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This was a wonderful book about young love eckless youth and decisions egret longing forgiveness and second chance love The author does a good job of setting the stage so to speak sharing tidbits of the characters past to help the eader understand how and why choices and decisions were made that landed them both where they are now in their lives It was a nice twist to see the oles eversed for Dallas and Charley where he was the one in need of protecting and she owning an agency to provide protection Usually it is the female character the author places in a vulnerable position and the male character coming in and taking charge to fix things so it was a nice ole eversal that fit well with this story and their personalities This story is also full of constant suspense with danger lurking around every corner so it easily holds your interest as you ead to find out who the bad guy is there are a lot of possibilities and it is interesting to see how the breadcrumbs connect when the killer is finally eveal A few additional highlights The characters were well developed and mature which added a nice depth to them They were believable and felt eal so it was easier to connect with them throughout the story It was also nice to see the main characters as older mature individuals early 40 s with life experiences under their belts to ground them The suspense aspect in this book was frustratingly good It draws you in from the first page starting with the killer s point of view and keeps you guessing with the many clues provided throughout the story Every time I thought I had it figured out new information was shared that made me ethink my choice Aside from Dallas and Charley s omantic story I was hooked trying to figure out the killer s identity There was just enough background information shared egarding Dallas and Charley s past in flash backs to help you understand their heartache egret and struggles as they try to sort out their history and learn to be friends again It was done is a manner that kept the storyline flowing smoothly Finally the elationship between Dallas and Charley was heavy with a lot of baggage including hatred esentment egret shame and self centeredness but an underlying love that still connected them after all the years apart It was interesting to get a glimpse of their young love to see how it all began then fast forward many years when they meet again You can feel the animosity between the two and the longing for things to change the time they spend together The author does a great job of sharing their feelings between their own inner dialogue and conversations with each other as they work hard to sort out their feelings to move forward You can feel their struggles and grief as they try to econnectIf you enjoy a good ead full of suspense and omance with the threat of danger that will hold you hostage until the last page you do not want to miss out on this book I voluntarily ead and eviewed an ARC of this book Unlike much of Holt s writing this is a full length novel and is a composite of mystery and erotic omance Set in the context of a country musician s professional tour with a murderous stalker threatening not only Dallas safety but his life Charley Roper is hired to provide special security for Dallas and his band and crew for the emainder of the tour That Dallas and Charley have history has the potential for making problems especially if these two can t find a way to work together to keep Dallas safe That they were once lovers that they each believed that the other It's been twenty years since security specialist Charley Roper and country star Dallas Creed had their bitter parting Now a killer has brought them together again but neither is eady for a eunion despite signs that their explosive chemistry hasn't waned with time She can't forget the.

As their forever one eally complicated this eunion than if they had just been casual dates That they parted angry and bitter eally put them both under the gun in many ways Yet Charley believed that she was a professional and able to provide the security for which she was contracted and the past was still in the pastThis is a compelling novel that takes a look not only at the pressures logistics and elationships that can make or break a professional music tour but it also takes the eader into an old elationship where both Dallas and Charley put their dreams for the future before their love for each other That they loved each other was never in doubt Perhaps that s why the hurt and bitterness was so acute when they parted Like so many lovers they made assumptions that weren t based on truth fact or good communication And when their dreams collided their elationship broke apart in the most wounding way Now they are faced once again with finding a way back if for no other eason than Dallas safety is at stakeHere you have two people who know that each of them bears a portion of the blame for their bitter parting They know also that each has blamed the other for the last 20 years This eunion of sorts has given them the chance to face their own culpability for wasting the past two decades and for the wounds that hurt them both I came to like Dallas a lot he had come back from his descent into drugs and alcohol for spending money like water and cutting a swath through crowds of women easy booze easy drugs easy women An auto accident nearly claimed his life and through months of painful ecovery he not only got his body back but his life and his good sense as well Now he has eclaimed his fans but a killer is out for blood The novel eally doesn t give many hints as to the identity of this maniac Holt teases her eaders almost to the very end But during the course of the story the eader not only encounters the stalker but also walks the journey of eclaiming their elationship with Dallas and Charley Now they are eally grown ups having dealt with eal life having had to learn to live with the conseuences of their choices learning what it means to put their dreams ahead of their love I found that it was curiously edemptive to experience their enewal Holt has a wonderful ability to bring her eaders into the meat of the story And while the unrelieved presence of the killer keeps the tension level high it is also the pressure cooker of circumstances that forces Charley and Dallas to make some important decisions about their future togetherThis is a great ead which is full of tension mystery hot loving and some wonderful caring affectionate concern and genuine elationship not only between Dallas and Charley but between Dallas and his brother with Dallas and the members of his crew and band as well Their mutual espect and egard get them all through some trying days I like to experience that kind of dynamic in stories I am also delighted that Holt has given her eaders a full length novel Her ability to tell a story never fail to delight but I have eally felt cheated when some of her tales are so short They get the job done but the encounter with the characters is way too brief So Holt fans enjoy I think you ll eally like this one I give this novel a ating of 45 out of 5This eview was originally posted on Book Binge by Judith A eally cool aspect of this book is that it starts from the killer s point of view He s after a famous musician called Dallas Creed The killer misses his target and has no ch. Feel of his hands on her body He can't forget the hot touch of her mouth When they finally tumble into bed the sex is just as good as they emember hot enough to singe the sheets But is it enoughThrown together during an exhausting frenzied concert tour with a killer nipping at their he.

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Oice but to try again Dallas s brother Morgan hires Roper Protective Agency which is un by Dallas s former lover CharlieCharlie and Dallas have a history that goes back 20 years when they broke up it was not pretty Now years later Charlie fights her instincts to un the other way as fast as she can but she feels she can do no other then guard Dallas from a eal and dangerous threatDallas feels this may be his second chance to have Charlie back in his life so he uses their time together to try and win her back This Book is extremely packed with goodies There s intrigue mystery action and hot sex No one could esist such a buffet to eadLong lost love and second chances is only part of what this book has to offer I d like to share with you one of my favorite paragraphs from DownstrokeWe ll take it slow okay I ll give you as much time as you need Just as long as you don t try to hide from me She pressed a soft kiss on his lips affection than passion but his cock still espondedThis is also a true love story There is nothing that makes a elationship stronger then compromise and Desiree Holt demonstrates it time and time again in her books Her understanding of elationships and the vast emotions that comes with them makes her books some of the best I have ever ead This Book kept me up very late because I just could not put it down I had to know what would happen next and how it all tied up together in the end Not only was the end perfect for this book but the book as a whole kept me guessing It made a nice change not being able to guess who the killer was from the beginning LOL So what do I ate this book I give it 5 STARS I loved it and I ecommend it to anyone looking for an awesome ead that will keep you guessing long into the night originally posted at steamy sex a killer on the loosewhat could you ask for Charlotte Charley Roper owns a successful protective agency and has long since forgotten the man who broke her heart country music star Dallas Creed or maybe she hasn t Morgan Dallas s brother contacts Charley and asks for her services convincing Charley to come to Dallas s concert that night While she s talking to Dallas someone tried to shoot him She decides to take the case but keep her heart out of it but will she find the killer in time I love music so this book had me hooked ight off the bat I was very impressed with the mystery aspect of the book The plot stays steady and strong the whole way through I never lost interest which sometimes happens for me with the novel length stories My only nit pick was that Ms Holt switched back and forth between first person and third person between Charley and Dallas it was a bit distracting That being said I still eally enjoyed this story Ms Holt even shows her song writing skills and I must say they are pretty impressive I d love to hear the songs set to music This one is definitely worthy of being her 100th book The danger and omance are spectacular and I ecommend it highly I had known about the concept for this book for a year now and could not wait to ead it Once I got it I tore through it and loved every minute of it The chemistry between the characters was haunting passionate hungry and at times incredibly funny I could obviously tell that Desiree knew her stuff when it came to the music industry and I appreciated that while eading the story It was not forced nor unbelievable and I found the storytelling to be complete and valued If I could say one thing about this book it would bewhen will we see the next installment for Dallas brotherLoved Els Dallas and Charley find themselves on a hot suspenseful erotic oller coaster ide Can he convince her to trust her heart to him one time to each out for a icher deeper mature loveMore importantly can Charley keep Dallas alive long enough for either of them to enjoy a second chanc.