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Te aggrieved at anything or anyone who interfered with that Why anyone lent him money in his later ears I can t imagine the man was a hopeless money pit The extended story of the conflict that led to his death in a duel is fascinating all these sophisticated people acting in extravagant ways based on values that make no sense to anyone outside that circle of honour obsessed insiders That series of events would make a great movie How can Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, you not love Pushkin He s funny impish incredibly ugly but still a lady s man Had kick ass Wolverine sideburns thatou can practically feel if Hollywood Education you rubour hand over this book s cover portrait And this isn t even considering the fact that he singlehandedly founded Russian literature and shaped its direction for the next 150 Steps Through the Mist years Like Calvino s old writer he seems to literally grow masterpieces the way a vine grows melons Binyon s biography is focused sometimes annoyingly but it tells a very large story without losing any of the many strands The last 50 or so pages once D Anthes arrives on the scene is particularly well done A good companion to one of the many other poetic studies of Pushkin say Abram Tertz s Strolling with Pushkin John Baley s book length study or Osip Mandelstam s essay on Pushkin and Scriabin The best biography I have ever read totally absorbing Pushkin was always falling in and out of love His most famous lyricI lovedou love still perhapsIs not uite extinguished in my soul But let it no longer alarm The Missing Brides (Missing, you I do not want to distressou in any wayI. In T J Binyon lifts the veil of the iconic poet’s myth to reveal the complexity and pathos of his life while brilliantly evoking Russia in all its nineteenth century splendor Combining exemplary scholarship with the pace and detail of a great novel Pushkin elevates biography to a work of art.

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The tediousness of the state of his finances I m not a mathematician or a businessman and there were times that it felt as though I was reading a copy of the Wall Street Journal Still a wonderful achievement TJ Binyon will be sadly missed Dostoevsky or Pushkin Who s Russia s literary messiah Very detailed biography of Russia s greatest poet A good read for anyone interested in the colorful life of AS Pushkin An excellent biography of the Shakespeare of Russian literature There is detail here than Jan, Jans en de kinderen 11 you need ifou have only a passing interest but if Dudo of St Quentin you really enjoy Russian literature a comprehensive understanding of who Pushkin really was will enhanceour This was a good book but not for the casual reader with just a passing interest It was well researched with lots information about people just barely connected to Pushkin when looking at used copies of this book online one of the descriptions of the condition was may be shiny what the hell Not a Life and Works or a critical biography so not a good choice if ou want to know details about Pushkin s work and its relation to the world in any detailed way but an absorbing portrait of early nineteenth century literary Russia as it circled around Pushkin Pushkin himself was impulsive extravagant reckless often self destructive he had a knack for saying and doing exactly the things that would make his life difficult and he was utterly unable to handle money while at the same time expecting to live in a suitably aristocratic luxurious way and feeling ui. Ucer of women Having forged a dazzling controversial career that cost him the enmity of one tsar and won him the patronage of another he died at the age of thirty eight following a duel with a French officer who was paying unscrupulous attention to his wifeIn his magnificent prizewinning Pushk.

Detailed account of Pushkin s life and work by a distinguished Oxford academicA fascinating insight into Russia s celebrated poet and novelist whose own life was as dramatic and eventful as that of the hero Eugene Onegin a brooding oung Romantic suffering from the common malaise of his generation feeling restless aloof and stifled by social constraints Yet as a product of the very society he despises he is never truly free from its influence After an argument between Onegin and his friend Lensky tempers flare and wounded pride triumphs over common sense resulting in the needless loss of a oung life This aspect of the story is particularly poignant foreshadowing the circumstances of Pushkin s own death in 1837 When French officer Georges Charles de Heeckeren d Anthes tried to seduce the poet s wife Natalia Pushkin challenged him to a duel and was fatally wounded his early death cutting short the brilliant career of one of Russia s foremost literary talents I will attempt to offer an amateurish book review for the first time since secondary school I rather enjoyed reading it from start to finish I read it whilst visiting Chisinau Kiev and Odessa I m happy to concede that the late T J Binyon s biography is almost a scholarly masterpiece that is worthy of critical acclaim It s well written well researched and makes use of a wonderful range of resources However I would have liked for him to have focused on the psychological aspects of Pushkin s character which the author does to some extent as opposed to. In the course of his short dramatic life Aleksandr Pushkin gave Russia not only its greatest poetry–including the novel in verse Eugene Onegin–but a new literary language He also gave it a figure of enduring romantic allure–fiery restless extravagant a prodigal gambler and inveterate sed.

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Timothy John Binyon was an English scholar and crime writer He was a distant relative of the poet Laurence BinyonTJ Binyon was born in Leeds where his father was a university lecturer When aged 18 he was doing National Service he was assigned to the Joint Services School for Linguists in Bodmin Cornwall to learn Russian There in 1954 the young soldiers among them Alan Bennett Mich