Elaine Hobby: The Birth of Mankind

Eproductive process combined ancient medieval and contemporary conceptions Combining ditorial rigour with a concern for the needs of the informed non specialist Hobby has made available a text that will be useful to scholars and students in a range of academic disciplines including literature history and women's studies.

Between 1540 and 1654 The Byrth of Mankynde was a huge conunercial success Offering information on fertility pregnancy birth and infant care and written in a chatty collouial style it influenced most other literary works of the period bearing on sex reproduction and childcare Until now this important text has been unavai.

Lable Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) except for a microfilm of the 1654dition For this new annotated Gone (Gone, edition of the 1560 version Elaine Hobby has modernized the spelling and included informative notes In her critical introduction she not only traces the development of the book from its German origins but also shows howarly modern ideas about the

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