Linda Tschirhart Sanford: Women and Self esteem Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel About Ourselves

After reading this book for one of my book club meetings I was largely unimpressed with it While the book oes have some good suggestions for addressing low self esteem virtually all of the book could apply to either gender Much of the book struck me as obvious and extremely Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue dated As a woman who struggled struggles with self esteem issues this book was a real eye opener for me Very helpful and insightful Even though this book was published back in the 1980s before I was born I could still relate to some of the issues in this book It s very well researched and a great starting point for women who want to improve their self esteem One can read through the chapters and then go to the notes section for information They uote a substantial amount of material and sometimes the uotes can be a little overbearing That being said most of their research comes from the humanities and lacks hard science articles I mean that there is a lack of research articles from peer reviewed journals Rather most uotes come from books magazinenewspaper articles and their own self esteem groupsThe authors have addressed major aspects of women s life where they suffer the most in their self esteem including immediate families relationships religion school jobs and sexuality Some women may have concern with one or two topics rather than all of them After each chapter there are Blueprints for Change sections that have uestionsesigned to encourage one to think about where her low self esteem pattern comes from I think this book could have been framed in a better way The first 3 sections talk about where women have historically had low self esteem and section 4 Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, discusses how toeal with low self esteem in a Ask the Past detailed way If the authors had framed the first 3 sections on the history of low self esteem in women it may have relevance Instead they seem to make gener. Many women feel theistressing effects of low self esteem They worry that they are inadeuate or worthless; feel insec.

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Ere I got the idea that good self esteem includes accepting ourselves by giving ourselves credit for our strengths and accepting our limitations once we ve Riding Class (Saddle Club, done our best In a nutshell it s just being ourselves Some good stuff if you can get past the feminist propaganda Well written expertly researched and presented with openness and honesty The book covers many areas home hospital public arena workplace church etc This is a scholarly work and not to be read uickly as there are a number of complex issues to read andigest Worth the read Sometimes books I would normally not read fall into my possession and I feel compelled to read them before I release them through BookCrossing Women Self Esteem Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel About Ourselves is one of those booksAs the title suggests this thick volume from 1984 begins with the thesis that poor self esteem goes hand in hand with being a woman Men are so favored over women that there is nowhere but Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, down for our egos to go While I certainly know women and men with poor self esteem I mostly read this book as an outsider looking in I have not experienced the putowns and other negativity Different Class described in the bookThe book isivided into four sections Making the Connections Close To Home Close to the Heart Far From Home Far From at Home The High Costs of Low Self Esteem The first part Short Stories by Roald Dahl defines the terms used in the book and states the bleak thesis Part two looks at how families contribute to the problem Part three looks at outside forces that contribute to the problem religion education work entertainment being in public The final section looks at how low self esteem gets in the way ofay to Goldilocks the Three Bears day livingIf you are a woman with self esteem problems or know a woman with these problems the book might help Otherwise it s a long winded strange look at one piece of psychology. 'teserve success and happiness; harbor fears that they are not bright enough not talented enough just not good enoug.

Alizations and assume that women are still going through these issues They may or may not be It epends on their life experiencesThe authors o their best to breach race class religious and sexual orientation lines which is probably why the book is so huge However most of the information probably pertains to heterosexual middle class white women Please Socialist Realism don t misunderstand me though They stillo talk about race religion and sexuality but they I Look Up To... Michelle Obama discuss how those things areifferent from the norm and there is less information on these things probably because there is less research on these topics The authors Doctor Extraño do talk about these topics than other books tend tooI on t think this book is particularly helpful in improving self esteem and one s life but I o think it s a good starting point to get one s thinking jumpstarted into gear Sigh Its a little epressing to read through all the possible problems that women with low self esteem have and feel like I have almost all of them That said this was a very helpful book for me although I wouldn t say it ramatically improved my self esteem Unfortunately that s something that will take a lot longer than it took to read this book Another favorite in my self help library I had never before had realized the Feminism is for Everybody difference and the links between self concept and self esteem Intelligent if verbose Took too long to read compared to the actual value I extracted from it Read a lot of things I already knew If you have been reading self help for some time this book is not really worth reading Not horrible just not much new knowledge Added 61109Edit 4613This is the book which originally put me on the right track about the true meaning of self esteem It s one of the favorite books which I have on my bookshelf at homeA friend gave this book to me in the early 1990s and I found it very helpful IIRC it s wh. Ure about their looks andissatisfied about their bodies; oubt that they are lovable; secretly believe that they on.

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Linda T Lynn Sanford LICSW is a licensed independent clinical social worker who began her career working with victims of sexual assault She has also worked for twenty years with youth who have been convicted of crimes against people homicide attempted homicide and multiple sexual assaultsSanford has also taught at various graduate schools of social work in Massachusetts achieving the ra