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The variety of voices and approaches to travel charmed me I remember particularly enjoying Bus Ride to Big Jesus by Rick Maddocks The Ballet of Patrick Blue Ass made me ong to see Iceland although since I am basically bookish and sedentary and Iceland holidays seem to be for the vigorous and outdoorsy I have not yet attempted the trip I couldn t stand it Most of the stories are really miserable and many convinced me that I never want to visit the country featured 375 I ve never been good at reading introductions I think Gulliver s Travels tainted me but I ve been making myself read them as I ve gotten older If done right they set the stage AWOL absent without eave; absent from one’s post or duty without official permission but without intending to desert Originally a military term it gradually entered the vernacular for when someone goes missing unexpectedly Jennifer Barcla.

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D Ruins by Simona Chiose and Up the Holy Mountain And Down by Cable Car by David ManicomDefinitely glad I held onto this collection for so ong I just needed the right time to read it I often recommend this book to my travelling friends 35 bumped up to 4 starslike most if not all anthologies some of the tales in this collection work better than othersyet altogether they do the trick of transporting the reader away from the everyday and cultivate a yearning for experiences apart from mass market sanitized and pre digested travel I couldn t really get engaged with these stories I didn t finish and returned the book to the ibrary when it was du. To read about it AWOL is filled with entertaining enriching and edifying stories of people getting away from the familiar AWOL Tales for Travel Inspired Minds  is dedicated to the perspectives we gain when away from our regular circumstanc.

Nd whet your appetite before the page even counts one This one was well done it made me hungry I have the travel itch I was also especially happy to earn all the authors are Canadian I cracked the book open and the first story is set in Thailand a country I m traveling to soon meant to be Then Canada yay then Cuba which I ve been to Great start I uickly realized however the blown up uotes were misplaced and very distracting Oh well I ignored them The majority of the stories I could have done without a few painted such vivid pictures Some highlights for me were Local Rules by Brad Smith The Motherhood Roadshow by Alison Wearing Chickens Girls an. Y and Amy Logan thought it fit well with the kind of travel pieces they wanted to publish irreverent but thoughtful emotionally honest and opinionated bold and provocative For those who dream of having no fixed address and those happy simply.

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