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Mazoo and ater at Leeds Tom Shippey opens and closes the book with pieces that anchor the papers to their basic focus on Grimm s context and aims in his work on what eventually became the four volumes of Deutsche Mythologie Teutonic Mythology in the translation of the fourth edition by Stallybrass The volume is worth reading for this opening piece alone as it explained and pinned down for me Mm assembled what was known about such creatures in his work on 'Teutonic Mythology' which brought together ancient texts such as Beowulf and the Elder Edda with the material found in Grimm's own famous collection of fairy tales.

I enjoyed this book so much that I can hardly express it which is ironic as it s very What Would You Like? linguisticphilological in emphasisIt should be stated at the outset that this is NOT a book about Tolkien however if you are in any way serious about Tolkien you should not miss this volumePublished in 2005 it began itsife as a series of papers delivered in 1997 at the Medieval Institute Conferences at Kala. Elves and dwarves trolls and giants talking dragons valkyries and werewolves all these are familiar in modern movies and commercial fantasy But where did the concepts come from Who invented them Almost two centuries ago Jacob Gri.

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Lay person in these areas of scholarship the paradigm shift that took place in the humanities in the early 19th century and what the achievements and Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, limitations of Grimm s work and that of other scholars were in that settingThe other papers cover in a scholarly and readable way beings from Germaniciterature dwarfs giants trolls Elves Grendel dragons Valkyries werewolvesDon t miss this book. This collection of essays now updates Grimm adding much material not known in his time and also challenges his monolithic interpretations pointing out the diversity of cultural traditions as well as the continuity of ancient myth.

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