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Ings towards one religion or the other She feels people should just be able to worship in peaceIsabel becomes embroiled in ueen Elizabeth s dealings with the Scots through her husband He is sent as an Spanish envoy to the French who are aiding Scotland Will this tear their marriage apartMs Kyle has created a wonderful series of characters to ive in the dangerous times of ueen Elizabeth s early years on the throne I was swept up in the French, Grades 6 - 12 lives of Isabel her husband and her family as they worked to keep the ueen informed There are many twists and turns and Elizabeth s mercurial temper is uite in playThe book was a page turner that I had a hard time putting down It was historical fiction and mysterythriller all tied up into one fascinating package I do hope I find time somewhere in my readingife to enjoy the other books in the series The ueens Gamble by Barbara Kyle is the fourth installment of the Thornleigh family series I have to be honest I read the first but not the second or third but I had no trou The ueen s Gamble is an engrossing novel that captures its readers from the first page The intensity starts on a high and continues throughout the novel Wildflower ~ A Balconies Novella like a rolling wave just enough time to catch your breath before the next shocking moment occursRead the full review on my blog The saga of the fictional Thornleigh family in Tudor times continues in this novel One need not read the previous books but one may wish to in order to enjoy the well crafted tightly woven story of an English family s service to England and ueen Elizabeth IIsabel Thornleigh s parents serve Elizabeth in her first year as ueen Isabel is married to Carlos Valverde a former Spanish mercenary turned Peruvian grandee He wants nothing than to have a position confirmed in Peru so that he Isabel and their young son canive a good The Bedside Companion to Crime life in the New World They have travelled back to England after years to see Isabel s parents Once there Isabel and Carlosearn of the problems with rebellion in northern England as Mary de Guise ueen Regent in Scotland and mother of Mary who will be ueen of Scots seeks to overthrow the Protestant Elizabeth Carlos is ordered to travel to Scotland to serve de Guise and her allied forces Isabel meanwhile must undertake a mission for Elizabeth The conflicts personal and political get upped and upped and even the heroes find themselves forced to commit to things and to do things that are Küçük Günahlar Sokağı less than admirableThe characters are well written the political religious and personal conflicts weave in and out of the story with empathetic understanding given to all sides One can cheer eually for Elizabeth and the Protestants as well as for the Catholics who struggle to hold on to their fervent devotionThis is possible because the story centers on Isabel and Carlos and their own struggles to make the best political and personal choicesRead this and then wait for the next one While waiting read the earlier books and see the story from the beginning The newest installment of Barbara Kyle s Thornleigh series The ueen s Gamble is a great historical mystery novel set in the early reign of Elizabeth I Readers meet up again with the Thornleigh family but this time it s the Thornleigh s daughter Isabel and their son inaw Carlos who are in the spotlight Isabel has been blackmailed by the ueen into aiding the rebels in Scotland who are fighting the French and thus keeping them too busy to invade England and her husband Carlos is called upon by duty to assist his Loving You with Teeth and Claws (Dead Things, lord the French king Spouses now find themselves on either side of a war neither of them wants and their small family is now at the mercy of a ueen who will do anything to save her country Beyond the religious strife running rampant through England and the threat of an invading French army there is also inner conflict within the Thornleigh family that makes for some interesting reading This is my second foray into the Thornleigh series and I have found both books to be really enjoyable All four novels can be read as stand alone novels and while I don t feel I missed anything with not reading the first two books I still wish that I had knowledge on the background of the characters Historical mysteries are great escape reads for me fictional characters set during real historical events and Kyle has a real talent for writing page turning action All in all I found The ueen s Gamble to be a fun and entertaining read jam packed with intrigue and adventure and I amooking forward to the next book in the series This book started out very slow to me it took about 100 pages for me really to get into it However once it took of it was a thriller with drama Nekromanteion (Prométhée lust fights etc I was really pulling for the characters even though they were doing things so out of character for what appeared to be their personalities I enjoyed the book found the ending to be a bit unbelievable for the times and found the best part of the book to be the meat the middle 250 pages I read this as a stand alone book however there are two books before When Isabel's husband is engaged as military advisor to the French putting the couple on opposite sides in a deadly cold war Set against aush vibrant backdrop peopled with unforgettable characters and historical figures The ueen's Gamble is a story of courage greed passion and the high price of oyalty.

G that Isabel and others have been telling him in previous chapters He realizes where his true allegiances belong From now on when I plot a character s inner journey I l be careful to avoid a sudden single pivot Instead I Pinstripes and Penance ll sprinkle the seeds of change throughout the novel and nudge the character alongBarbara was gracious enough toet me interview her read here In this book Elizabeth is now ueen after her half sister Mary s fall from reign Elizabeth has a Wicked, Sinful Nights (Raised to be Bladesmen, lot of prove Most of the people are just waiting for Elizabeth s fall as well This is probably why France has decided now is the best time for the country to make a move and try to over take England Isabel her husband Carlos and their son Nicholas have arrived from Peru to England Things have changed uickly as Isabel soon discovers after coming back home Isabel was sheltered from the dealings of an upcoming wariving in Peru Since arriving in England Isabel becomes friends with ueen Elizabeth In addition to getting close with ueen Elizabeth Isabel shares her view on the war and that France must be stopped This causes a huge rift between Isabel and her husband Carlos when he is dispatched to help the French The ueen s Gamble is the fourth book in the Thornleigh series This series feature round the Tudor era This book can be read as a stand alone novel While I have read many favorable reviews about this book I can not fully jump on the band wagon as everyone else On one hand I rally wanted to Ali Pashë Tepelena like this book than I did ad I enjoy reading this era and can not wait to get my hands on a book that focus on this time period bit for some reason I could not fully embrace this book It took me aittle while to really get into the story Not for a Little Fiery One lack of the storyine or the characters as I did The Sacred King like Isabel and Carlos They made a good couple and Iiked Isabel s fierceness It seemed that the author stuck close to historical facts with this book I did appreciate this Fans of the Tudor era should check this book and series out as it is worth your time This fourth book in the Thornleigh series was as good as the others I really enjoyed it without a doubt I think what I really Milking the Dogs, Part 1 loved about this book is no character is perfect And this is mostly true for ueen Elizabeth She s mean and holds Isabel s child and she s a bit mean and what not Iike ti because I ve found that in some HF books the monarch is made to always be the good guy Instead here Elizabeth is real Like she would have been I m excited for the next Unfortunately the whole thing between Mary and Elizabeth will be featured While I find this period interesting I ve read one too many books about this part of Elizabeth s reign Still I m excited no doubt about it After reading this book I m interested in Mary de Guise I know a Larong Pinoy (LgM Books For Children, 5) lot about her daughter and almost nothing about her i think she would be very interesting to read about Anyone know any great Historical Fiction books on her Or is there aovely HF author out there who would write one for me Haha D I am the first to admit to a historical knowledge deficit alarming or maybe embarrassing considering my father was a history teacher for 30 years But I can t deny my fascination with Barbara Kyle s ability to weave true history with her own brand of fiction complex story Keisaramörgæsir lines unexpected twists seething passion and drama galore Add in rich characters with seemingly insurmountable conflict stakes high enough to spear clouds and a smooth engaging writing style you ve got a real can t put it down readI could go on and on about how this book held my attention and gave me a read beyond anything I anticipated but RT Reviews and Publisher s Weekly the REAL reviewing professionals already do it so well action packed adventure that expertly blends fiction with history a pulsating story of valor and greedove and passion and the tremendous cost of oyalty Publishers Weekly blog Not only does Kyle create memorable characters but she infuses her stories with ush historical detail fascinating intrigues and court drama History and romance merge oyalty and passions run high and readers are riveted to the pages of her highly addictive novels RT Reviews This is the fourth book in Ms Kyle s Thornleigh series and after reading it I so want to read the first three Not because I felt ike I missed anything The ueen s Gamble can stand alone perfectly well but because it was such an enjoyable book While this book takes place during the reign of ueen Elizabeth the focus is on the fictional family the Thornleighs Isabel Thornleigh is coming home to England with her husband Carlos They Velvet Moon (Annwyn Chronicles, live in the New World in Peru where Carlos is making a name for himself as a planter a soldier and as the owner of a silver mine He is a citizen of Spain andoyal to the King Isabel is a child of England and upon her return gets caught up in the religious turmoil going on as young ueen Elizabeth tries to keep her kingdom together Isabel is nominally a Catholic since she Kine (The Kine Saga, lives in a Spanish country but she does not feel any strong feel. M the New World with her Spanish husband Carlos Valverde and their young son Ever the ueen'soyal servant Isabel is recruited to smuggle money to the Scottish rebels Yet Elizabeth's trust only goes so far—Isabel's son will be the ueen's pampered hostage until she completes her mission Matters grow worse.

Fast paced and filled with details that readers of historical novels crave The ueen s Gamble by Barbara Kyle is fourth in the Thornleigh series and set in the first year of Elizabeth I s reign when even her supporters doubt the young ueen will survive to rule a second year In The ueen s Gamble Scotland is the focus of political contention The teenage Mary ueen of Scots is The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga living in France married to Francois II Scotland is ruled by a regent Mary of Guise who is French Tthe Scotsords fear their country will become no than a province of France and support the rebel Protestant preacher John Knox in what will become the Scottish Reformation With no standing army and a token navy ueen Elizabeth is poorly euipped to defend England s interests in a rebellion that is drawing in France and Spain Meanwhile after five years abroad Isabel Thornleigh and her Spanish husband Carlos Valverde have built a prosperous Q-Squared life in the New World Concerned for Isabel s parents they sail back to London and almost immediately get pulled into schemes that threaten their prosperity the Thornleigh sives and the 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] life of theirittle son Nico Isabel and Carlos allegiances are split along complex and multiple rifts Isabel s brother Adam and her parents Honor and Richard are Protestants Coots loyal to Elizabeth Carlos is a Spanish subject and for now Spain is nominally on England s side Adam s wife Frances however is Catholic and further an unwelcome addition to the Thornleigh clan because she is from the Grenville family To say there is bad blood between the families would be an understatement To top it off during her years in Peru a Spanish colony Isabel has become a Catholic for the sake of social convention than any true religious feeling Isabel has not been kept abreast of all the Thornleigh s intrigues and she feels hurt that her parents and brother evade her uestions thinking they don t trust her now that she is a Catholic This changes when her mother a confidante to ueen Elizabeth takes her to see the ueen Elizabeth entrusts Isabel with a mission to the Scottish rebels then to guarantee Isabel s cooperation the ueen takesittle Nico as a hostage At the same time Carlos who needs a good word in the right ears at the Spanish court to ensure a privileged position of wealth in Peru agrees to go to Scotland as a neutral Spanish observer on the French side His neutral role doesn t ast very ong I m happy to admit that I gobble up the Thornleigh novels False Witness like candy One of the most satisfying traits of a Kyle novel is how her story folds in events that often receive nominal attention in general history texts OK to be perfectly honest events I have skipped over because they sounded boring in textbooks She always proves me wrong by adding a human dimension that explains why I should have been interested Then as if there isn t already plenty of intrigue in Tudor England Kyle delivers plots and subplots that keep the pages turning practically by themselves Her theater background is evident in the way her chapter endingseave you hanging Just as a situation seems to improve the tension escalates Her characters are driven further and further apart time and again their desires thwarted by outside influences and human frailty You know that Isabel and Carlos will come together by the end of the novel but it s impossible to imagine how Yet Kyle pulls it off What I Learned About Writing from Reading This Book If there is one thing that stands out for me in Kyle s novels it s how she manages to make her characters change of heart as interesting as the action As writers we Pandaimonion learn about the importance of a character s inner journey by the end of the novel a character must have changed or grown in some way Kyle sets the bar very high in this respect In The ueen s Lady the first Thornleigh novel she had my jaw on the floor at how she achieved a 180 degree change of heart in her main character Honor Larke In The ueen s Gamble I made a conscious effort to study how Kyle achieves this about turn without overstretching our credulity Carlos Valverde a bastard and professional soldier of fortune finally manages to build a stableife in Peru Respectability and wealth mean than anything else to him when he thinks of the advantages his son will have and this bright future depends on total obedience to the Spanish monarch Throughout the novel Kyle pulls him in different directions and exposes him to conflicting points of view When he rejects his wife Isabel for helping England instead of Spain and in doing so working against him it seems inconceivable that he will be able to change his position But he does change and there are two reasons why it works First even though they are at odds when events come to a head Carlos still Testimony of Clinton Edward Jencks loves Isabel For her sake he helps her family Second when he does this it s a decision that strips away all hope of ever finding favour again with Spain Freed of obligation to a country that will never truly accept him because of hisowly birth Carlos finally can process everythin. Young ueen Elizabeth I's path to the throne has been a perilous one and already she faces a dangerous crisis French troops have anded in Scotland to uell a rebel Protestant army and Elizabeth fears once they are entrenched on the border they will invade EnglandIsabel Thornleigh has returned to London fro.

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