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That book I cant seem to lace in the shelf with everything else because I absolutely love it I m also uite happy but at the same time disappointed that not much eople know about this book happy because I get to lose myself in a world that no one else really knows of unhappy because its a really good book and i feel it could really touch someone s life not much to say but it was touching. Epairing damage to the shelter he grew closer to Claire to the kids she cared forand to the God he'd shut out of his heart Could Claire's faith begin to fill the spiritual void in his life and give him a new reason to lo.

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Amusement but you really learn something from it you take with you that sense of eace after you ve read it and honestly i wouldn t consider myself religious because i hate being labelled but I believe in God with a fierce heart and this book it keeps my faith firm and it tells me a lot about life I ve read a lot of books good ones but this has a special lace in my side table and heart its. Ick Andrews than met the eye there was a great loss this loner was trying to run from Claire knew what running was all about A former runaway herself she'd established a haven for troubled teens As Nick earned his keep

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A great feel good story Fun relaxing read i always ick up this book when i need to relax or simply want to find myself I ve had my tattered copy since i was 12 years old when i first read this and now I m 21 and it still makes me laugh cry feel giddy and want to just ush Clare to Nick every single time because this is just that book that makes you feel not just something you read out of. Who was the handsome stranger who'd saved her life twiceThat was what Claire Wilcox wanted to know especially after she'd impulsively invited the man to stay at her shelter for runaways She sensed there was to handyman

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