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Magi i liked eric and nia both together and apart i liked the surrounding characters i liked the storywhat i idn t like eric s self esteem issues he seemed like a good guy with a plan in place for the future why wouldn t nia love him Nia and Eric Athers are young and in love Thanks to Eric s student loan Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, debt they live paycheck to paycheck but as long as they have each other nothing else matters Nia works two jobs to help make ends meet and saves for everything This year Nia has saved enough to buy Eric a flat screen TV for Christmas However Eric s sentimentality may not only prevent Nia from buying his special gift but ruin Christmas for both of themPriceless is Lena Matthews adaptation of The Gift of the Magi and it just like the original makes you go awww Even when Eric was acting like a stubborn cuss it was easy to see the love and affection between him and Nia While Eric had trouble believing theepths of Nia s love for him their affinity made the giving up their most prized possession for the other s benefit believableIf you re familiar with Lena Matthews work you ll be pleased to know that Priceless has all that you ve come to expect from Ms Matthews hot kinky sex witty Ask the Past dialog and a scene stealing secondary character In this book Julia is our scene stealer and we all be better people if we had a friend like her I m hoping that Ms Matthews will write Julia and Dominic s story Although Priceless is set Riding Class (Saddle Club, during Christmas it is a story that you can enjoy all year longReviewed by NikkiFor Joyfully Reviewed I want to start by saying WOW this book is great After chapter two I thought if the book ended here it would be a great five star short story Of course I am thankful for story fun and table rocking hot scenes from Ms MatthewsThe main thing that set this story apart from others is the Hh are already married Not only are Nia and Eric married but they are married with school loans to pay overtime to work and Christmas coming right around the cornerLENA WILL BE OUR HOLIDAY GUEST ON 122 AND GIVING AWAY A COPY OF PRICELESSTo read Charnel s full review visithttpwwwguiltypleasuresbookreviews. Re out how someone so smart can be soumb when it comes to something as simple as a little holiday Christmas is so much than presents and shopping malls All she has to o is show her own personal Scrooge that the best gifts come from the heart Warning This story is guaranteed to melt your snowman.

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This story is a ecent Different Class depiction of a working marriage between two active participants Eric and Niaemonstrate their love and evotion to each other through acts of kindness selflessness and intimacy even when misunderstandings and hurt feelings occurred I enjoyed this story Good job Ms Lena Originally posted at and Eric are living on love and Christmas is right around the corner Although they are surviving paycheck to paycheck while paying off Eric s med school loans their love burns brightly keeping the fiery passion alive When it comes time to give each other their gifts Nia and Eric want this year to matterThis story is a very sexy retelling of Gift of The Magi From the first words of the book the characters emanded my attention with their super hot chemistry Nia and Eric were cute funny and adorable but the secondary characters nearly stole the showPriceless is fun and fast paced with witty ialogue that kept me riveted until the very end While I enjoyed this book thoroughly I got caught up in the end of the book where it abruptly ended Although the blurb mentions Eric being a Scrooge I idn t really get that vibe Instead he warmed my heart with how much he loved Nia This gorgeous interracial couple had enough sexual tension to make me want to re read it againWrap this book up in a bow and give it to your favorite friend for Christmas I can t wait to see what is up next for the secondary characters This book is recommended for readers who love hot steamy romance to keep them warm on winter s nights with a ash of holiday flair Another great read from Lena Matthews I am big fan of Ms Lena Matthews romances and this one is no exception Once again she has created lead characters Eric and Nia you will love and the same goes for the two secondary characters Julia and Dominic who are surely going to get their own story Description While poor newlyweds Nia and Eric spend their first Christmas together in the cold city where he s oing his residency they heat up the winter nights with love and passionThe Good Ms Matthews Socialist Realism does a wonderful job of making married sex very hot She sets up grea. All she wants for Christmas is him All he wants is everythingfor her Urban Fairytales Book 3 As Christmas bearsown on Eric Athers’s empty wallet one uestion plagues him What to get the love of his life when he has less than nothing It oesn’t help that his wife Nia who works extra shifts to.

T situations for the couple and the love scenes are very well executed Nia is lovely and sweet and easy to root for I was also a big fan of Eric s best work friend Dominic and Lena s best work friend Julia Can t wait to read their BWAM story Last but not least this story was a great length for the priceThe Bad The Gift of the Magi plot itself oesn t really kick in for several chapters so there s not much but sex and banter to Doctor Extraño drive the story for uite a while And I wish that publishers would just retire that stock photo already Not Ms Matthews fault but it s been seriously overused and I really couldn t be tired of seeing itThe Naughty Erotic Hospital sex closet sex Highly recommended for couples who want to enjoy a sexy co readEditing issues NonePublisher Samhain PublishingLength 140 pagesFinal Grade BHappy Reading Theodora from IRbookreviewscom Poorly written PWP Lendle loan s I keep coming back to this author because sheoes great relationships Especially married couples relationshipsThis novella is a sweet take off of the OHenry classic The Gift of the Magi Eric and Nia are young marrieds who aren t exactly rich He is a resident at a local hospital she is working two jobs so they can pay off their student loans and keep ebt low They are also stupid in love with each other with each not uite believing their luck havin synopsiseric can t believe that his wife nia loves him because he s ragged her across the country he has little to no money while he completes his residency and nia has to work a couple of jobs just to keep them afloat as a result eric isn t happy with the christmas preparations that nia is making nia loves eric and would Never Tell do anything for him including living in their sometimes warm and sometimes freezing apartment with little to no complaints when she can t understand why eric won t sell his car so that they can get one that is reliable even if itid belong to the father that left him they have a fight nia sells her family necklace so that eric s car can be fixed up eric sells his car so that he can buy a chain for the necklacewhat i liked the twist on the gift of the. Support him through his medical residency practically glows with holiday spirit Her Feminism is for Everybody determination to put the “Merry” in Merry Christmas only serves as a painful reminder of everything he’s unable to provide for her Nia loves her husband toistraction and she can’t for the life of her figu.

Lena Matthews spends her days dreaming about handsome heroes and her nights with her own personal hero Married to her college sweetheart she is the proud mother of two children three evil dogs and a mess of ants that she can't seem to get rid ofWhen not writing she can be found reading watching movies lifting up the cushions on the couch to look for batteries for the remote control and plot