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G It was precious and delicate but also onest and unbreakable I smiled whenever they were together I seriously didAnd the Estilorian world was wonderfully original Filled with beautiful details that made my imagination just come to life Such a refreshing take on paranormal realmsThe amazing characters the incredible Estilorian Plane and the many MANY surprising plot twists made this book the fantastic story it is I can t wait to read Central the next book in the series I was lucky to The New Independent Home have the chance to read the first 3 chapters of Becoming before it was released Thanks Raine and I was instantlyooked I Kissing Galileo (Dear Professor, had to know whatappened I A Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book have been anxiously awaiting the releaseThe world of the Estilorians is a world unlike any other Iave never read anything like this From the very beginning prologue ahem my Aga(c)Silas heart was pounding Amber is a young woman that is easy to relate to and root for I immediately likeder and felt Crushing Low Stakes Poker her feelings of loss excitement fear doubt joy and The life sheas lived Disney Princess Learning to Count has been one of extreme loss andardship Her sarcastic Ella, The Slayer (Serenity House, humor and snarky attitude are tools she uses to protecterself Her journey in Becoming is nothing short of remarkable Gabriel is the type of guy that we all should be so lucky to Modern Viking have in our lives His attention and love for Amber is endearing and sweet I cannot imagine one without the other Raine Thomasas the incredible ability to paint this new world into our minds with the written word I could see and feel it all It is simply beautiful As I type this I am longing to read Central so I will close I am so grateful that I The Spirit of Intimacy have been able to meet Raine and be introduced to the Estilorians I absolutely loved every word Read Becoming for yourself and be prepared to enter a fantasy you ve never even dreamed of Side note I really want my own Gloresti swoon Daughters of Serouel follows Amber a 17 year old foster child who lives wither guardian and brother Gabriel Amber is not a normal teenager every three years she as an incident which is best described as a surge of power with Amber at the apex As Amber approaches er 18th birthday she and Gabriel are on alert for The Amory Wars, Volume 1 her next incident as theyave been getting stronger as she agesI am not giving away much but saying that Amber is not entirely One Night with The Sheikh human It turns out Amber is a product of auman mother and an Estilorian father What are Estilorians They are powerful long lived beings that used to roam the earth with Mismatch (Love Match, humans but now live on a different plane of existence Amber ander two sisters the daughters of an Estilorian named Saraael Family Wanted have grown up on earth for their protection While most of the Estilorians believe that the daughters of Saraael are a miracle Estilorians don t really procreate they just create there is a subset the Mercesti who wants to see them deadConfused yet I m just getting started The Estilorians are split up into factions or tribes based on their abilities or not There are Mercesti Elphresti Orculesti Corgloresti Waresti Scultresti Lekwuesti and Wymzesti Of course since every time I saw the word Estilorians I thought of Estonians and several of these names sound like variations of common Polish names I kept imagining a race of northern and eastern Europeans Some of these factions are based on abilities for example the Orculesti are mind readers communicators and the Wymzesti are prognostic Some of them are not the Mercesti are merely the group of Estilorians who think that the daughters of Saraael should be killed Iad Keys to Tulsa hard time making sense of this tribal division and an evenarder time accepting that each faction Secret Africa has its own eye color and if for example a Orculesti decides to become a Mercestiis or Crush (Awkward, her eye color would change to match the Mercesti Personally Iate these complicated otherworldly societies The Estilorian factions reminded me of many of the angel books I ve read that classify angels into various groups with almost eually annoying names with different skill and powers I know a lot of people like books with this type of set up it just isn t for meWhile I m on a rant about the names surely I can t be the only person who thinks that Saraael is awfully close in name to the anti psychotic Serauel Amber and مهارت در بازی زندگی her two sisters eventually meet Of the three of them one is described as strong willed responsible loyal and a fighter one as a caring nature loving intellectual and one as an outgoing free spirit I ll bet you can t guess which one of those three is the oldest and which is the youngest The descriptions reminded me of the three Halliwell sisters from Charmed before Paige replaced PheobeDespite all my criticisms I did notate this book I just didn t like it The story is very well paced and The Dragon in the Clock Box has the appropriate amount of action and suspense The love story is believable and not forced at all The characters are decently fleshed out and despite my personal feelings towards the world building it is well doneMy only other criticism is broader than just this book but I would like to know when better thaner or than My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, her after any other comparative verb became grammatically acceptable I can definitely see why some like and even love this book it just wasn t for me and I won t be reading the rest of the trilogy Ithere are not words forow boring I found this book I wanted to like it The cover is pretty and the ratings are generally pretty good and The Nazi Revolution hey I m always up for a good indie book But dear God this book reads like a teenager s fanfic Nothingappens Nothing The people who say otherwise are lying to you The bad guys of this story don t even make a move until page 225 THE BOOK IS 250 PAGES Everything else prior to that consists of Amber our protagonist making gooey eyes at the love of Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy her life Gabriel Amber is apparently some kind ofalf deity meant to ascend to igher plane or something I started skimming so sue me and naturally she is an inhumanly gorgeous Super Speshul Snowflake with air down to Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, her knees wings and a giant sword who alsoeals people and shoots magic out of Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet herands Somewhat disturbingly after she ascends to the Arise higher plane there is a brief mention to the fact thater physical body is left behind and suddenly the book moves on like no. Having the power surges she isn’t entirely Archies Americana, Vol. 1 humanAmber must Become transitioning to another plane of existence and risking the loss of the most important relationship she’s everad Her choice will impact the future of an entire race of beings and will pit The Book Thief her against an enemy that will prey uponer doubt to try and take er very lifeKind of makes the explosions now seem like a cakewal.

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When it comes to Young Adult Fantasy it really doesn t get better than Becoming To say that I was blown away would be an understatement I wasn t just blown away I was swept away I loved everything about Becoming It was charming fresh innovative World building at it s finest Truly a beautifully crafted story with lovely characters settings raw emotion and a powerful message In this book love truly does conuer all And I m not only talking about romantic love but love for one s self and for our fellow man There is an underlying theme in this book that without This book was all lead up and introduction and felt like it never really got off the ground This is probably because it s the first book in a trilogy and the author was using it to introduce the characters and ideas Unfortunately that meant that there was very little non trivial action and a whole lot of flat description I felt like reading the book wasted my time I didn t get any exciting descriptions but there were too many descriptive words that distracted from a smooth flow I didn t connect to the characters or understand ow they grew yet clearly they were growing in the author s eyes She just didn t let me into their world though it s clear she was trying and thought she Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, had succeededTwo things that really bothered me in the character development1 Gabriel s was very inconsistent view spoilerShe completely ignored the confusione must Educating for the New World Order have ad returning tois Estillorian self and regaining those memories She used Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock his memories and knowledge where it was convenient forim to know them and completely ignored that The Character Of An Upright Man he wouldave them and what that would mean when it was not Poor form and definitely non smooth to read Mr. Malcolms List hide spoiler I was approached by Raine Thomas to review the first booker in Daughters of Saraael trilogy Becoming Overall I felt it was a decent effort by an independent author From the story s synopsis it sounded like something truly uniue so that piued my interest and it WAS uniue The mythology Raine created in this book was unlike anything else I ever read It GURPS Conspiracy X had a tinge of sci fi mixed in with fantasy with a lore that almost made it sound like the Estilorians were angels and their different plane of existence could be construed aseaven I liked Amber well enough At first I Just One Golden Kiss had to admit that I rolled my eyes at the fact that she seemed totally clueless to fellow foster child Garbriel s intentions But she did uickly redeemerself as she seemed to gain confidence as The Tyranny of Guilt her relationship with Gabriel grew I adored Gabriel He was the most strongly written character in my mind Gabrielas Phantom Encounters harboured a protective and growing romantic interest in Amber since she came to live withim and Mrs B when they were both 12 Obviously at 12 Gabriel didn t act on Eat Your Way Through the USA his romantic feelings for Amber bute always knew she was for My Dirty Janitor Book 4 him The depth of their feelings is fully understood later in the story once we learn of their origins They became best friends first which I loved Their relationship as 18 year olds was adorable and lovingSome of the complimentary cast of characters were strong while others perhaps needed development or they were just dropped out of the story once they were no longer needed I felt we got to know Olivia and Skye uite well but some of the others left me wanting to know about them especially Saraael andis Stories from Spain / Historias de España human love We did learn a bit about them through Inierit s explaining Amber s Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos history and through actual story flashbacks which were clever but I did want to know like what kind of manEstiloriane was why Broken Bear he loveder mother so much to go to such extremes It just left me wanting a bit Note I Enna Burning have since found out that the author is releasing a preuel style novella called Foretold which will serve as Saraael s storyAgain while I felt that this story definitelyad some strengths in some of its characters and uniueness it might Hatter have benefited from a bit of tightening up I felt the explanation of their origins was a bit long and overwhelming I also found the different tiersgroupings of Estilorians sort ofard to remember and what was each of their significance and why they were so significant to the story Perhaps dividing the Estilorians into three groupings rather than I lost count would Paint the Wind have been easier on my memory I don t know if there was actually a strong plot by the truest definition I think it was basically about a girl coming of age and learning the reasons behinder difficulties in life and they were truly unlike anyone else s There was an underlying theme of some of the bad Estilorians wanting to rid the Estilorian plane of anything that resembled an abomination This sort of simmered on the back burner throughout the book until close to the end of this installment where there was the inevitable battleOverall I feel the book Wayne has some merit and might appeal to some fantasysci fi followers who are looking for something completely different from the mainstream supernatural genre The story definitelyeld my interest but might The Perfect Resume have benefited from some polishing for lack of a better word A good effort by an up and coming author Finally I d like to thank the author for the opportunity to read and review this book Becoming is uite the read Iave to say that I m very satisfied with the way this book turned out When I first started this book it read like a contemporary but towards the middle as the paranormal elements were involved I got a little confused From there I thought I was going to dislike the book However towards the end it picked up immensely and I grew to love it The characters were fabulous the entire time though bringing up my enjoyment level Becoming is a uniue supernatural romance story that I definitely recommendOne of my favorite things about Becoming are the characters Surprisingly enough it s not the main character Amber that stands out for me even if she is super sweet and awesome it s the main character s love interest that catches the reader s attention Gabriel is Amber s stepbrother and The Centurion Code has always been loving and protective towards Amber He s alwaysad a secret crush on Antropologia da Criança her since they were tweens andis undying love for Air Terisak Membelah Batu her grows after they find out about the Estilorian. Optioned for movie rights by multiple award winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence ProductionsEvery three years Amber Hopkins explodes Okay not a blown to smithereens explosion but whatever it is alwaysurts like Canned hell and leaveser life a shambles She’s already worked er way through five foster placements and she’s doing whatever she can to avoid getting blasted into a sixth.

World He reads like an angel for me e is so sweet and just perfect The fact that e is with Amber through the toughest of times is just adorable and it is never obsessive or creepy Gabriel is a character that really shines in BecomingI also ave to give tons of credit to Raine Thomas for creating such a different supernatural world I Lisa and David Today have never read anything like Becoming with the different planes and powers that the charactersave It s certainly uniue and Clinton, Inc. holds the readers interest easily I m thankful for the creativity because the plot was mediocre in the beginning I kind of just went along with the story not thinking much of it But the ending was very fast paced and tension filled I needed to know whatappened immediatelyThere aren t many problems in this book at all in fact I only Dvorak Keyboard had one minor problem the names of the Estilorian people were so confusing I could never get their names straight since there were so many of them Most of them turn out to be minor background characters but still I freuentlyad to go back and remind myself who was who This problem detracted my enjoyment in the middle of the novel but the main characters and plot made up for it in the endI am still pleased with the way this book turned out If you re able to see past the confusion factor in Becoming and you love yourself an extremely precious or tender romance and an incomparable supernatural element plot line I The Muslim Masquerade highly recommend this book Iave to say that I am surprised that I adored this book so much The creativity of it all will make readers craving for 4 Teacups for BecomingThanks to Raine Thomas for providing me with a copy for reviewTHIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON A Reading Daydreamer of my reviews check out the blog WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN PARTICULAR SECTIONS MARKED WITH A AT THE BEGINNING AND A AT THE ENDomg amazingI don t know ow many of u know about my reviews but I only review really amazing books and OH MY GOD this is amazingreasons why for me it stands out from other books1 the love 3now of course this book as love and a love interest but it s not the same ach just get on with t and get together love as it How to Heal Your Body happens soon into the book for me it is refreshing to read a book where there is no struggle to admit love andor than one love interest while we are on the topic of love relationships2 in this book there is an even power balancein most books there is always one person who knows about the situation or who justas control over the relationship in this book I think the power balance is uite eual 3 the friendship between allin this book we learn that Amber is very closed off about The Book of Revelation her relationships and who she trusts this just makes the relationship between the sisters amazingaving never met before just finding out a lot about themselves and in the end moving it is amazing Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) how they stick together with an intangible connection4 perfect speedyou knowow you get those books that go WAY too fast for you to understand and keep up with and then there are books that are so slow you just wanna skip to the end ad move on well this is right in the middle it wasn t too fast that I Practical Prinkery had to keep flicking back but it wasn t so slow that I skipped parts I found it uite good and the perfect style for me5 POVwell since this book is in third person it works really well you could tell who you were by the narration ege was thinking about and it gave a good all round opinion6 paranormalnew creature kinda for me they seemed to be a mix of fey and angel and witch uite an interesting image but it worked all the same final comment IF U HAVENT ALREADY READ Reviewed 17 December 2011 This review first appeared The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) here on my blog Becoming is one of those books that you sit down to read a few pages of and next thing you know you re looking up at the clock and anour The Art of Not Breathing has somehow passed you by Ionestly adored this book from start to finish and my only regret is that I didn t read it sooner Becoming first caught my eye a while back because of its lovely cover Once I read the description I knew this was a book that I could not miss out on Power surges Alternate planes I just Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery had to knowow it was all going to play outI loved pretty much everything about this book From page one the reader is thrown into an absolutely fascinating story We get to know the two protagonists Amber and Gabriel and see the close but complex friendship they A Peoples Tragedy have Amberasn t ad an easy life all er foster placements didn t end well through no fault of Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, her own but this doesn t stop Amber from being a kindhearted and selfless character who you can telp but adoreThere is certainly a lot of tension from the very beginning of this book Amber and Gabriel are constantly living in fear of Amber Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One having one ofer surges and the possible conseuences of that Amber never really gets to relax and just enjoy Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas her life because she never knows what s ahead ofer or Devils Gate how dangerous it is When Amber and Gabriel find out that there are others likeer out there they are uite willing to believe it because they The Old Myers Place (Halloween, had already seen the impossibleappen several timesMy favourite part was when we found out about the Estilorians and their story It was just so intriguing and I couldn t tear my eyes away from the page I love Witcheskin how Amber found out so many secrets abouter own past and faced it with courage and a level Jack Glass head Gabriel and Amber are really forced to grow up pretty fast in this book but their relationship is sweet even if it all gets a bit cheesy at timesI also really loved the characters names in this book They were just fun to look at and added a uniue aspect to this book If youaven t already figured it out I thoroughly enjoyed Becoming and will be getting to the rest of the series in the coming weeks so look out for those review I ll also be reviewing Defy next week for the blog tour which is based on the same world but is a separate series Here s a book that will rock your world make you smile and keep you guessing Where do I even beginFrom the first chapter I fell in love with the characters They re real and likable and ad me rooting for them the entire time The love story between Amber and Gabriel HOTTIE was especially touchin. As er eighteenth birthday approaches and she feels the strange and powerful energy building disaster looms When the inevitable explosion occurs Me Write Book her life gets its biggest shakeup yet She’ll not only learnow Cosmological Enigmas her fellow foster and best friend Gabriel really feels abouter but she’ll discover that she isn’t really without familyTo top it all off she’ll finally find out why she’s.

Raine Thomas is the award winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction Known for character driven stories that inspire the imagination Raine recently signed with multiple award winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraael trilogy to the big screen She's a proud indie author who is living the dreamRaine is a hopeless ro