjoyed the small town olitics of Helpless over the corporate intrigue of Delirium Just finished HELPLESS I had the Mama Ds pasta pizza pleasure andrivilege to read ans advance copy You WANT this book Fabulous I stayed up late every night Hard to The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, put down intriguing lots of technology real lifelausible drama Not only is this an enjoyable read but you learn a lot Thanks again Daniel for a great book waiting on the next and next and next I am still deciding on the rating of this book it was fast Betty Fedora Issue One paced a really good read I enjoyed the characters thelot was good Daniel Palmer keeps you turning the Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work pages that s for sureTom Hawkins a former Navy SEAL returns to Shilo New Hampshire he is the soccer coach for his daughter Jill s team Suddenly he learns of his former wife Kelly Tom Hawkins is a former Navy SEAL is now a high school soccer coach for his daughter s Jill s team Trying to establish a relationship with Jill after his ex wife is murdered is tough And life gets tougher when he is excused have having an affair with a student one of Jill s friends Then suggestivehotos of female students are emailed to him and found on his computerHe knows he is innocent and could be the target of a set up but why And does his ex wife s death have something to do with it Or are the secrets from his Navy days that have come back to haunt himDaniel Palmer s second novel Helpless may be not be a Jazz Ukulele powerful thriller as his first Delirious but it hits home for those of us who are fathers of teenage daughters and the fear of sexting which is spreading like wildfire I found the Tom sredicament to be Off 13 powerful and his determination to find the cause and end this frightful mess to be sometimes intense and sometimes a little off To find that there were not one but two separate things going on made it all the surprising What makes a good book for me I think most of all it is really three things characters continuity andlot I want likeable characters I need to be able to connect with them and see them as real Amata Means Beloved people The book must also have solid continuity I don t like to be reading a book and have to stop and think no wait they were not there or nope that never happened Then lastly a great book needs a smooth intriguinglot No matter how real or farfetched I need to believe in it feel it and breathe it Helpless had all this and This book kept me up late and I mean really late I kept telling myself one chapter but the way Mr Palmer wrote his novel I couldn t find a great stopping oint At 6am yes you read that right I simply had to say ENOUGH I was absolutely engaged from the beginning of the book to the. S to stay close to Jill by coaching her high school soccer team Kelly's bitterness fractured their relationship But together they are on the mend and life in Shilo is starting to shape up into something approaching normalNormal doesn't last long Shilo's olice sergeant makes it clear that Tom is his chief suspect in Kelly's death In the days that follow an anonymous blog Juice post alleges that Coach Hawkins is sleeping with one of hislayers Internet rumors escalate and incriminating evidence surfaces on Tom's own computer and cell hone So.

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Very end One would think that Tom had an ideal start to his adult life He worked hard and became a Navy SEAL reconnected with his high school sweetheart and now has a baby on the way Unfortunately that was the beginning of the end for him From that moment forward Tom s life would never be ideal again After their divorce his ex wife Kelly took every opportunity to turn his baby girl against him Now that she is dead he needs to work especially hard to earn his daughters trust and love All they have is each other but when they should be grieve the loss of Kelly s life they are thrust into a conspiracy of lies and betrayal Can they repair their already shaky relationshipTom is an innocent man whose life has been ruined by falsehoods He has no idea why these awful things are happening to him but he will do anything to rove his innocence and Gudrun protect his daughter Helpless has a scary realism to it that should not be ignored In our current world of technology anyone is at risk to theerils that Tom faces It s a reality that any one of us could face at any time Seemingly innocent actions can have lifelong terrible repercussions One message or Mob Mistress photo can change aerson s life foreverWhile Tom s ordeal was on the extreme side of things this could happen to anyone Not just the horrible events that happened to him but also to the innocent children Mr Palmer has written an engaging and captivating tale He kept me guessing and wondering what could happen next to this Stud in the Stacks poor man Within society it truly is a misconception that we are innocent untilroven guilty and what happened to Tom is a Choosing to Survive prime exampleHelpless is an amazing rendition abouterseverance tenacity faith and love Tom s fight was a long arduous journey but he has the heart of a loving father and the ferocity of a warrior Helpless is a story for anyone who devoted to technology This is an eye opener to the scary Robin Hood possibilities of our current reality So sit back and take a look at what there is to fear I first read a review of this book over at Jenn s Bookshelves and wanted to get it immediately Thankfully my friend Kelly felt the same way and she let me borrow itThis reminded me a lot of Harlan Coben books that I have read in theast Fast Felipa paced well written characters andlenty of mysteryI was immediately drawn to Tom and his The Vavasour Macbeth plight It isretty clear that he is a stand up guy and someone is out to get him The title is definitely apt as I was so upset with how everything kept happening to him and he had no control over any of it This was such a great The Blueprint (English Edition) part of the mystery of the book Who is doing this to TomI loved his relationship with his daughter She is a typical teen and they have things to work through but I could tell Tom loved her deeply and made a huge effort I wasleased that she finally caught on and really reached out to her dadAll the characters were well written but I especially loved Ann I think that s her name I cant remember nowShe was a great investigator and her attraction to Tom didn t seem forced or trite I really enjoyed this author and will definitely read of his booksSpecials thanks to Jenn s Bookshelves for her top notch recommendation. On the FBI and Crisis of the Strauss Divided police are investigating Tom for what appears to be a very disturbing and unprecedented series of crimesSomeone is out to frame Tom someone capable of destroying everything he loves without laying a finger on him As he races torove his innocence he must unravel a tangle of lies about his family the friends and colleagues he thought he knew and about his The Master Masons of Chartres past For deep amid the secrets he's been keeping from a troubled tour of duty to the reason for his ex wife's death is the truth that someone will gladly kill torotect.

DANIEL PALMER is the author of four critically acclaimed suspense novels After receiving his master’s degree from Boston University he spent a decade as an e commerce pioneer A recording artist accomplished blues harmonica player and lifelong Red Sox fan Daniel lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children where he is currently at work on his next novel