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Personal interest in it is the account of Gen Rufus Saxton our son s namesake and a great great great uncle of Scott s Great book for research on the Sea Islands and the Union occupation during the Civil War Rose gives a balanced overview of all the main groups in this endeavor called the Port Royal Experiment This is the well written and aptly named story of early attempts at transforming former slaves into their own self sufficient community It s also a great example of what happens when we go ooking for things historical in our Unseen City local areas As significant as this was it s not something widely shared in the context of the bigger Civil War picture In November 1861 the Union Navy sailed into the Port Royal Sound in the South Carolina Lowcountry and secured the surrounding Sea Islands down to Savannah Following them was a contingent of Northern missionaries primarily from New York and Boston who came to educated and reorganize theabor force among the newly Art liberated slaves The book chronicles the realities and challenges of such an ambition project as well as the differing views of what freedom meant in terms of educationabor politics and social norms The seeds planted here would become what the title implies a rehearsal of sorts for God Is in the Crowd later Reconstruction policies enacted after the official end of the war From 1861 until Reconstruction began the Sea Island freedmen enjoyed a relatively brief period of considerable autonomy compared to their former situation one which wasn t shared by fellow slaves still under immediate Confederate control One of the most intriguing things to me was the fact this pocket of freedom was occuring within a few miles of Confederate held Charleston not far away which is where many of the whiteandowners fled as the Union Navy approached Eventually though the Sea Island freedmen suffered the same fate as other freedmen after Reconstruction was abandoned beginning in the mid 1870s It s a fascinating story and one that should be widely known Very interesting and well written account of the beginnings of Reconstruction in South Carolina. Onicle of change in the Sea Island region from its capture in 1861 through Reconstruction With epic sweep Rose demonstrates how Port Royal constituted a stage upon which a dress rehearsal for the South’s postwar era was acted ou.

Not something you d read just for fun it s not the type of historical book based on following a few compelling figures in a novelistic sense over a period of history But I m deep into research for a novel that takes place in and around Port Royal during the Civil War and it s hard to find a better source than this oneHowever than just a reference book this gives an unusual insight into elements of the Civil War slavery and its aftermath that are often ignored what happened to freed blacks on plantations during the war in this case in Union occupied South Carolina and what happened during this remarkable experiment with black freedom This book shows the complexities of the abolitionist movement and how they finally met up with the practicalities of freedom for black slaves It didn t always go well The patterns seen in this time and place end up have a deep relevance to the rest of reconstruction and beyond both in terms of race relations including numerous betrayals of the black freedmen by their government and also the people who claimed they were trying to help them philanthropy racial politics even the white Southern relationship to government and taxation The book is meticulously researched and introduces characters and the resources needed to research them that could Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard lead to a hundred biographies novels and films If you re interested in understanding the Civil War beyond the battlefield this is a great book to explore The section by Lee Rose discussing how in post Civil War southern america getting and arranging private purchase ofand by northerners from former slaves owners of Sea Island Georgia to start private enterprises to get freed men to working for wages was an art in carving and a science of pure politics The experiment of Sea Island s contours has me thinking about how mind0blowing is the argument that slavery died out mainly because wage The Matriarchs (The Family labor was forcefully profitable But getting from there to here now that is some kind of test and fortitude on thati Notes for the Everlost l Georgia sun patch An amazing book that chronicles the South Carolina Sea Islands and what Just seven months into the Civil War a Union fleet sailed into South Carolina’s Port Royal Soundanded a ground force and then made its way upriver to Beaufort Planters and farmers fled before the invaders allowing virtually al.

Ecame known as the Port Royal Experiment during the Civil WarWhen the islands were captured early in the war abolitionists both in and outside government saw it as a perfect opportunity to prove to the world that ex slaves could be made into productive free When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) laboring citizens In this small area in just these 4 years one can already make out many of the tensions and battleines over black rights and government assistance to blacks that would define American politics for the next 150 years Here we see the desire to give charity and assistance along with concerns over dependency complaints and even military orders concerning the instability of the black family racial tensions between resurgent black No Biggy! leaders and the paternalistic whites who hoped to maintain control even cheap housing for newly freed slaves to be given on their new 40 acres this is where the idea of 40 acres and a mule originated through a terse order from General Sherman Not surprisingly many of the charity minded whites succumbed to the Planation Bitters when they discovered blacks would not actike New England farm hands and many resorted to mendacious and avaricious tactics to maintain the profit margins on the plantations they worked as supervisors for the government The conflicts of interest were Crush It! legion but few at the time seemed to recognize them The result was often disaster and disappointment for blacks who received broken promises time and time again They were rounded upike dogs to serve in the army they were threatened with pistols to keep them at work on the farm and many had their promised and title taken out from under them and returned to the Southern planters after President Johnson came to powerI heard about this book from people in Beaufort South Carolina when I went to draw some of the buildings for my architectural research job including the building of the black US Congressman Robert Smalls who bought his former masters house at tax auction and is a prominent player in this book It was hearitly recommended and I see why This is the best book about the Port Royal Experiment My. L their possessions including ten thousand slaves to fall into Union hands Rehearsal for Reconstruction winner of the Allan Nevins Prize the Francis Parkman Prize and the Charles S Sydnor Prize is historian Willie Lee Rose’s chr.

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A historian of slavery and the Civil War era Willie Lee Rose was a professor of history at Johns Hopkins university from 1973 until her retirement in 1992 A graduate of Mary Washington College she earned her PhD from Johns Hopkins University in 1962 where she studied under C Vann Woodward