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E considered a ood book because it involved you enough to make you feel something when it s over And then there are those times when all these things are nothing compared to reality Without even understanding it you find yourself reading a page after another even though you are aware that it s coming to an end and with it you also have a bad omen Spend half an hour then an hour Close the book The Patriot Bride get up from the bed look around you ando back to the starting point After an hour or so take a break because you feel something wrong even though you have caught the feeling of melancholy already at the beginning Eat and come back to bed take a deep breath you tell yourself that everything will be fine Without ever taking your eyes off the page you read read and read until you understand that the worst has arrived but you can t do anything about it Arrived at the last phrase of the last page almost without understanding what you read in the last two chapters because you are practically in shock from all those news look up from the book and sink into a place with no return Crying is not the correct term because what happens in the next two hours is much worse you crouch under the covers in the dark crying and then sobbing like a desperate without even understanding the reason you put the headphones on but the music makes you think too much about the book you ve finished reading At a certain point you et lost you don t remember falling asleep and the next morning it s even worse Feel all muffled your eyes burn you don t want to think even if you can t do it you would be able to cry at any time You are having a mental breakdown for a book that in fact doesn t concern you closely And the funny thing is that you understand it because this isn t the first time four years ago shortly after the end of the middle school you decided to ruin the summer by reading The Fault In Our Stars It s useless to advise you to read or not read this book because it s a subjective thing Whether you have read it or want to read it know that it is raw dirty hypnotic and fast A book set in 75 can t be otherwise The way it s written makes us reflect and understand the sensations and emotions of the protagonist the story itself is beautiful dramatic a minute ago makes you feel light and the next you feel like lead Everything is very realistic thanks to the skill of Kevin Brooks who telling the story of Lili also told that of thousands of teenagers who rebelled against society people who had to flee their homes because of the war in Ireland legends that have failed to come to our times It s useless to tell you that yes it s a really sad story and it ll be even when you have finished reading it and you ll think back to thousands of small details that at that moment will not be so small You will still cry perhaps as I m doing right nowI can t tell you if this is THE book what you will never forget or if through it you ill find answers or you ll understand things that had previously escaped you I can t make you love a concept that doesn t exist for our eneration I born in 2000 don t feel very punk nor rock n roll But you could stop for a moment to think about what those sixteenseventeen year old boys and Inventing the Future girls did and suffered because thanks to their stubbornness and their hard skin we are here now with all our comforts and freedoms I can t tell you if you like it or not but I can tell you that it s worth it Naked is one of those books by a well established author that you just know isoing to be huge While not entirely for me as I m not sure I m into the topic it covered I enjoyed reading it and I m sure someone far into music than me or someone who can remember those early days of Punk will devour and love itThe thing that struck me most about this book is that the main characters voice is so brilliantly realistic Reading this is actually like reading the diary of a teenage Understanding Women girlranted without all the soppiness Lili is in a punk band you know I loved learning about the early punk scene through her eyesThere were several elements to the story that I enjoyedI liked seeing the relationships Lili built up with both Curtis and with William and enjoyed seeing how completely different those relationships were I will admit now to being a William fan and therefore this meant I spend a vast amount of the book hoping he and Lili would et it togetherThose people who are looking to et this for school libraries younger teens I would certainly advise caution with younger children as there are a lot of drug sexual references swearing which might not be entirely appropriate for very young teenagers although I imagine this will be the entire reason why older ones would love itAs I said enjoyed learning about the early punk scene through Lili and loved the edginess it brought to the bookThis book also added an interesting storyline involving the IRA troubles in the 1970s which is one part of the book which I personally found fascinating especially as it Verdammt verliebt gave a lot of insight both into the political situation at the time for ordinary people but also into the mind set of people fighting on either sideAll in all a book which I think isoing to be highly successful and earn many fans both young and old This book was stupid boring and pointless Maybe someone who was really into the origins of the punk music scene would enjoy it I honestly don t know I considered iving it one star but I have this odd feeling about how no one forced me to read it and I could have stopped at any time so it couldn t have been that bad right And it didn t offend and the ending didn t ruin it or anything so. L I've told you about Curtis Ray Hip cool rebellious Curtis Ray Without Curtis there wouldn't be a story to tell It's the story of our band of life and death and everything in between.

Dating CurtisThe rhythm uitarist starts his shit and now they are on the hunt for someone who fits Not coming up with much that is until William shows up and acts not interetsted and blows them all away Lila is struck by how he looks and his eyes that are so intense that shes smitten They are now the one and only Naked They start playing Inverloch Volume 4 gigs with huge bands like The Sex Pistols Buzzcocks and even The Clash But something about William is throwing off the balance of the band From missing practices and being secretive Curtis is envious of this mysteryuitar player If anyone can break him it s Lila and thats exactly what she does He spills just enough about his life that she feels for him and also worries herself into a panic at times Curtis the jealous creature that he is accuses Lila of being unfaithful and sleeps with the known slut Charlie Brown He s falling deeper and deeper into drugs and booze That s what bands do right He can t handle himself and The Good and Beautiful God goes off the deep endNot only does Lila have to deal with his shit the secretive life of Billy The Kid but she has a crazy life to deal with Read the book suckers and find outLove blossoms between Lila and William it s a love way different than what she had with CurtisThe bigger shows they play the publicity and record contracts are being offered And that s when William starts backing away Nope nope nope Im notiving that one away neither Pfft SpoliedWe all have secrets but nothing like whats in this book Major mind blowing secretsI applaud Brooks for all the extensive research he did for this book There are so many intricate details to this story that I had to always look this up to make sure that this wasn t nonfiction and I m still shocked that it s not It throws huge names around and with this story it could have happened It s raw and very powerful There are so many different sides to being in a band and this is the side no one wants to believe It s dirty and provocative Really reat book for people who want to o back in time and relive the reatest musical time of our lives It s so much than music it has hate and war of the 70s and brings it all together A definite read This is the first Kevin Brooks book I ve read but it will definitely not be the last This was a raw exciting novel set in the burgeoning world of punk The main character is Lili a young classically trained musician who finds herself swept into this dirty unglamorous music scene that began sweeping its way through 70 s era England She finds herself becoming the bassist of a roup called Naked but is never really sure if she fits into this worldThe characters are at the heart of this novel and Lili is a likeable and relatable protagonist Her relationships with Curtis the lead singer in the The Horse in Celtic Culture group and William the mysterious new rhythmuitarist are what drive the narrative I found both characters to be very interesting Curtis with all his self destructive ways is a heart breaking character and William or Billy the Kid as he becomes known is simply a fascinating character The only downside of the book is you never really feel you et to know him as well as you would like William was easily my favourite characterAnyone familiar with the early punk scene will enjoy all the references from Malcolm McLaren and his infamous boutiue Sex to various bands that would soon be taking the country by storm such as The Sex Pistols The Buzzcocks etc There is also a subplot revolving around the IRA conflict in Northern Ireland which ends up playing a really big role in the story as it unfolds The story is at times beautiful and heart breaking Brooks writes as someone very familiar with the setting and the events I wasn t even born during the time the book is set in although I am at least passingly familiar with punk as a social movement though prefer post punk music personally but I really felt swept up in the events Five stars You can t make them unhappen You can t just leave them behind because once they ve happened they re part of you part of your past and their memories become part of your present and their conseuences become part of your futureThings that happen become youAnd you can never leave yourself behind I don t think I can sufficiently made you understand how impressive the writing was it was infused with emotions How Kevin Brooks who was totally obscure to me before picking this up wrote about music was just so visceral And to think that normally I actively avoid reading novels about bands since I usually find it hard to hear the music In the case of Kevin Brooks and Naked the writing was so ood I found myself rereading sentences I just read because I felt my heart moved by them It was called Heaven Hill It started off uietly with Curtis singing sorrowfully over a single haunting Every Boys Dream guitar line andradually it built up into a swirling echo of bittersweet harmonies over a mesmerizing heartbeat of throbbing bass and drums Again I d never heard anything like it before and if someone had asked me what kind of music it was I wouldn t have known what to sayIt was uite simply unforgettable And this has one of the best female voices that was written by male authors There s really nothing to jar me out of my conviction that yes she is a irl Amazing feat indeed 5 starsFrom what is understood that a book is a ood book for you Sometimes you understand when you read the first page and you realize that you can t wait to find out what story these pages contain other times you come to a point where you are so involved that you don t stop reading even to eat or put yourself in a comfortable position if it makes you cry it can William Bonney the boy from Belfast known as Billy the Kid I've kept William's secrets for a long time but now things have changed and I have to tell the truth But I can't begin unti.

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I d never read a Kevin Brooks book before this one but I know a lot of people rave about his writing so when I A Succession of Bad Days got the review reuest even though it didn t totally look like my kind of thing I decided toive it a chance Each character in this book was so uniue and different from the next and that was something I really loved The main character Lili is uite sweet and innocent at the beginning and a massive contrast to Curtis the boy who takes her under his wing In one way I kind of think that Curtis corrupted Lili a little bit showing her a completely different way of life and introducing her to drugs and drink but then on the other hand I think maybe she might have turned out the same way anyway due to the era and what was The Multi-Orgasmic Man going on I liked Lili though she brought a softer side to a very hard story andave it the feminine edge that it needed Curtis and Billy were the most interesting characters though Curtis is a complete wild child and doesn t care what anyone thinks of him He just wants to live his life his own way and not have people telling him what he should and shouldn t do Although this ets him into a heap of trouble at time I admired him for his bravery and determination As crazy as Curtis was he had a softer side to him that was rarely seen as it only came out when he and Lili were alone but it was ood to see that he wasn t totally wild Billy was nearly the complete opposite to Curtis Yes he still drinks sometimes does drugs and has a The Great Passage good time at parties but he was a much uieter and subdued character Billy had a lot of hidden depths and it wasreat to hear his story being revealed at small intervals always leaving me wanting about him As Naked is about the story of a band in the late 70s there are a lot of references to drugs sex and drinking Because of these things Naked is definitely not a book for younger readers I didn t mind these things in the book at all though because they were so fitting with the setting of the book I wasn t even born in the 70s but I felt like all of these aspects helped to add to the atmosphere of the punk era and to make it possible for me to feel like I was actually there Brooks writing was so vivid and intense that I could picture every skanky bar and party extremely well The whole punk aspect of the book was something that interested me The Beast House / After Midnight greatly as I had never read anything about it before nor did I know anything about it beforehand Another big issue which is brought up is the IRA and problems in Ireland during the time and again I didn t really know much about this so it really fascinated me and I think these things made Naked intense interesting and complex The pacing in Naked is a bit hit and miss and felt all over the place at times Just when it began toet really exciting it would slow down completely for a large amount of pages and I thought this transition could have been a lot smoother All of a sudden the action stopped and the story would change to being dreary Even so these slower parts of the book really Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) gave me a chance toet to know the characters better and to pay attention to the smaller things that they did or said which wouldn t have been included I I Walk in Dread guess if there had been a lot action and excitement I loved Kevin Brooks writing and how he is able to bring an era I wasn t alive for to life I am reallylad I started with this book and because I loved it so much I am desperate to The Life You Save get my hands on of his books now This is the best book I have read in a long time The Troubles the ethno nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century may be living memory for any of us over 30 but for teenagers they are history and a new book is needed to replace the likes of Joan Lingard s excellent Across the Barricades Naked fills this space brilliantly with a narrative seen through the eyes of naive teenageirl expe This young adult novel is set in 1976 against the backdrop of London s Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends, growing punk rock scene Lili is a 16 year old bass player in a flourishing punk band I love her matter of fact point of view and what feels like an insider s look at the beginnings of punk rock Some of the best books I read are the ones I stumble on accidentally I can t even remember why I decided that I might like this book I m not a huge fan of the 70s I have an aversion against bands in YA fiction I d never even heard of Kevin BrooksSo why would I read this YA book about a fictional band in the 70s written by Kevin BrooksMaybe I was feeling particularly crazy that dayI don t know but I did and it was brilliant Seriously it was brilliantIf I could sum up what this book was about in one word it would be passionate Every single character in this book is passionate about something Well OK not Stan but I m passionate about Stan so that s OK we I would have lookedood in an elegantly wasted kind of way I would of looked cool like I didn t care I would of looked rock n roll But I wasn tLila is uiet pretty and plays the piano At school shes the loner and doesn t bother with people muchCurtis is the school Inside MacPaint god Everyone knows him they want to be him and all theirls want a piece of what he s offering Not only does he look ood but he s in a band Girls always want what others want and can t haveWhile practicing the piano Curtis is watching Lila and enjoying every swift note They start chatting about what other instruments she plays and invites her to his band practice And that s how Curtis and Lila come to be A coincidence can bring people together and it can tear down the world At practice Curtis shows her a few things and they start jamming Lila is in and is now part of the band and. London 1976 a summer of chaos punk love and the boy they called Billy the Kid It was the summer of so many things Heat and violence love and hate heaven and hell It was the time I met.

Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter Devon England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician gasoline station attendant crematorium handyman civil service clerk hot dog vendor at the London Zoo post office clerk and railway ticket office