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This story is going to be my go to every time someone accuses me of being lazy Jeremy Why aren t you helping us lift this dresser onto the moving truck You should at least do SOMETHINGI am doing something I am absorbing colours into my memory and composing a sonnet in my headOh dear Jeremy s trying to Frederick his way outta work again So the story goes that you have 5 mice Four of them work their little mousey tuchas off to gather enough food to eat for the winter and enough hay to keep warm Frederick sits on his butt and does jack When the other mice confront Fredrick he tells them that he is collecting colors for the dreary winter days or that he is collecting words So the winter comes and the other mice are generous enough to let Frederick eat their food and keep warm due to their collective gathering Towards the end of winter food becomes scare That is when Frederick aints mental Murder Maker pictures of summer and shares badoetry with them Art for art s sake is lovely and all but you still need to be a contributing member of society Being a نشانی‌ها philosophical thinker doesn t mean that you should get out of hard work or force others to carry you through life Had Frederick actually got off his rock and helped collect food whilstaying attention to his surroundings Ask Yourself This perhaps the mice would not have gone without and still had his badoetry to suffer through Speaking of the bad Good Witch, Bad Witch poetry Frederick soem does actually have a nice little moral The The Tokyo Zodiac Murders poem talks about how there are four seasons each uniue and important in its own right just like the four mice sitting there Funny that Frederick excludes himself Perhaps he grasps how unimportant his role is to his mouse community I think I would have really enjoyed the book had Frederick gotten off his lazy duff and spent his off hours dreaming away Friends don t let friends starve to death A shorticture book about mice Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances preparing for winter focusing on one mouse Frederick who doesn t uite fit in They give him a hard time but in the middle of winter the other mice come to appreciate theoetry that Frederick has to offer It s a good message overall And the illustrations are lovely There are days I want to retreat to my Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten pillow and blanket fort I tend to likeicture books on those regressions either colorful cookbooks or cute children s books And this book fell into my basket at the library I was sure I read it Illus in full color While other mice are gathering food for the winter Frederick

Efore but that didn t matter I like it I was going to Boneshaker (BA 43-500, put 4 stars because I felt it lacked a bit of how can I say it aunch But after reading other reviews I am giving 5 stars to support the book s morals or what some A Star Is Born people call the lack thereof So Frederick doesn t work while other mice work hard torepare for the winter Aesop has already condemned such lazy bones and you are free to leave this book and ick up the classic Aesop if you are in his camp I assume such eople also frown at Anna Karenina for committing adultery I for one am impressed how civilized the mice are The other four mice were not necessarily happy with Frederick but they let him in and share the food anyway Wow How many of us has this much of tolerance and compassion What Frederick has to offer doesn t matter to some The Ornament (Ornament, people They want efficient judgmental society with no arts When they feel so cold and gray they might finally notice something is missing Lately I have been re reading many children s books that I have not read since I was a child and Frederick is one of those books I have not read for awhile Frederick is a Caldecott Honor book by Leo Lionni and it is about a laid back mouse named Frederick who This is the best book in the entire history oflanet earth not only are the ictures of little aper mice awesome the story is about a little lazy mouse who keeps getting yelled at because he sleeps and just sits there all day but he is day dreaming and then the mice are like WTF frederick get your ass up and help and he s like no way im collecting colors for the winters are grey then in the end all the food is gone and frederick recites Rant poetry and saves everyones life BEST BOOK EVER I thought I knew where this story was headed and then was totally surprised Frederick and his family live in a rock wall near an abandoned barn While Frederick s counterparts spend the seasons gathering food inreparation for the hard winter Frederick spends his days not working I loved the illustrations and verse throughoutWritten in 1967 Frederick won the Caldecott Honor award and Lionni himself was awarded with both the Graphic Arts Gold Medal in 1984 and the Society of Illustrators Lifetime Achievement Award osthumously in 2007 Most of his books are considered children s classics and I look forward to reading of his work You read correctly The book with the cute little oetic. Eems to daydream the summer away When dreary winter comes it is Frederick the oet.

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Mouse holding a flower is maybe the only book to which I would give a one star review This was on the recommended reading list for my four year old and I read it to him excited because all the books on the list were so good I ll have to start screening the icture books from now This story is about a mou As someone who has always had a dreamy artistic temperament and has also often been told that I am therefore by nature lazy and indeed that I should not even be getting a Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons paid salary for simply teaching language literature and the like I have to admit that many of the negative reviews of Leo Lionni s Frederick that I have read online over the years and inarticular the ones that ontificate about Frederick being a good for nothing and lazy lay about that oets are The Color of a Leader parasitical by nature that those of us who are artistically inclined at best take away from real and true workers and labourers that we are therefore insignificant and oh yes that of course we supposedly are also one and all Marxists as well absolutely and totally infuriate me to no end For let s face it not everyone is meant to be a farmer or ahysical labourer and with Frederick Leo Lionni clearly demonstrates that for the field mice it is actually much essential and necessary for Into the Planet poe A cute little beginning book story about making it through hard times Sometimes it s not only about thehysical things you need like food but it s also about hope and stories 5 little mice are gathering food for the winter to come Frederick soaks up sun colors and words He knows those things are needed throughout the winter When they run out of food Frederick shares his gifts and it makes the mice feel betterI know now that Caldecott is about the art and not the story This is a great story but the art had nothing special to it It looks like construction Dusk (Rosales Saga, paper cut out andut together or something It is not a winning style of art in my opinion and I am no expert I give the artwork a 2 and the story a 4 The children had fun with this story The niece kept asking why isn t Frederick helping That s really rude isn t it The nephew wanted to know if a lion was going to eat them The niece thought the story was good She liked how Frederick made eople feel better She gave this 4 stars The nephew said At least this book is short Frederick could have farted or something That s my nephew He gave this 2 star. Mouse who warms his friends and cheers them with his words Wilson Library Bulleti.

Leo Lionni wrote and illustrated than 40 highly acclaimed children's books He received the 1984 American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal and was a four time Caldecott Honor Winner for Inch by Inch Frederick Swimmy and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse Leo Lionni died in October of 1999 at his home in Tuscany Italy at the age of 89Leo Lionni has gained international renown for his