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Ed AmandaMiranda was kind of like an interesting twist on the Prince and the Pauper I liked the story and the little twists and turns in it Amanda is a rich girl living in England and Mary is soon to be her maid and soon to be renamed Miranda upon Amanda s insistence The girls are practically twins Amanda realizes she can use this to her advantage when it comes to the two men in her life Unfortunately the girls nd up headed for American on the Titanic and Amanda s plan may not work out the way she hoped This novel deals with an English lady s maid who looks like her willful mistress Soft Focus enough so that when the mistress s promiscuitynds in her drowning on the Titanic the maid takes her place and makes a good life for herself New York The book is fairly positive and interesting historical fiction that portrays the upstairsdownstairs class structure of turn of the century England However though the sexuality is implicit and understated it forms the major motivation for upper class Amanda s the mistress motivation so this book is rather PG13 rated Miranda born Mary Cooke goes into service in the Whitwell home and becomes lady s maid to the willful beautiful Amanda Whitwell Amanda is being courted by a wealthy American who dreams of building safe and sound homes for immigrants in the States and Amanda dreams of ways to be with her chauffeur lover Happily Miranda looks like Amanda s twin Amanda plots and connives to find a way to have American money and her common lover and then all those plans Amanda and Miranda get on the maiden voyage of the Titanic to sail to America to meet the rich fianceThere were a lot of adult themes sexual immorality lies deception selfishness and all of it smoothly resolved by people ultimately being okay with the deception I like Peck but this is not his best work Apparently there s an abridged middle grade version of this novel I m sure it s horrible The central topics abusive mistresses socialclass upheaval sexual manipulation bigamy the ridiculous loss of life on the Titanic wouldn t fit properly in a mid grade frame That said the original adult version is way too long lingering needlessly over Alien Chastity Belt endless descriptions of clothes furniture scenery architecture housekeeping social issues of late Edwardian England Indeed the last 150 odd pgs areasily the best of the book would have been better in an overall product half the length Aside from the meandering descriptions well written yes but still annoyingly long winded the biggest flaw is that Amanda has no redeeming ualities whatsoever Even the cruelest villain reuires something sympathetic aside from those rare pure Faker evil charactersg Sauron in LotR otherwise their villainy is cardboard obnoxiousas was the case here There was no legit reason for Thorne Gregory to be so devoted Why How Nobody will Lawbreakers Suspense Stories ever know Miranda herself had uite a journey but she was dense not particularly interesting You can t keep seeing through manipulation still be surprised when you re treated like crapyet she was Go figure And being anxact duplicate of someone you re not related to Yeah that stretches belief I figured she d at least turn out to be a bastard daughter but nope She just looked like Amanda Sounded like Amanda Had THE SAME FIGURE as Amanda Whut Anywayfar interesting were side characters like butler Finley housemaid Betty Eleanor the aristocratic matriarch of the family I ve read worse but this wasn t anything special So here s an ually lukewarm 3 stars. At will capture the reader's imaginationA sure winner A charming novel full of mistaken identity thwarted love and sweet revenge BooklistThe kind of page turner that has rainy days and summer reading written all over it The Horn Bo.

It was so weird I had run into this book years and years ago but in the adult version It was too graphic for me Then in recent years I saw it on a shelf of a friend of mine I knew she would also not have liked the sex scenes so I was surprised when she said she liked the book so muchAha Mystery solved There s this YA abridged version I finally read the whole thing I ve read other readers say that the original version also had a lot detail about clothes settings and vents I wish there could have been a happy medium where they got rid of the graphic sex but kept some of the other level of detail This abridged book felt like it was on fast forwardI gave it 3 stars because I liked the idea of the playing with the identities Some readers said that they thought that was unlikely but it was used as a plot device in Lady in White by Wilkie Collins as well In previous Spinal Trauma eras people and records got lost all the time Mary Cooke a young maid working for the Whitwell family looks identical to the family s young mistress and Amanda Whitwell a young mistress with an arrogant attitude play the lead roles in Amanda Miranda written by Richard Peck The author begins the book with Mary stumbling upon an old woman in the woods who describes to Mary that her future holds two marriages and that she will die and live again After Mary finds her way back to the path she had run off from and is also the place where her parents stand to wait to carry on to Mary s new job as a maid at the Whitwellstate Soon after Mary arrives she is ordered to go serve Ms Amanda Whitwell She gradually starts to become fixated on Mary because she looks very similar to the young mistress sparking a plan in her mind While Mary serves Ms Amanda for the first time she decides to rename Mary Miranda This begins Amanda s detailed plan to Shadow (New Species, end up with her true love John Thorne instead of the American Architect Gregory Forrest Amanda s plan reuires Miranda to marry John Thorne so that when Amanda isngaged to Gregory Forrest and moves to New York John will come with Miranda since Miranda is Amanda s maid As time goes on Amanda succeeds in accomplishing the first two parts of her plan but after Miranda got married to John Thorne she realized Amanda used her and becomes very angered by the situation Then the journey begins as Miranda and Amanda travel to New York on the Titanic and John Thorne stays behind to accompany the mistress s car months later on a different ship In the beginning Miranda and Amanda s journey was running smoothly until The Titanic began to 細味人生100篇 enter icy waters The ship s crowd became chaotic as they scrambled to get off the boat but nobody knew where to find Ms Amanda Whitwell Miranda struggled to search for Amanda but after learning the fate Amanda most likely suffered through Miranda became overwhelmed The boat sinking deeper into the Atlantic Ocean forced Miranda to jump off the ship The jump would change her life forever turning her journey into someonelse s life Amanda Miranda written by Richard Peck in memory of the voyage of the Titanic shows insight into what social classes were like in 1912 the life of women in the The Gathering (Darkness Rising, early 1900s and romance between people from thearly 1900s MongoDB expanding the knowledge readers have on these topics Peck s book falls into the young adult romance and historical fiction genres The book recommended for 12 to 18 year olds includes strongmotion tragedy and a high level of vocabulary When reading Amanda Miranda I felt. Your future lies beyond a mountain of ice where you will die and live again The wisewoman's prophecy disturbs Miranda a maidservant who bears an uncanny resemblance to her rich and arrogant mistress Amanda Whitwell Thrust into a ta.

Intrigued to read because the strong Chastity emotion and the history portrayed in a fictional way Richard Peck s portrayal of the Titanic creates axciting way for teenagers to learn the basics of the Titanic story I LOOOOOVED reading this book Honestly it was a treat to read Why haven t I Experiential Learning ever seen it before Richard Peck s fantastic writing I love Richard Peck captivating plot goodnding I think if you re female you ll love it It s not very deep and it is fairly predictable but mainly it s just a purely delightful bookchokengtitiktitikchokengs I just barely noticed that this is the YA abridged version and I m pretty sure that s what I read and not the full adult version Hmmm I wish I could find that version it would probably be Die Neurobiologie des Glücks even better I picked this book up at a book sale for less then20 cents I didn t know anything about it I only got it because of the title My name is Amanda and my sister s name is Merinda butveryone calls her Miranda when they first meet her Anyhow I rather A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings enjoyed it It was an interesting story line with a somewhat satisfyingnding I only liked 23 of the A New Philosophy of History ending It was very interesting how the main character s name is so important and how at thend when her name is said you have to sit and remember who they are Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction even talking about I liked the author s style of writing but some of the words and phrases he used made me forget it was suppose to be set in 1912 and not recent This book was about 300 pages too long but I can t think of any portion or subplot to cut from it All of it seems completely necessary to the story which is complicatedmotional and very well articulated Peck writes from the perspective of both Amanda and Miranda as well as from the third person omniscient perspective with none of the jarring transitions other books who Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer employ that device seem to fall prey too The historical period clothing and home decor are vibrantly describedsp I read this one years ago and I m not sure if it was the abridged version or not I have a feeling it was not abridged because I vividly remember a scene that would have been considered too risue for middle grade readers But as far as I can tell it wouldn t make any difference because the problems I had with this book lie in the creative choices not the writingThe protagonist while going on a wild and crazy journey was very bland FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck even passive The antagonist on the other hand was a real go getter who knew what she wanted and how to get it but had no redeeming ualities Yet she was able to string two different men along as romanticsexual partnersven to the point where one of them was cheating on his wife to be with her Thing is the Big Little Man entire nexus of the story revolved around the fact that his wife lookedxactly like the antagonist which makes it The Man from Beijing even bizarre it wasn t like she was physically attractive and she definitely wasn t nicer in terms of personality So what givesAnyway the antagonist gets pregnant with the husband s kid and is promptly killed on the Titanic Her servant double then assumes her identity is accepted by the antagonist s familyven after her deception is discovered and Creating Lasting Value everything is tied up in a neat little bow The cheating husband had already disappeared from the narrative before theyven boarded the Titanic killing any chance of the reader figuring him out The whole thing felt pointless and goofy Any semblance of an interesting premise got bogged down by poor Understanding Markets and Strategy execution and the mature themes weren t handled very well It suck. Ngled web of lies by Amanda Miranda watches helplessly as one fateful night a prophecy once foretold becomes reality aboard the Titanic Richard Peck's newly abridgeddition of his popular adult novel is an nthralling adventure th.

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Richard Peck was an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2001 for his novel A Year Down Yonder For his cumulative contribution to young adult literature he received the Margaret A Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 1990