Roxy Jacobs: The Boss


Five friends dare each other to commit a specific sexual act within a week in celebration of the first among them to get married Heather has to seduce her boss The only problem is her boss is a womanThis is the fourth story in the DARE seriesWarning This SHORT STORY is suitable for 18 only It features hot FF sex in the office spanking and is not for the faint of heartExcerptSome part of her might have hoped the girls would refuse her challenge She didn't re.

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Le wandering the maze between the artificial walls and stopped at Kelly's door She knockedCome inShe entered the small room where her boss sat behind the arge metal desk Hi do you have a minuteSure Heather what's upHeather walked over to stand before the desk putting on hand on her hip knowing how that made her blouse pull snugly across her breasts As she hoped Kelly's eyes dropped a few inches before meeting her gaze again Um well I'm not sure how to say.

Ally want a final fling before she married Did she If she did she would have picked a man not a womanA glance at the clock told her time was running out Everyone would The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, leave soon so she needed to slip into Kelly's office before the womaneft Heather glanced down at her blouse unbuttoned another button and tried to figure out how she was going to do thisShe'd have to wing it She had no clue how to seduce a womanFluffing her hair she stood and eft her cubic.