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Several women of varying ages and life experiences This author is truly gifted when it comes to similes and metaphors Ahh and then a very gently written love story with a twist We are kept waiting wondering what will happen as our heroine struggles with her faith in God and love and herself This book had less to do with whether God is a Him or a Her and to do with love and acceptance and believing in ourselves Point taken Okay this fell short of my expectations I would give it 3 12 if I could but I don t think this is one that I ll remember 6 mo from now It started out pretty good but then got kind of predictable The timeline was kind of hard to follow too Once it stabilized it was better Sometimes it felt like a series of short stories instead of a cohesive novelThat said parts of this book were really good five stars worth Other parts made me roll my eyes I love the idea of the story and some of the characters were good but the story felt choppy at times The main antagonist was not much of a character at the beginning of the book so when he suddenly came around making trouble near the middle to end of the book I had to wrack my brain trying to think who he was At 275 pages this could have been filled out a bit and plumped into a really good read. Ople's attitudes change This is a story of a family of three strong women grandmother mother and daughter who live by the laws of love loss and pride It is also the story of a community of good people gone wrong and bad people who find good in themselves It is a knowingly detailed account of a particular part of America and of the wide landscape of human hearts and soul.

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He characters and plot lines were largely underdeveloped and disjointed I felt like one or two edits to flesh out the thin spots and improve the story flow could have made it a five star novel This is one of the best books I ve read in a long time This is a very gifted author She has a way with words and a very genuine tone Pitch perfect I would say I ve actually marked some of the passages to re read because of the profundity of her statements Just amazing I would recommend this highly I can t wait to read from this author A surprisingly good book This tells the story of Maggie who as a child sees God who is a She by the way and is given the gift of healing Her healing abilities occur only when accompanied by a vision of God The book follows her through her journey into adulthood into love and loss a minor crisis of faith and finding her calling I loved the book for the goodness of who Maggie is at her heart as well as the strong values of her family that surrounds her The novel was well written and a uick read to me An enjoyable read I was intrigued at the idea of the main character a oung southern girl who had visions of God appearing to her as a woman But the focus shifted a little and the story became about the familial relationships between. Is set in a small town in North Carolina a place that is comfortable with tradition including the traditional image of God On a sultry Sunday morning when ten ear old Maggie Davidson swoons from the heat and sees God and God is a woman people are uick to ascribe her vision to the fantasies of an overheated girl But when Maggie begins to demonstrate a gift of healing pe.

I loved this book It really touched my emotions A girl in the south lives with her Mama and Granny A boy from Princeton comes and falls in love with her I loved this book It is a prime example of how Southerners can be crazy about thier religion I love the fact that God is a woman in this book It is one of my all time favorite books too I chose this book because it was set in North Carolina near where I currently live The novel is simple and written in a most caring gentle manner I liked the simplicity of it but at times found the plot line wanting and almost too predictable a vivid exploration of a oung Southern girl s life after encountering God in the form of a woman and healing touch Brought to mind Peggy Payne s extraordinary meditation on God s mysterious and maddening presence in the life of a small liberal church leader in Revelation This is a heartwarming book about faith and family I really enjoyed the relationship between mother grandmother and daughter A story set in the south in the early 1960 s The main character embarks on a personal journey of faith healing and in the end learns to heal herself I was disappointed because this story had the potenial to be a really good read and at times did get there but as the book progressed In the tradition of Kaye Gibbons Sheri Reynolds and Dorothy Allison Brenda Jernigan is an exciting and original Southern voice This novel concerns a miraculous event with a contemporary spin that sets in motion a profoundly moving and often warmly human coming of age story This is beautifully crafted writing rich with unforgettable charactersEvery Good and Perfect Gift.

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