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I really enjoyed Prep by Jake Coburn because it was romatic scary and suspenseful Prep is about a a teenage boy involved in angs and violence But when his best friend dies and his So Far from the Sea girl friend s brother is a target he makes some choices of his own Through this story Nick discovers what he really wants to do in life and who he really is One thing I didn t like was that this book started out really slow paced But overall I really liked this book because it showed how Nick transformed himself from bad toood by sacrificing and making hard choices Trust fund thugs run amok in Manhattan Over the course of a weekend Nick professes his love to Kris one of his best friends and has to bail her brother Danny out of trouble with the MKII The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge gang after he was caught messing with theangleader s The Draft girlfriend Nick s been out of the life for awhile and really doesn t want toet involved any But Nick is haunted by the time he witnessed his friend Kodak being stabbed by Bible Prophecy gang members and he froze unable to jump in and help Helping Danny out is his way of repenting and putting closure on his oldang lifestyle Scenes with Kris drag Catcher in the Rye with a hip hop vibe Prep is a Yaratma Cesareti good book for teens Highly recommend for aood exciting read The ending wasn t what I wanted it to be but it was a The Astral Codex good book My first impression of this book was that it was some little romance with a little danger on the side Turns out I was right but not exactly It was mostly danger little bit of romanceMost of the characters are stupid and full of themselves They wear designer clothes and carry aun and use it It s a harsh world where anything can Here There Be Witches get you knifedAnd it s all prep school kids You can t even respect them for what they re doing like you could with aangster or hood from the Story of the Liberty Bell ghetto because they re not poor They re just angry and think they own the world And in a sense they do No one can stop them in either sense physically or monetarilyThe main character the narrator and his sort ofirlfriend are the only ones who make This book was well written It wasn t the most fantastic book that I ve ever read but I liked it all the same This book is about Upper class New York kids who have everything and yet continue to form Fake Mustache gangs filled with drugs casual sex and lots and lots ofraffiti None of this was a complete surprise or shocker to me it s sort of obvious to me that the rich kids have issues to so I wasn t all to impressed with what was Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog going on Nick s having issues because he wants to uit this life after a particularly traumatic event in his past butetting involved with his love. Nick and his friends have everything expensive clothes beautiful apartments rich friends The island of Manhattan is at their feet But underneath this picture perfect world of pr.

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Dragged back to all that when his irls brother ets in trouble with one of the Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories gangs So then NickThetoes all out just to Drawing Straws get closer to theirl he loves he oes back to the ang life and travels all over New York city and nearly Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference gets killed several times Jake Coburnrew up in new york and as been writing about his experiences in his books He has only written 2 books one being prep and the other is titled love sick However prep was made into a movie in 04 and has won him 2 awards one is junior library The scarecrow guild selection and then the American library associations best book for young adults of 04 and love sick won that same award in 06 Jake Coburn has also written a 1 hour tv drama named the station However I m sure he is best know for the phenomenal book and movie prep There are many things that can be learned from Prep It s about a typical teenagers life that is just living everyday as it is He datesoes to school has many accomplishment in life Nick has fallen in love with a Elizabeth Cady Stanton girl who is his best friend and the only problem is is that she doesn t like him like that Nick knows that and tries dating otherirls and become social with other irls Reality is he is madly in love with her He doesn t seem to know why she doesn t like him he is very high class a very bright fellow The down side to it all is that he is apart of the prep school ang Things turn bad and they end up The Doll and Her Friends (1893) going after his loves brother He decides to be the hero and save her brother I learned that even though you don t alwayset what you want you could still be the hero in the story Nick knows that Kirs didn t see him in the way that she did but he still chose to help save her brother from what could have turned out really bad Nick put his life at risk for somebody else and that s show that he is a true hero for anybody Prep is a very Septiņi good book It has action and adventure in it as well as romance The book is aboutangs and a Nightbane World Book One guy named Nick or Thet was his nickname In the book Nick is trying to help this kid named Dannyet out of trouble with a The All New Jonah Twist gang called MK11 He messed around with one of theang members irls and they didn t like that Nick was also in love with Danny s sister Kris and she really didn t know if she loved him or not Nick was a pretty ood and loving Legon Ascension (Legon Series guy because he didn t have to help Danny but he did anyways and he said that he didn t help Danny because of Kris He said that he helped Danny because he didn t want Dannyetting hurt The book really has some PMS good lessons in it It is probably my favorite book because it always has something exciting happening and isn t borin. Est friend Kris even though she's oblivious to his feelings When Kris's younger brother becomes aang target Nick thinks he can help even if it means putting his own life at ri.

Interest Kris means The Two of Swords getting involved with Kris s younger brother who is now being staked out by one of theangs of New York The entire book s only like 185 pages and takes place during one weekend I liked it but again nothing was too shocking to me A very Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, good read This story is about a young mans many problems that he faces through high school Everything that he doesn t want to become a problem does All of his problems revolve around his rep he always wants to keep his rep up and that sometimes hurts him Nobody ever thinks that in rich cities and neighborhoods their would beangs because of the kind of people that live there But in this case there are many of them and they all want the same thing to be the hardest Thetthe main character wants to kind of change up his lifestyle but his so called friend keep on pulling him back into the lifestyle he wants to leave Thet just ABCs of Baseball goes about solving his problems the wrong way because his ways always land him in trouble and that leads into trouble and it never stops I think a lot of it is that he spends too much of his time trying toet his Ēna girl He never has time to hang out with his friends and they feel like he has abandoned them There is just a lot of things that couldo wrong and you don t know how to handle it all I don t have much to say about this book It was short and in my opinion very unrealistic Prep is a book about love and helping friends set to the Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! gang life in New York this very original and uniue book is written by Jake Coburn I believe this book iseared towards several Kentucky Grandmothers groups of people who like adventures and love storys I know it sounds strange when your talking aboutangs but still there is no better way to describe this wonderful story I personally loved how the characters feelings and emotions felt so real and how Jake Coburn allowed you to visualize everything that happened in this book and how you could almost see and feel what the was happening when I first Štěky Broka Špindíry go the book I looked at the cover and said eh I advise you not to do the same this book is well worth your time and Ireatly recommend it Prep is about a teen named Nick he lives in Manhattan with his mom in a nice apartment they are rich and he The Blackmailed Secretary goes to a prep school just like all the other rich kids Nick however has a lot of baggage he used to be a hood and member of aang and all that he went to partys all night went tagging did drugs and had sex But out of all that he was most famous for tagging If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, girls wanted to meet him anduys wanted to be him but he Improve Your Communication Skills gave that all up for theirl he loved but then he found himself Decadent (Wicked Lovers getting. Ivate schools and private parties lies aang world filled with drinking drugs casual sex and raffiti And Nick wants out He's had enough of the life and he's in love with his

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Jake Coburn was born in New York City in 1978 He grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and attended several different prep schools In 2000 he graduated from Brown University magna cum laude with a degree in Modern Culture and MediaJake’s first novel Prep Dutton 2003 is based on his teenage years where he witnessed New York’s privileged offspring form some of the city’s most vicious stre