S.A. Swann: Wolf's Cross (Wolfbreed, #2)

N half wolf He is a mix breed werewolf capable of morphing into ither being at will As a child he witnessed his whole family his clan of Wolfbreeds burned to death when a band of Polish Teutonic Knights called the Wolfjagers specifically armed for hunting his kind herded and locked his people into a church and lit a match to mass murder them all From that day on he vowed to ignore his human half and to slaughter as many people as he could His wolf persona is angry cruel and vicious he becomes a relentless killing machineJosef is a novice monk in training new to arrive to the Wolfjager Order Putting the horrors of his past behind him memories of the Plague that took his family and wife Definitely not as good as the first one Argh I don t like werewolves almost as much as I don t like vampires sadly This wasn t appalling however and I did manage to finish it in the Water Music end Great book until thending i hated the Revived ending First book was much much better The storyline seemed incomplete to have Darien die i would rather have seem Josef die or in the least Darienscape The story led me to like Darien I found myself relating to him and then it spat on his character as someone vile which made this book contradict itself thoroughly and made it confusing whether or not i should think of Darien as a bad guy or simply angry tormented soul who needed to find someone something he could hope and live for and his only hope Student Research Projects in Calculus ends up killing him off That is an terriblending for me I would have rather seen Darien kill Maria in fact for her arrogance of her own kinds way and her unwillingness to ven attempt to understand Dariens troubles as the last of his kind This made me despise Maria as arrogant and selfis. He nearby fortress Motherless since birth Maria has been raised by her father and stepmother Around her neck she wears as she has always worn a silver crucifix to protect her from the devil Or so her father tells herBut when a contingent of badly mauled Teutonic knights including a handsome and gravely wounded young man named Josef ask for succor at the fortress Maria’s uiet and comfortable world shatt.

Normally I don t do this sort of thing Meaning that I don t usually read the second volume of a series before the first I didn t know this was the second till after I finished it and searched it up on here I really njoyed the read though the beginning and middle were may favorite but the Love for Imperfect Things ending though really left me dissatisfied I don t really like love triangles for unless in my mind one ofm is a clear and better match for the heroine In here though it just seemed wrong like the author was in a rush to wrap A Heart of Stone everything in a nice neat bow at thend Even though I didn t like the way Darien thought Maria as his position that was just the way he was raised I felt like with a little bit time he could have changed and grow to love her the way should wanted and deserved to be treated Plus ven if the way he treated her was how he was raised wouldn t he do just about anything ie change his ways to make want to stay with him And although Josef and Maria did have their moments together in the beginning where he was unconscious and his lips brushed his cheek that was beyond uber cute the interaction was limited to only caring for ach tending to Language and Linguistics each others wounds other and tellingach other there life stories although not intensional felt really insta love to me To me there interaction didn t justify them Divertimento ending up together And I hate reading a book so far through to have itnd up like that I did Love Is a Fairy Tale enjoy reading the book but thending really ruined the book for me It really tainted what this book could of been but now could never be In my opinion not as good as the first book Book wasn t bad but just not as intriguing as I hoped for And I really hated one of the characters Darien is half huma. S A Swann continues to reinvent the werewolf myth in this fantastic new novel set in the medieval world of the celebrated Wolfbreed Like its predecessor Wolf’s Cross is unafraid to cross boundaries and break taboos to tell an unforgettable story of romance and adventure that will forever change how you think about werewolves Maria lives a simple life in a small Polish village working for the lord of

H temptress h backstabbed her own kind I understood her loyalty was with her family but she didnt Promise at Dawn even attempt to help save Darien SO what do youxpect to happen when you ignore someones feelings specially a werewolf the size of a truck First book was 10 times better than this for a powerful storyline and an xcellent Bangkok Wakes to Rain ending honestly the best book i havever read Wolfbreed but this The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery ending just ruined the whole book for me Wolfbreed was an underrated gem a blend of historical fantasy and paranormal romance that gave a stark and authentic portrayal of life in the middle ages and the dark side of human nature It s a tough act to follow so author SA Swann doesn t try Instead he takes the setting and crafts a different story with new characters and a completely different tone Results are good While Wolf s Cross does not pack the brutal impact of its predecessor it is just as good as a story and in its own way uite a bit deeperRead the full review at Lupines and Lunatics When I read this I wasxpecting well not this I kept drifting in and out of this book and unable to hold my interest not Darkmere even just tugging on it I skipped to thend halfway through and was unsurprised and unimpressed with the Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? ending The writing wasn t the best and the main characters were are vanilla as you could get Good for putting yourself to sleep or wasting time and I do mean wasting I was surprised to see that lists this book as a romance book Though now that I can see the cover There s no way in the world I would have considered this romance as I read it Yes there s a relationship in it and yes there s a love triangle but that s only part of the plotSet in 14th century Poland Middle Ages Europe the story followed th. Ers For the knights are Wolfjägers an order dedicated to thextermination of werewolves and Maria unknowingly is one of the creatures they hunt Only the crucifix about her neck prevents her body from changing into a lethal killing machineWhen Maria meets Darien a wolfbreed bent on xacting a terrible revenge on humans she will learn the truth about herself and find her loyalties and her heart torn in

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