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Of land usage for ver 10000 years Some f the topics covered in this comprehensive book include the Egyptian gardens f the Pharaohs the castle gardens Giant Peach Yodel of medieval times eclectic gardensf the nineteenth century and abstract gardens Sinai and Zion of the last 100 years The geographical scopef this book covers the whole f the European continent and touches the garden designs f North Africa and the Middle EastTurner is a skilled landscape archit.

Ect and garden historian who supports his engaging writing with his wn detailed plans and diagrams European Gardens also features almost 1000 colour photographs from across the continent allowing the reader to see for themselves how the design and structure f gardens has developed ver timeA companion to the Asian Gardens book published by Routledge in 2010 European Gardens is a development f the riginal Garden History book from 20.

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Garden design and usage has been a feature f human civilization as far back as Neolithic times when the first gardens began to be used for residential horticultural and sacred tasks Tom Turner follows the entire history f the European garden from its prehistoric roots right up to the present day in this beautifully illustrated bookEuropean Gardens is divided into ten periods f history and garden development detailing the advancement.

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Tom Turner is an English landscape architect and garden historian He was educated at the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh and studied landscape architecture under Frank ClarkeTom edits the Gardenvisitcom website