Tabor Evans: Longarm and the Santa Fe Widow Longarm #395

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Read this book on a travel day I had read a Longarm novel many years ago and even as a teen was distracted by the simplistic story tellin. The owerful Ramsey family is seeing red after favorite son Horace Ramsey is gunned down by US Deputy Marshal.

G Nothing has changedSo there s no twist nothing clever no nuance I assume the other 400 titles are the same Despite this I can t say I wo. Custis Long Never mind that Longarm killed him in the line of duty to stop him from assaulting Mrs Rose Dela.

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N t ick up another one someday They re an easy read and a far cry from the dense slow non fiction that generally occupies my reading time. Monte Ramsey blood has been spilled and now both Longarm and the widow Delamonte have to fight for their live.

The Longarm books are a series of western novels featuring the character of Custis Long who is nicknamed Longarm a US Deputy Marshal based in Denver Colorado in the 1880s The series is written by Tabor Evans a house pseudonym used by a number of authors Lou Cameron helped create the character and wrote a number of the early books in the series The first book was published in 1978 and the