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Thinking about it and I ave been recently I think Ghost Light is possibly one of the most important Dr Who stories ever written It s been a while since I saw the TV episodes to the point where I ve pretty much forgotten what Mary After All happens so now seemed like a good time to delve back into this one of my favourite eras of Dr Who looking this time at the novelisations which for some stories this Battlefield The Curse of Fenric and Rememberance of the Daleks are considered the definitive Directors Cut versions The shape and the structure of it predicate the New Adventures books which started being published a year later and without these for which Mark Gatiss Russell T Davies Paul Cornell and various other writers who went on to write New Who on TV I don t think Dr Who would everave come back to TV It s a beautiful little puzzle box of a thing perhaps not immediately understandable on first viewing as three returnreturnAfter enjoying most of Marc Platt s other work including Lionboy (Lionboy Trilogy, his novelisation of Battlefield I was looking forward to reading this I m afraid I was disappointed Once again I realise justow vital the direction and acting of the TV version can be and the intensely visual and subtle original just loses most of its vitality and mystery on the printed page In particular we lose the striking visual appearance of Nimrod the Neanderthal and of Light Halt v nebezpečí (Hraničářův učeň, himself who comes across as just some random and rather dull megalomaniac with super powersreturnreturnScrapes through the Bechdel test in most of the AceGwendolen scenes they are talking about Josias andor the Doctor and the one exception is when they fight and are then interrupted by Control A fight is barely a conversation but I suppose it willave to do MrsLady Pritchard appears to communicate with the maidservants by telepathy Few stories better exemplify the newfound ambition of late 80s Doctor Who than Ghost Light There s a surfeit of ideas and influences Arthur Conan Doyle George Bernard Shaw Charles Darwin Richard O Brien and if they don t all uite come together you can at least see they re all pushing in the same direction Ghost Light wants to be a story about class and religion and personal demons and all the rest of it all at once It s realised what Doctor Who can do and is so excited it s also a story about evolution versus stagnation Which is pretty fitting Ghost Light is a psychedelic tale about transformation The Doctor influences Miss Emily his companion Ace as evolution unfolds around them in a tense dramatic 19th centuryouse inhabited by an alien survey team who Phoenix (Black City, have pretensions to becomeuman Light the arch villain of the story is something uite unlike anything else ever seen in Doctor Who This novelisation captures the What The Queen Wills (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales horror of the script and allows us the point of view of many of the characters thus enabling us to better understand a dense storyline with dialogue that sounds like it was written on LSD Possibly the most bizarre Doctor Who story ever written This was one of the weirdest Doctor Who books ever also veryard to follow at times However it still olds the feel and charm of the Classic Series and was a wonderful read The POV was constantly changing but I enjoyed that It allowed me to get inside the characters ead in a way you can t when it s on screen The peeks inside Ace and the Doctor s Saul Bellow heads were my favorite their thoughts on each other are often very sweet and family like Perhaps my favorite line was a scene where Ace was thinking about the Doctor and thought The Doctor was the first person for a long time whoad even bothered to accept The Ground Beneath Her Feet her for what she was a delinuent The Doctor and Ace enjoy some playful bickering not shown on screen such as this line. Perivale 1983A column of smoke rises from the blazing ruins of a forgotten decaying mansion Perivale 1883In the sleepy rural parish of Greenford Parva Gabriel Chase is by far the most imposing edifice The villagers shun the grimouse but the

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After Ace is told to find something Victorian to wear And Alice Oh My Gods! he called after them I m not wearing a bustle came the retort At least try for a bit of parlour cred Also captured much better than in the series is Ace s internal struggle She s very afraid of being back in Perivale and especially at Gabriel Chase and isn t sure if she can still trust the Doctor When she finally confrontsim after learning she s in Gabriel Chase she runs away from Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, him Sheadn t realized she could Artful hate the Doctor so much He tried to takeer arm but she pulled clear After uite a while she finally seems to forgive im and even confesses to im what appened in the ouse when she went there in the 80s and the Doctor is shows an amazing amount of comfort to عصير الرماد her No Control Don t do it That s what I did in 1983 Please Don t do it again The Doctor caughter in Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, his arms This was not whate The Legacy (The Restoration Series, had rehearsed inis Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) head Ace You didn t tell me You re not my probation officer You don tave to know everything Oh Celine howe sometimes wished that was true Ace He cradled Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, her gently She burieder Ballet Shoes head in the Doctor s embrace The Doctor gently rocked Ace andushed Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, her tears It s all right Ace The Doctorimself is captured through the text as the wonderful scheming manipulator e is while maintaining the part of im that Cheri Red honestly cares deeply for Ace He continually thinks abouter and before she discovers where they are a few comments Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page he made caused me to thinke may feel a little guilt at bringing Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, her there Aftere Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition harasseser to tell Aladdin him about theouse In at the deep end again Daddy Must Die he thought guiltily but the flood of complaints and abuse never came Whene looked Ace was already fast asleep in The Message Glorious her chair Poor Acee said aloud and O Cérebro de Broca he tuckeder discarded dinner jacket around Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) her I could almost say I d finished this being a little way into the final disc of 6 but the story was moving too slowly to stand driving round and round any longer to get it finished before the library closed on the day it was due back and with someone elseaving reuested itI m sure it wasn t entirely the story s fault that it seemed to take forever but some of it was and that was a pity because it was atmospheric original and interesting and Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales had some fascinating characters Well read too but wallowed somehow could and shouldave been much tighter and my fellow listener and I confessed that we didn t really know what was going on It is no secret that several stories of the later years of the original series of Doctor Who suffered from edits made for reasons of running time rather then plot necessity Ghost Light was one of the best examples of this and it does indeed remain a Doctor Who story that raises a lot of uestions Some of those uestions through A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, have been answered andave been for some time The Target novelization of the story published in 1990 and novelized by Marc Platt the same writer who wrote the television story shows that in some cases television stories work better on the printed page What shines through the most is the plot and the details of it lost in the television version due to the aforementioned editing done to it A novel or rather novelization be definition gives the author a chance to let the reader get inside the ROMANTIC TAKEOVER heads of character s and also to allow for depth in terms of the plot Ghost Light s novelization does exactly that Platt doesn t do anyuge in depth backgrounds about character s but e gives them depth by adding little pieces ere and there This means that things that perhaps weren t uite clear in television version such as who Light really is what s Keeper of the Light he doing and whye sets out to do what Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, he attempts to do towards the end are all brought into greater focus Wner the reclusive and controversial naturalist Josiah Samuel Smith receives occasional visitorsThe Reverend Ernest Mathews for instance dean of Mortarhouse Collegeas travelled from Oxford to refute Smith’s blasphemous theories of evolution.

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Here s also the neat addition of a couple of new scenes in the first chapter that The Homing help set up the story and a major plot revelation that comes much later in the story The result is a story that is much coherent What also shines through is the characterization Ghost Lightas the distinction of being one of the best acted of the original series stories or at least in my The Women of Easter humble opinion anyway so that fact alone might be surprising But what the novelization reveals is that not only was much of that on the page all ready but also something else From Josiah Samuel Smith to the Reverend Ernest Matthews to Nimrod Control and the mysterious Light itself this novelized version of Ghost Light gives Platt a chance to shine This is large part thanks tois descriptions for the characters their mannerisms and the occasional change of point of view to them at just the right moment for dramatic effect Perhaps though the character s who come through the most are the Doctor and especially Ace This is very much an Ace story and from the new material in chapter one right through to the very end that fact is in abundance The result is that despite the complexity of the plot this remains very much a character driven story Yet despite all that it moves at a good pace Those additional bits Why Are You So Scared? here and thereave some interesting conseuences The big one is that almost The Power of One half the page count is taken up with just getting through what was the first part of the television story This is because of that Platt like in the television version builds up the atmosphere of Gabriel Chase and then introduces a bewildering array of character s within it Yet once Ace goes underground as it were the story really starts moving and building up the tension for the dramatic reveal of Light before the Doctor deals with the madness that seems to consume everyone aroundim In that way Platt uses the cliffhanger centered nature of The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, his scripts tois advantage He Who Dares here with the novelization being filled with perhaps mystery and tension then its television counterpart Novelizations offer the opportunity to expand if not improve upon the original script that it is based on Fromis expansion of elements of the story to rich characterizations and its pacing Marc Platt s novelization of Ghost Light does all of that In fact it does then that It shows that despite being a story originally written for another medium Ghost Light is better served as a novel Great 3 stars Throughout this whole book I kept thinking to myself I can t tell if this is really bad or really good I m going with really mediocre Like the original serial on which it is based this novelization The Thing About December had the potential to be one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever The core story is there and it s good But the book feels like someone took the script whichad probably already been bastardized and tried to make it into something it wasn t There main culprits Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar here are the characters thoughts which we aren t privy to in the serial Theyint at something than is shown but unfortunately feel like they re just t hung on theusk bad story pun sorry of the edited script Still aving finished the book and never feeling bored by it I m pretty ambivalent The Doctor Who episode Ghost Light is known for being a bit ard to follow upon a first viewing The story was compressed and too much left out of the broadcast With multiple viewings especially in context of Ace s total character arc it makes sense I ad been told the novelization fills in a lot of the gaps I suppose it does but the story remains one of the stranger but certainly one the most ambitious of any classic Doctor Who tales Props to Marc Platt for not following the same old formula. And in a deserted upstairs room the Doctor and Ace venture from the TARDIS to explore the Victorian mansion Who – or what – is Josiah Smith What terrible secrets does is ouse conceal And why does Ace find everything so frightening familia.

Marc Platt is a British writer He is most known for his work with the BBC science fiction television series Doctor WhoAfter studying catering at a technical college Platt worked first for Trust House Forte and then in administration for the BBC He wrote the Doctor Who serial Ghost Light based on two proposals one of which later became the novel Lungbarrow That novel was greatly anticipated