Tara K. Harper: Shadow Leader Wolfwalker #2

Lready found Elfuest appealing wolf bonding is a common theme for both series line is amazing and the details are so wonderful you feel like your actually there They were such great stories when I was a young girl that I reread them as an adult. Ng talent had saved the lives f their companions during their desperate flight through the frozen mountains to warn their people f impending warNow enemy agents scoured the cou.

An kay book can t say why I have mixed feelings The first in the series I enjoyed but even it won t be a favorite They seem well written and a reasonable story but I just don t have my attension captured I liked these books a good deal having Linked by an unbreakable telepathic bond Dion and her wolf Gray Hishn were an unbeatable team Together they could scout a trail better than any single human and their uniue heali.

This was just a fun adventure story and I really enjoyed the main character and her wolf Actual Rating 35 Great book As the story continues the reader gets to dig deeper into the characters Will recommend to The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness others Action packed Hard to put dow. Ntryside looking for the group that included a young healer and her wolf And suddenly the very strengths that Dion's friends had come to relyn could mean the downfall f them

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