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Ingbut I hope she s happier for doing other things When it comes to movies I can be kinda weird And one of the movies that I always liked was Wild Orchid I loved the music in particular the instrumental music the setting the feel of the movie and the interaction of Wheeler and Emily in the movie The girl who played EmilyCarre OtisI thought was very beautiful and striking and didn t ven come across as an actressnow after reading her book I know whyshe had never acted before In her book she documents a world of struggles and doesn t make the world of modeling seem like any kind of picnic But she does come across as honest Carre discovered that she was dyslexic at age 8 She was ridiculed by her ntire class because she couldn t read a letter chart in her class A year later she would be sexually abused by someone that she sister liked After rebelling and acting up she would be the first student of her school to be xpelled A boy she dated for a Summer had a cocaine problem and then promptly committed suicide She had been holding his stash of drugs and in numbing the pain she was almost arrested after being caught with drugs Her father was a life long alcoholic and after dropping out of the 9th grade she ran away with an older boy The boy she ran away with worked for bands but also tried to pimp her out She was discovered by a scout for Elite models and sent to New York She moved on to Paris after not getting jobs in New York and was put up with Linda Evangelista only to be assaulted by her fiancee She went on a shoot in the Caribbean only to have the photographer there try to sleep with her She returned to California and took on small jobs She was called to meet Zalman King and Mickey Rourke for Wild Orchid She auditioned at King s house and after a time with no In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, experience was given the part and flown to Brazil Her relationship with Rourke as detailed in the book was CRAZY He was jealous moody possessive andven proposed to her by putting a sword to his own throat threatening to kill herself She joined him on the set of the movie White Sands only to be shot by his gun on set and almost bleeding to death Her life with him was a spiral of drugs crazy trying to scape and then crazy She talks about using Buddhism to reorient herself and her life She met her current husband in of all things a book store Some fascinating reading Overdrive audiobook 35 starsAs a teenager I was obsessed with the supermodels of the 90 s and was a magazine whore devouring the fashion pages and being in awe of all these ian goddesses I still love all that glam stuff although I have no personal fashion sense at all hence my admiration I like to admire from afar without having to go through the fuss myself So in making my admission I was interested to read about the undisclosed inner world of a model well known for her turbulent and troubled relationship with Mickey Rourke Instead I learnt about a misunderstood fragile girl who was thrust into the world of nastiness and of xploitation and abuse at the hands of those who s business it was to look after her The misogynistic world of the modelling industry made this a sad and difficult read This girl was abused so many times her looks becoming a magnet for these depraved opportunist men It s appalling and I love how Carr managed to turn such horrific mistreatment into an On Such a Full Sea empowering spokesperson for womenverywhere Exposing the dirty secrets of the modelling world and also in light of all the accusations of sexual inappropriateness trickling out Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everywhere I congratulate her for pouring out her truthven if only to serve as a purpose to warn other girls out there from falling into the same traps Unfortunately for Carr fame came at a cost and hers was a slippery slope down a bad path making poor decisions that would leave lasting conseuences I do love to see how she managed to identify her part in making those mistakes and then correcting her behaviour to bring in light and positivity and turning her life completely around finding the inner peace of Buddhism at a time when she desperately needed it it s always a reminder that beauty fame and fortune doesn t always Cannibal euate to happiness and a fulfilling life as demonstrated sovidently within this book. Erenity she sought and is now ready to share her side of the story with the world She confronts her complex past fearlessly and with unrelenting candor to set the record straight The result is a narrative of success despair and ultimate triumph over sexual xploitation and our cultural obsession with appearance a narrative of beauty disrupted reclaimed and made radiant through self acceptance inner peace and the love of fami.

Trigger warning sexual abuseTrigger warning rapeTrigger warning cocaine and heroin abuseTrigger warning ating disordersTrigger warning gunshot woundTrigger warning psychological abuseThis autobiography of a supermodel is so painful and raw it is hard to read There is not a speck of fluff anywhere I read this coincidently Man, Son of Man enough while I was in an abusive relationship recovering from my then boyfriend viscously assaulting me It was so bad I couldn t get up out of bed for days Luckily I had this book and Tera Patrick s Sinner takes all to keep me company and take my mind off thingsIt showed me that anyone could be a victim and find themselves in a relationship like this It doesn t matter if you are famous rich and beautiful It doesn t matter if your abuser is your best friend or a famous movie star It doesn t matter because it s not your fault and you can get out Pros Superasy read A tabloid story stretched out to 300 some pages If you re into that type of thing She talks briefly about overcoming body image issues 099 in Cons A tabloid story stretched out to 300 some pages If you re not into that type of thing She talks ONLY BRIEFLY about overcoming body image issues It s a tabloid story stretched out to 300 some pages It s a tabloid storyThe thing about this book is it s not badly written It definitely doesn t deserve a Pulitzer but the writing s not an abomination The reason why it didn t get a lower score is because the writing was so Alter Ego easy Also because it s a decent story about someone who overcame huge difficulties and became an activist of some sort It s slightly inspiring I m obviously underwhelmedThe reason why it didn t get a higher rating I had differentxpectations of the book COMPLETELY different I first heard of it via the HuffPost and how it was publicized gave me the impression that the book revolved around her past ating issues and overcoming that and how she s turned herself into a positive role model It touched me profoundly to read an interview where she mentions letters she received from prepubescents asking for beauty and weight loss advice and how she wishes she would have told them the truth that her supposed beauty was a result of a regular diet of coke and coffee instead of prescribing yogalatejazzercise or some other weird hybridBy far one of THE best uotes in the bookWhile giving birth to her second child sans pidural She s coming out of my assholeNot a horrible book I just had different Uncommon Wisdom expectations My husband calls me a nonfiction hater I don t think that s true but I definitely have a lowernthusiasm level for nonfiction than fiction I was sitting here debating whether I wanted to give this a 3 or 4 star rating and what it came down to is that while an Unseen City enjoyable read muchnjoyable than I thought it would be 4 stars is for a book I think I would reread and with nonfiction in general and this book in particular I seldom feel the need to revisit it once it s doneI m familiar with Carre Otis in the way most people are her starring role in Zalman King s Wild Orchid and her subseuent marriage to Mickey Rourke At the time I was fascinated with the movie and Otis but from where I was sitting being largely uninterested in the fashion industry or the models that populate it she largely disappeared from public view So there was some morbid interest in picking up this biography sure because of her sensationalized relationship with Rourke but I was also interested in finally seeing who Otis is as a person and finding out about her in her own wordsOn the one hand I think that the candor and dispassion with which Otis presents her story is remarkable and brave It would ve been Art easy to paint herself as a victimspecially as she was inarguably victimized many times over the course of her life but I felt like she did a good job of owning her own damage and contextualizing her own contributions to the various messes and drama in her lifeAs well it s difficult for anyone who s been through any one of the God Is in the Crowd experiences she s been through sexual abuserape domestic violence drug abuse to come forward and talk about itspecially outside of safe spaces like therapy that are designed to put those Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard events in self useful context For Otis to do so in such a publ. Teen runaway supermodel and actress Carré Otis found herself in the publicye from a very tender age Millions of people gazed at provocative images of her in magazine and billboard ads from Guess and Calvin Klein as well as in features on the pages of Playboy and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition By the time she was twenty they had also seen her on posters for the controversial film Wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke The.

Ic arena and one that guarantees criticism takes courage It just does It seems The Matriarchs (The Family especially brave considering how clearly she internalized a lot of the criticism around her performance in Wild Orchid I was glad for the opportunity to place the little snippets that I knew about Otis into a greater context I alsonjoyed reading about her journey from fragility into strength from deep unhappiness to a much greater serenity I didn t intend to read this through but sitting home with a cold gave me a good reason to skim through this memoir of a famous modelactress coming to terms with her life It was a bit of poor little me don t hate my because I m beautiful because I ve been abused and taken advantage of by Notes for the Everlost everyone in my past life and never took responsibility for many of the stupid decisions and there were many I made but I ve been reborn and have managed to mature and make something of myself uote is mine And of course I had to find out the real dirtr I mean story behind the movie Wild Orchid and her marriage to Mickey Rourke All in all it was uick read about someone who became a celebrity much too soon and her way to a better life Carre Otis shares with us her When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) extraordinary rollercoaster life of despair and hope abuse and recovery destruction and ultimately rebirth of herself My heart sinks when reading many of herarly violently destructive abuses involving opportunist men various drugs and the oppressive modelling industry She has shown us great honesty strength and wisdom to fearlessly pursue the life you want for no one No Biggy! else but yourself A salute Amazingly I actually finished this bookven thought I disliked it throughout Carre Otis was one of the super models of my adolescence so I thought it would be interesting to read about her life While it was Crush It! eye opening to learn aboutxactly how horribly models were possibly still are treated by the fashion industry and what a hideous monster Mickie Rourke was and no doubt still is Otis s narrative reveals itself to be the same as we hear from many celebrities misunderstood and outcast as children they rebel and break away from their families take up risky lifestyles Attracting Birds to Your Backyard enter into dysfunctional relationships with abusive people wallow in destructive behavior patters for a time treat the people who truly love them badly find salvation loose salvation find it again and write a book about it Perhaps I m too well adjusted and normal to appreciate a battling my own deamons narrative Overall I found the book uninspiring Considerably grimmer than I dxpected abuse drugs abuse desperation It makes for a difficult story that is sometimes interesting than othersperhaps because abuse and self destruction go in cycles the book sometimes felt repetitive Multiple mentions of but it would still be years before I left Deep Listening etcAside from this book and what I found on Wikipedia I really know nothing about Otis Rourke or any of the other people depicted in the book Otis may or may not be holding back but she gives the impression of shooting straight than one Very Famous Person is mentioned in a less than flattering manner to say the least I give her props for being so forthright about her past struggles including ones that I imagine wereare very difficult to have out in publicIt does seem that the book lost some of its focus towards thend or rather that she wanted to move on and spend a lot of time talking about Buddhism and how much better her life is for it so she zipped through some things pretty uickly Discussion of her ating disorder is limited to or less oh and then I realised that I d have to deal with this massive Thing that I haven t mentioned at all until now so I did and it was hard but I persevered and came out stronger not a new phenomenon to have it dealt with this way but tiresome nonethelessAlso worth noting that modelling seems to be part of the grimness of the book that some of Otis s xperiences with it were so awful that they tainted any joy she might have found in modelling otherwise I don t know if that s true she really talks very little about modelling itself focusing that part of the book on her struggle to get jobs and work despite Rourke and so on Not clear what direction she The Works of Saint Augustine ended up going work wise after modell. Troubled marriage to Rourke that followed soon thereafter was widely reported on in the media as were Carré’s struggles with drugs and a particularly brutalating disorder But to see someone naked on the page or xposed on the screen and in tabloids doesn’t mean we know who that person really isAfter a decade long deeply reflective and spiritual journey to discover for herself who she is Carré found the balance and

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