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LOVED IT Delightful laughed ut loud and felt compelled to share different parts with thers it was just that clever and funny It would have been selfish to keep it to myself Read Kellyand the Book Boar s review My comments won t convince you to listen to this but Kelly s review surely will Funny I had heard r read all Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings of these stories before but must have forgotten some parts because I found myself cracking up at work HilariousMy favorite was Six to Eight Black Men an essayn Holland s Christmas customsSo funnySedaris is great to listen to I know I know this isn t what most think f as being a book per se However after being laid ut in bed with the flu Captain Trips r maybe even that Gluten Free Ebola they were talking about n South Park for the past week r so I really needed a dose David Sedaris sardonic brilliance in its most potent form I have all f Sedaris books in audio and physical form And yes most f the material you will hear n David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall has found its way into his work elsewhere But even having seen him read live several times I maintain that this is Sedaris at his absolute best. If you are driving pull A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) over If you are at work close your door unless you don t mind your colleagues seeing you doubledver in tears n your ffice floor With these two shows recorded before deliriou.

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Kes me wish I wasn t such a pussy and could sit in an auditorium with thers for ne In the End of his readings comfortably AlmostIf you like me were hesitant to dip your foot in the audio pool collections like these are perfect since you can easily press pause after anyf them if you too have a short commute And if you haven t yet met David Sedaris there s no better time than the present Live At Carnegie Hall nce again featured the laugh ut loudable Six To Eight Black Men a story first published in Esuire magazine in December f 2002 You can read it for free HERE r take a listen HERE If you don t like it feel free to defriend me because I m not sure I want to be associated with people like you On the ther hand if you find yourself completely smitten by David s charms THIS is a little bonus to brighten your morning It s David Sedaris so f course it s enough to make you laugh in public Check this ut after seeing David Sedaris perform live I d heard several f these pieces before but still thoroughly enjoyed it 35 starsThe Stadium Pal story is a gem I laughed so hard that I nearly had an accident and had to pull ver in the car. Bishop f Turkey the cast The Age of Treachery of characters in these stories is like nother This set appeals to Sedaris loyal fans as well as admirers f classic comedy albums f George Carlin Bill Cosby and Steve Marti.

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I don t know if this recording f Six to Eight Black Men from the performance is Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite officially sanctionedr whatever but if you listen to this and don t want then well I have nothing to say to you Really it speaks volumes that I pulled myself ut f bed just to ensure that even those f us with the hearts f coal have something to make us laugh at this When a Man Loves a Woman oh so jovial timef year Absolutely fantastic He named a rabbit Screened in Porch hahahahaha Find all f my reviews at ne is kind Keep From Falling of a rule breaker when it comes to being a book as it is notnly in audio format which grossly enough I have actually witnessed a friend be trolled Catalogue the Insanity over and told that Goodreads is for real books since humans are awful and the reason why everyone just can t simply enjoy things but it also is a hodgepodgef stories magazine articles diary entries etc that can t be found in a single collection To sum it up this is the best Blessed Homecoming of the best when it comes to David Sedaris and listening to him perform live was an entirely different experience than the regular generic audio The audience s energy was nearly palpable even through my car speakers It almost ma. S soldut audiences you are there as David Sedaris performs his hilarious stories A parrot who mimics an ice maker lovers uarreling ver a rubber hand and a Santa Claus who moonlights from his job as.

Barrel Fever in 1994 Each of his four subseuent essay collections