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It was difficult to go in depth with any of them but rather it gave a good overview of marriageI would recommend this book to anyone who is single or newly married I don t think those who ave been married for a while would find it as useful as those who The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice haven t It also includes a discussion guide and would be a great book for a married couples book club FTC disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for anonest review All opinions are my own I want the Kindle Edition I enjoyed reading it although towards the end I started feeling like their marriage was so perfect and that no one else Practicing History has or canave their amazing marriage. Nd betrayal any couple can experience the fulfillment of living in love   Includes reflection uestions and a small group discussion guide “James and Betty must know something  Spend any moments near them and you uickly detect and enjoy an uncommon affection  I pray that we learn from their experience” Max Lucado pastor and best selling auth.

Ith the authors They told their story and through examples they shared ow they made their marriage workThis was not an instructional guide to a perfect marriage Instead they shared from the eart about some of the problems and pleasures of marriage to Some Thing Black help encourage instruct and inform I am single yet found this book a great read because if I ever get married I llave some ideas of McClellans Other Story how to work through problems based on the Robisons examples If I never get married Iave a better idea of the challenges of marriage when talking with friendsThe only thing I didn t like about it was one of the reasons I liked it they covered so many topics By covering so many topics. James and Betty offer down Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? home wisdom and no nonsense advice on marital issues like expectations trust past baggage money conflict resolution sex parenting communication and   Above all they emphasize that with God at the center of marriage all good things are possible   No matterow serious the challenges even in the aftermath of eartbreak

Probably one of the best books on marriage I ave ever read James and Better are Enkätboken honest open and raw with their words advice and emotions Every couple should read this book especially those who are engaged or are in their first year of marriage Great Book A must to read On Page 73 of 221 I wasn t uite sure what to expect when I picked up this book After all there are so many books giving the ABCs of a good marriage but yet somehow I thought this book would be different It didn t disappoint James and Betty Robison wrote this book as if they were sitting downaving coffee with someone I like that writing style where you feel like you are sitting down chatting More in Love Today Than on Your Wedding Day It’s Possible  Time after time viewers Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy have asked LIFE Today coosts James and Betty Robison “What’s your secret to enjoying your relationship so much”  This book is their answer to that uestion   In a dialogue format which ighlights the candor fun and respect that typify their relationship.

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James Robison is an American televangelist and the founder and President of the Christian relief organization Life Outreach International