Steve Santini: The Catalog of Cruelty

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R was saying that he knows everything everything he says is a fact and everything else you ve ever read is wrong The. Able methods of execution were used to both unish and also to send strong messages of deterrence With over 100 Challenged to Win photos and illustrations and drawing on his own impressivee.

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Bibliography has only 9 sources He may be a collector and a traveller but that doesn t make him the absolute expert. Rsonal collection author Steve Santini separates fact from fiction as he explores these sinister devices and how they fuctioned within the dark framework of medieval justice.

Very good book The information was good but I did not like the overall tone of the book I felt as though the autho. Restrain Torture Execute While such ractices may seem barbaric in our modern day civilized society in medieval times brutal devices of restraint cruel tortures and unimagin.