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And this I was pleased with Because it covers all sorts of tools materials and techniues not dreamed of by high school and it seems college art teachers Drawing Perspective Watercolor Oil Painting Acrylics Mixed Media Sure this lends itself to both traditional and modern styles but if you re going to make your banana purple at least you ll better know your options I was studying the application of acrylic painting mostly great or learning the basics of a bunch of different medium. Intmaking rom tonal drawing to oil painting in layers to give a truly comprehensive overview of what you need to know to be a visual artistArtists Ray Smith Michael Wright and James Horton specialize in each medium and have written clear and authoritative texts With expert knowledge and accessible presentation this is an top uality art course in book or.

K my earlier days when I used to love to draw and even won second prize in an inter school city wide art contest So next I took a course on painting at the university only to be bitterly disappointed We weren t taught techniue No siree We were told to paint a banana then our teacher went around and when she got to me told me I should use purple or something Use my imagination This is why you can go to museums and see paint splatters hung up as art So then I went out and bought this. Creating a photo collage teach you all the essentials of each subject and inspire you to go on to master complex techniues Close up step by step photographs show artworks being created before your eyes revealing the secrets of how professional artists produce their work And the book covers wide range of specific subjects rom mixing watercolors to blockpr.

Excellent reference book on art techniues Especially good or painting with photos on every pageReally helps to understand all of the products associated with painting glazes brushes etc AWESOME book Helped me tremendously in my art work in college and just every day use I recommend this book to ANYONE who loves art creates art reads about art or just has a general interest in art I was reuired to take an art appreciation class in college to graduate and I loved it It brought bac. A comprehensive guide Un Cadeau pour ma Femme for the enthusiastic beginner and the experienced artist alike this beautifully illustrated guidebook encompasses seven basic elements of art techniue in one comprehensive volume The subjects included are drawing perspective watercolor pastels oil painting acrylics and mixed mediaEasy toollow projects rom drawing natural orms to.

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Internationally noted artist Ray Smith has exhibited in solo and group shows around the world A lecturer at the Chelsea School of Art and at Exeter Art College he was recently Artist in Residence at the University of Southampton in the UK Smith has received many distinguished awards for his work including an Arts Council Award a Lindbury Trust artist's award and the Deutscher Jugendbuch Prei