Ronald W. Pies: The Judaic Foundations of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Deed s a central feature of Judaic affirmation Control the thought and the deed will follow Dr Ronald Pies's book explores this connection The Big Snuggle-Up in depth and thenter relationships that he weaves are at once lluminating and empowering Rabbi Dr Reuven P Bulka.

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What does rabbinical Judaism have to teach us about the way the mind works How do the rabbis of the Talmud Middle Ages and our own time shed light on emotional disturbances and on the cognitive behavioral therapies used to treat them In this panoramic vie.

W of rabbinical Judaism psychiatrist Ronald Pies MD shows how cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and rational emotive behavioral therapy REBT rely on psychological principles found n both ancient and modern Judaic writingsThe nterplay between thought and.

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