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Mated to ueen Patricia who is a vampireWhat Mackenzie goes through in this short story is a lot packed into less than 100 pages She is one tough human and it is easy why Ren tries to deny his attraction to her and what happens to change that is so good to read Btw this is of a PG or PG 13 story compared to some other paranormal romances Doesn t matter it is still a fun readUnfortunately for Meckenzie the witch followed her What happens after that you will have to read for yourself but let me just say that I loved it It gives me hope for books in this series which I am soooo looking forward to readingWhat did I not like about the story it left me wanting And really that s a good thing too Enjoyed it but toooo short A laugh out loud rideOne sassy human thief has to work for an evil witch to free her mother s soul She ends up in Broken Heart a town full of parakind She finds a blood wolf willing to help and fight for her I Laughed my way through this delightful irreverent book The dialogue alone is worth the reading This was short and sweetly sexy It was time Ren found some happiness of his own An enjoyable read. Itch follows them into town and wrecks some serious havoc Now Meckenzie must rely on Ren and other Broken Heart citizens to defeat Ena Not to mention getting a big ol' smooch from a certain hot blood wo.

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T wait for the new book to come Cute little novella about Meckenzie a theif trying to save her mother s souland Ren Marchand loupe de sang I love all the stories of Broken Hearts OK I think the shortness of this story affected the uality somewhat It was good but it was not as good as her full books My guess is trying to write a similar format in fewer pages did not work The end felt rushed but the idea was still good I am so grateful to Michele Bardsley for sharing this short story from BrokenHeart with us fansWhat I liked about this short story it introduces us to a new character Meckenzie a young human woman on the run from an evil witch She was easy to connect with and very sympathetic with her reasons for coming to the magically hidden town of Broken Heart a town inhabited by many different paranormal people She had stolen something something from the witch and now the witch wants her to get it back Ren Marchand is the one who encounters her and he is a member of the Loup de sang also nown as a blood wolf or vampirewolf mix Very rare and explained in one of the novels by this author His brother Gabriel is. Tion of a certain gem chases her down outside the borders of Broken Heart Oklahoma Ren has no choice but to let the smart mouthed human into Oklahoma's protected paranormal community Unfortunately the

Loved this story but I wish it was longer Too Short I had completely forgotten about the triplets so it was nice to revisit them But I need MORE Broken Heart That s the only think I can remember between July and now The only emotion I was left with after reading this short was I want MORE The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf is a fast paced short story about a girl trying to save her mother s soul The deal she made with the super powerful wish Ena does not work out like Meckenzie hoped for She fines herself in Heart Broke a town made up of super naturals She always taught of herself has so not the marriage family person till she sees the mouth watering husband Blood Wolf Ren The characters are strong sassy and believable I enjoyed this short story and recommend it to lovers of the not so uit human Awesome uick read from one of my favorite authors that is in one of my favorite series Broken Heart This is a novella that involves Ren Merchand who is the triplet brother of Gabriel He meets Meckenzie who is a human who has paranormal experience and is basically send to Broken Heart on a mission I loved this and can. A Broken Heart Short StoryMeckenzie is a thief on the run right into the strong buff arms of loup de sang Ren Marchand When her nemesis Ena an evil witch who's still angry about Meckenzie's er appropria.

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