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Great book great story solid writingOkay so ere s one of my deep dark secrets secretly I really love army action movies like Black Hawk Down my The Amory Wars, Volume 1 husband loves this about me I m a big fan of the movie I always knew that I lived in the same town as Michael Durantowever until I was reviewing pictures of Facebook of a local speaking engagement One Night with The Sheikh he gave I never realized thate Mismatch (Love Match, had written a book aboutis time behind enemy lines in Mogadishu I immediately put it on Family Wanted hold at the Library Iave never been in the Army Yet this book was such a steady trip into the mind of Michael Durant it felt like I was The book does a great job of developing Keys to Tulsa his story The seuence of events you see in Black Hawk Down take up the first 20 or so pages After that it s solely Michael Durant s story He as I say He I realize that this references Michael Durant and alsois ghostwriter Steven Hartov does a great job of flashing between the Black Hawk story and previous missions in the Middle East or in Panama that Secret Africa help add to the story The characters are well built You actually start developing attachments or at least sympathize with some of Michael s captors I read the whole book start to finish in less than 24ours For me with a nonfiction book this is a great accomplishment and the testament of a great storyIf you ve watched the movie Black Hawk Down but never ventured into the back story of Michael Durant s time as a Somali captive I Crush (Awkward, highly recommend this book This was for the most part an interesting straightforward account of Michael Durant s time in the military focusing primarily on the downing ofis Blackhawk over Mogadishu Somalia and مهارت در بازی زندگی his time spent in captivity as a prisoner of the Somali warlord Mohamed Aidid What I liked about the book was the rather no nonsense clarity of it The big picture especially America s involvement in Somalia was except for Durant s negative opinions regarding the Clinton administration omitted This was a good approach because the small story ofis struggles and triumphs are believably The Dragon in the Clock Box heroic I find the psychology of the military aviator fascinating my favorite book on this topic Chickenhawk is about theelicopters in Vietnam In that book Robert Mason s tortured insights lift the book into literature In contrast Durant s perfectionism My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, his confident sense of self andis competitive personality are not nearly as interesting to me My only beef which is solely personal is that large swaths of this memoir were extremely dry The reason is the extreme detail regarding the various programs in the US military the mechanics of aviation and the sheer number of acronyms Accurate I The Nazi Revolution have no doubt Compelling Not so much I read this book after reading Black Hawk Down which in spite of it s lengthiness I was glued to This bookad the same effect on me this book pulls you in and doesn t let go till the ride is over Recommended for anyone who enjoys non fictionespecially military fiction or anyone who should pull their Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy head out of the sand and learn about what reallyappened in Somalia 1993 and the sacrifices these eroic men made This book is about Michael J Durrant He is a pilot with the 160th SOAR or the Night Stalkers as they are known in the military They are special forces elicopter pilots and are considered the best of the best as far as aviators are concerned This book deals specifically with the events featured in the book and movie Black Hawk DownMichael Durrant is the pilot of one of the two blackhawk elicopters that were shot down over Mogadishu Somalia in October of 1993 He is the only survior of those two crashes He was captured by the forces of one of the major warlords Piloting a US Army Special Operations Blackhawk over Somalia Michael Durant was shot down with a rocket propelled grenade.

An This was a really good first and account of the experiences of Mike Durant during Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet his capture and captivity in Somalia afteris Blackhawk went down Durant doesn t shy away from telling it like it ishow Arise he saw it The author also gives you glimpses into the Night Stalkers and their intense camraderie which I really enjoyed I did read Black Hawk Down before reading this book and would encourage other readers to do that as well because it gives you good context as to what was going on I would recommend this book to every American but especially to military personnel and aviators Iad been looking forward to this book for some time but it didn t live up to my expectations If you re looking for a book about Mike s life as an SOF pilot then this does the job uite well If like myself you re expecting a balanced account of Mike s experience in Somalia you may be let downAbout Archies Americana, Vol. 1 half the book is taken up with anecdotes and memories thatave nothing to do with Somalia That s no big deal as it is still an interesting read but the description on the back cover doesn t provide any indication of the true nature of the book so I felt a bit ad Books aren t cheap after all The back cover synopsis does use the word torture which undoubtedly increased sales significantly Although Mike was badly injured and wasn t given five star treatment and I don t envy is position one little bit Talk to Me he didn tave electrodes connected to Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, his genitals either Again misleading and typical sensationalism It s a pity to let the facts get in the way of a good story I guessAnother thing that annoyed me was the over use of totally crap similes Hartov who wrote this with or for Mike lets the side down badly with this Perhapse was story telling for the lowest common denominator and maximum sales It is a shame Hartov s audience wasn t treated to a impressive display of descriptive talentFurther in the introduction Hartov makes an issue out of the thorough research performed and Educating for the New World Order how Mike s story was checked with others involved even to the extent of going to Somalia and talking tois captors This book would Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock have benefited significantly if the memory lane stuffad been reduced some is useful to set the scene and the perspective of others directly involved The Character Of An Upright Man had been included After all US forces underestimated the enemy and got badly bitten Mike was shot down captured and released Several people were killed trying to getim out unsuccessfully I am not so sure that this is something Americans should be beating chests and waving flags about It seems to me that including a Somalian perspective would Mr. Malcolms List have added real balance and given a accurate depiction of the realities of the incident A small effort along these lines was made with the inclusion of the letter from the wife of a Delta operator and to me that was one of the most valuable parts of the storyAll things considered it was a pretty good read and I salute Mike s bravery and resolve Fortunately and correctly Mike doesn t putimself forward as a GURPS Conspiracy X hero rathere as indicated in the title gives full credit to Just One Golden Kiss his fellow soldiers But I strongly suspect another author not Hartov couldave done a far better job and presented a insightful account An opportunity missed I think I just finished reading Black Hawk Down and in some ways I liked this one even Durant was the only American POW captured by Somalis after The Tyranny of Guilt his Black Hawk Super Six Four crashed in Mogadishu He describes in great detail the battle from the view ofis chopper the crash and the soldiers who were killed trying to protect Phantom Encounters him He also describes being paraded through the streets by Somalis andis days in captivity. E tells the story of what Eat Your Way Through the USA he sawow My Dirty Janitor Book 4 he survived and the courage anderoism that only soldiers under fire could ever know.

F that time and was Stories from Spain / Historias de España held captive for 11 daysThis is the story ofis survial and experience in the Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos hands of the enemyOne of the things that I really liked about this book is that Durrant never considersimself a Broken Bear hero He states that I not aero I am just a chopper pilot who got shot down He is very Enna Burning humble and tries to deflect credit to the Rangers and Delta Force operators who gave their lives to try to protect andelp Hatter him Michael J Durant s personal story of survival provides only brief back story before delving into the actual battle The account is told mainly as a first person narrative describingis experience with a limited number of broad picture overviews of the entire battle He describes what Paint the Wind happened toim If you d like a complementary and complete overview of the mission read Black Hawk Down by Mark BowdenOnce Michael s Black Hawk Super Six Four is Wayne hit in the tail by an RPG you go directly intois tunnel of focus as The Perfect Resume he is swept into a daunting ordeal The radio voices the sounds of battle the sharp physical reality and the surreal mental state are all detailedThe actual crash brief fire fight and eventual capture make for incredible reading It makes me think twice about getting upset in traffic and what it really means toave a bad day My thought after finishing that section was what is the most difficult thing I ve done this week this month this year or in my life And also what would I actually be able to endureThe rest of the book describes The Centurion Code his injuries andow the Samalians treated Antropologia da Criança him in captivity He gives you brief thoughts onis experience toward the end It is worth a read if only to adjust your perspective on lifedgp It s been a long time since I read this one it s obviously time for a re readThis is the story of Michael Durant He wa Disclosure Mike Durant is a personal friendThe truth behind the movie Black Hawk Down with the incredible true story by Mike DurantIf you saw the movie Black Hawk Down you may recall the name of the man that they would not leave behind Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael Durant If you watched national news broadcasts in October 1993 you saw the battered face of Michael Durant America watched with shock as Air Terisak Membelah Batu he was dragged through the streets of MogadishuTheostilities in Somalia Canned have been debated in articles books documentaries and now finally in the words of Mike Durant Durant explained to me that the movie ends withim in captivity He thought Wow many people are wondering What GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION happened to that guy I vead a lot of people ask me How did you get out of there and what appened to you In the Company of Heroes pays omage to the men who served with Lisa and David Today him in Somalia Plain and simple I can tell you that the only reason I mere today is because of Gary and Randy The commando sergeants who came to Mr Durant s aide were posthumously awarded the Medal of HonorIn addition to Clinton, Inc. his captivity in Somalia Mr Durant s book shares a uniue look at the life of the US Special Forces One of the most uniue things is that in special ops you stay together as a unit for a much long period of time than most other military organizations I was in the 160th for 13 years and I served with the same people the whole time So there are stories that go way beyond SomaliaSome of the intriguing behind the scene information about the books is that Mr Durantad to purchase the rights to use the photos of Dvorak Keyboard himself The many photos that we often see on cable news networks are copyrighted ande was charged to include them in the book Durant was very pleased that the group AC DC allowed The Muslim Masquerade him to use the lyrics to one of their songs without chargeA remarkable story a remarkable On October 3 1993 With devastating injuriese was taken prisoner by a Somali warlord With revealing insight and emotion

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