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U Meriel Owen Milk From my boobs Though you can leak amniotic fluid Which ew I Loved it so much i would totally re read again like all Miss Danes WorkLoved everything about this bookI havent read a fantastic witch book in so long and i ust love lauren dane but this was perfect love the feeling you get when you read something so good you cant put it downshe had me smiling and laughing and swooning over DomI can not wait till June so we can read about Simon and Lark Loved it 35 starsI was pleasantly surprised to find that this book straddles the line between paranormal romance and urban fantasy It had a strong plot and romance However neither of those were particularly engaging I liked the romance It had an odd feel of being insta love and slow burn at the same time because their strong feelings for each other developed instantly but they did take time to get to know each other before acting on those feelings Meriel and Dominic were well ground and mature characters but I wasn t deeply attached to either of them One of the biggest drawbacks was the ending It was too easy for them to defeat their enemies Also it ended abruptly It seemed like it ended mid chapter and like there should have been an epilogue after that But it was good enough that I m willing to give the next book a chance When I read romance novels whether they re paranormal or contemporary or historical or WHATEVER I live for the tension between characters That build up that fight against the attraction the explosiveness of finally giving in The romance itself is the main plot arcBut that wasn t the case with Heart of Darkness and for me it overshadowed the rest of the storyDon t get me wrong there was plenty of sexin it up and gettin down and dirty But the falling for each other part happened uickly with ease and it left the remaining pages devoted to what happens with Dominic s mom Which was interesting And cool But not what I was looking for when I picked up the book so in some ways my own expectations defeated meThat said I think the Bound by Magick world is intriguing and I like Clan Owen the witches and the general paranormal structure I ve heard the second book is smokin and I intend to continue with the seriesThe thing about tension between characters is that we begin to learn about who they are through their struggles against themselves their world and the people around them I find that this was most lacking for me that though I liked Meriel and Dominic they spent time telling each other how important they were to the other rather than letting me get to know them Because Dominic struggled his character is a bit defined But still not uite what I was expecting or looking forHowever I m intrigued I want to know I want to see how this world expands and unfolds because I ve read Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom just enough to be intrigued but not enough to have it all figured out And I like that WOW First Reads Winner Whoop Sorryust excited is all Thank you for picking me lol Ok so this is a first in a new series and it was really good I love books about witches and this was right up my alley Dominic was so wonderfully alpha male and so sweet I loved that he didn t caved right away and oin Meriel s coven That made it feel real Loved Meriel she was feisty smart and never was afraid to show Dominic how much she loved him even when he was pushing her away She may have been a little to understanding lol Is anyone really like that This was about a coven of witches But also about witches being hurt abducted drained of the magic to mage s who were stuck addicted like drug addicts My only real issue with this book was that for me there wasn t enough action I would have loved ass kicking Since Meriel was so tough I loved how at first I wasn t to sure of Meriel s mother She seemed kinds mean and stuck up But by the end you see her a little differently Loved friendships in here as well Meriel and Nell they were so funny together Simon YUM and Dominic were so great I cant wait for Simon s book Yummy Wolfy Simon Man I bet his book is good He always was straightening out Dominic when he was being thickheaded I had high expectations going into this book A because I have heard great things about Lauren Dane and B some of my other bookish friends gave it generally positive reviews While I didn t actively dislike it unfortunately this wasn t a winner for me The worldbuilding is solid and pretty interesting but I failed to connect with the characters and I didn t feel invested in their romanceMeriel is a powerful witch and the heir apparent to her family s clan The only thing that is holding her back from reaching her potential is the fac. L night after explosive night is However Meriel has unwittingly invited someone else into her world Dominic’s mother a dangerous and poisonously influential magic addict whose lust for death and power corrupts all she touches Now her shadow is closing in on Meriel her Clan and the man Meriel loves and it’s casting them all into the inescapable heart of darkne.

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I will likely post a review at my blog closer to time of publication uick note though this book works as a stand alone but characters from some of Dane s previous books are mentioned in passing as they are all set in the same world While not strictly necessary I recommend you read What Happens In VegasAfter Dark and the de La Vega Cat books if you have the time andor money Failure to do so won t detract from Heart of Darkness but knowledge of these characters will add an extra layer of satisfaction 35 stars In search of bookswith witches I found this story It was an interesting take on magic with some likable characters Meriel was a strong and capable heroine who felt like a real person Dominic made for an intriguing hero what with his dark past I loved how relentless he was in pursuit of Meriel though he was very protective and possessive but he wasn t a erk The two worked well together and I really liked how the usual dynamics found in paranormal romance were changed here Meriel was the one who knew about the bond between her and Dominic and the worldof clan witches Dominic was the one who had to be taught and given space before he could accept it The plot was interesting and made for a good book as Meriel and her clan had to try to figure out how magesbasically fake witches who stole power because they were addicted to magic like a drug were killing and harming witches in other clans There was an interesting tie to Dominic s past that I kind of saw coming but I liked it anyway The thing that really brought this story down for me were editing mistakes and word choices I found uite a few words that were missing or misspelled and a couplb times the author used words that pulled me out of the story particularly in the love scenes Still this was a good book and I m glad I started reading Lauren Dane here I recommend it if you like paranormal romance with a uniue kind of witch 25How to write a paranormal romance and keep both main characters smart and together throughout the book It was nicely done here I loved these two There wasn t a single moment in the story where one or the other was acting stupid I admit the way it started it seemed everything would revolve around them getting together and him accepting her It wasn t They got around every issue they had really fast Their relationship wasn t the focus of the storyHumans in this world know about weres They are out of the woods so to speak Most of them don t know about the Other witches clan or outclan vampires fae or any other race which is one of the problems the characters deal with in this book Someone is killing and draining witches Since witches can be addicted they turn and become abominations cut off from the power The turned have to replenish what is lost and the only way is to take the power from others What I didn t expect nor like is the way this story ended They won in the end but it was hardly challenging for them It was Oh this is our enemy Let s get him Okay Done I understand the author wanted to do but this one ended abruptly It was like someone cut the part of the story Heart of Darkness by Lauren DaneBound by Magick book 1I absolutely loved this bookLauren Dane has created a story with a lot of the elements I love A great story plot romance suspense action and oh so sexy Dane puts us in a world where Vampires and Were have come out of the closet so to speak but witches still remain a secret There are different types of witches and the most powerful of them are the council witches especially after they find and bond with their bond mate There are different clans across the country and Clan Owen in Seattle is the focus of our storyMeriel Owen is sexy smart funny independent protective ambitious confident and is a kick ass powerful witch who is next in line to run Clan Owen Meriel is an attorney and after finding out that the new club in town Heart of Darkness has been stealing power from Clan Owen s font to strengthen his wards at the club she heads to the club to handle the situation with the owner As she comes face to face with the club owner Dominic Bright the sparks start to fly literally Dominic is a smart businessman a sharp dresser a brawler protective possessive and damn sexy There are some surprises in store as far as Dominic is concerned some good some bad Meriel and Dominic were so much fun to read the chemistry was great between them and they balanced each other out so nicely Whatever situations arise they seem to give each other a different perspective on things instead of seeing things one sided One of the things I liked most about Dominic was that he has no issues learning From national bestselling author Lauren Dane comes a white hot new series of a dangerous family legacy and sensual paranormal passions played to the death on the knife edge of darknessMeriel Owen next in line to control the largest organization of witches in the country is asked to investigate the owner of a notorious club reportedly siphoning magic from the font.

Ew things about his magick and learning from women It was fun seeing a woman being the dominant power tooAs the story unfolds there are stuck witches causing all sorts of problems the stuck witches would be the euivalent of a rogue vampire Witches across the country are turning up dead or missing These stuck witches have teamed up with mages and some humans and are siphoning magick from witches for the addiction of the stuck witches Now they have shown up in Seattle and the Owen Clan must take them out before one of their own gets hurt or killedLet me give props to the great cast of secondary characters as well Simon Nell and Edwina and Tim they were a great compliment to the storyI enjoyed this book so much in fact it was my first ever Lauren Dane book and definitely won t be my last Lauren Dane has gained a new fan and I can t wait to read the next book in this series This review was posted at Under The CoversI was so excited to get to this book Ahhh I ve been a fan of Lauren Dane s work for a while and I remember being introduced to the magical world that this book follows back with the Cascadia Wolves and De La Vega Cats series Of course in those books the Clans were the bad guys So it was fun to see that world from their perspective nowMeriel is a great heroine She s next in line to rule Clan Owen in the Seattle area She s a powerful witch even though she s young she s smart educated has innovative ideas for the future of the Clan Her mother has always been a bit tough but Meriel is not resentful of this she still loves and respects her mother and her authorityDominic on the other hand was raised outside of a Clan He has very little knowledge about his own powers other than some basic info and skills But he is powerful all the same And oh so sexyI have to mention that I recently read a post by Lauren Dane and saw that she pictures Emma Stone as Meriel and Michael Fassbender as Dominic I can totally see him as the sleek mysterious sexy nightclub ownerOK back to business The story is suspenseful and full of hot naughtiness Basically there s a group of mages that have been kidnapping witches and draining them of their powers thus killing them Kendra from Revelation was one of the witches this group tried to kidnap of course she got away Meriel as an integral part of Clan Owen is assigned to investigate thisAfter meeting Dominic and realizing immediately he is her mate sparks fly and clothes do as well Their connection is instant hot like bees to the honey He wants to take things slow and she is willing to give him that space But neither can deny their attraction and their love for each otherWith some surprises up ahead and some twists of fate for where their future together will take them they manage to face the obstacles together I think that was my favorite part of the story Dominic is there for her he doesn t do any asshole type things to push her away He doesn t fight how he feels And he is there to protect herAnother part I loved was the connection between the Clan witches Meriel s best friend and sort of boss Nell She s a trip and I love them together As well as Dominic and his buddy Simon cue massive drooling for the hot alpha wereI ve mentioned that this is basically a spin off of a spin off series but don t be alarmed You can A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue jump in this book and enjoy it 100% without reading the previous books The magick topics in them was not the main plot and this is the first time everything was explained in detail Also along with the hotness and sexiness you can expect snarky comments great personalities andust the type of girl you d want to hang out with Ms Dane is great at that Now if only we could get Simon s book already Simon will be book 2 He s a were and he will be taken for a ride by Meriel s half sister also a witch I can t wait Lauren Dane is FreakingfantasticI loved this book from the start to finish and when it ended i wanted Im Going to write about how much I loved this Book Heart of DarknessAre you going to remain prickly so that i have no other choice but seduce a good mood back into youLoved the main charactersMeriel and Dominic they were perfect The sexual tension between these to was on fireit was so so funny Meriel s bff Nell she is awesome I loved the relationship between them I VE got something Nell walked into Meriel s office Really now Can you clear it up with a cream Nell s serious face fell and she snorted Ha Thank God William used a rubber before me No creams needed though dude my mother happily informed me yesterday that I m going to leak Super glad I told her I was pregnant Meriel moved back Like how Nell laughed Thank God for yo. Of the Clan It’s a direct violation of the Clan Code of Conduct but one look at Dominic Bright and Meriel’s willing to make a deal One taste of the sexually feral outlaw witch and she’s eager to go further he’s her bond mate a legal conduit into the world of Clan witches and their magicPlaying by the rules isn’t Dominic’s style but bonding with Merie.

Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil and before that she used to tell them to people Of course she still talks nonstop and through wonderful fate and good fortune she’s now able to share what she writes with others It’s a wonderful life The basics Lauren is a mom a partner a best friend and a daughter Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest