Lynn Sholes: The Phoenix Apostles A Seneca Hunt Mystery #1

Y and I ll likely try Seneca Hunt novels in the future Good plot and ngaging characters bad theology Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore deliver another xciting adventure Not a Cotton Stone book this is a new character Seneca Hunt apparently the start of a new seriesI miss Cotton Updates from second opinion The Phoenix Apostles Seneca 1 are 12 mass murderers resurrected with the promise of immortality if they continue killing Even if the master is killed covert shadows are loose in home countries to yield a series Authors Lynn Soles and Joe Moore open with xcess The Soviet Union explicit torture and gore and prophecy woo woo that scared me off Yet this gratuitous capsule and a second Aztec beating heart scene are distinctly isolated from lukewarm main flow So I ve had to incorporate opinions from another reader who pushed to finish overall thriller than mystery or horror The prologue predicts a Mayan apocalypse on 12 Dec 2012 preventable if the gods are appeased by sufficient sacrifice Yet we never get a sense of the worldnding or personal sacrificesIn 1876 Mexico Apaches scalp soldiers still alive One cowboy survives a triple fatal attack arrow bandito bullet and Gods and Heroes earthuake I skipped ahead to verify my guess that he stays around for the future section Yet when Billy becomes Groves his personalityntirely changesIn 2012 Mexico Montezuma s remains are not found in the xcavation site The gentle academic in charge is of course sacrificed here to initially motivates fiance Seneca Images of his torn dying body bubbling fluids recur like indigestion caught up in repetitive grief dragged in than instigator In a sudden sidetrack Bloody ueen Mary s crypt is shown mpty The villain carves his arm for blood in a ritual to uetzacoatl and begins reviving killers from history She realistically does get backup before risking danger Her father adds resources and finances Admirer Matt Everheart sic groan Ng to slaughter millions in the name of an ancient cult Seneca needs to prove the threat really xists while trying to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead With time running out she must follow a deadly 2000 year old trail that leads back to the death of Jesus ChristPraise Bold taut and masterfully told James Rollins New York Times bestselling author of The Doomsday Key What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones with The Da Vinci Code The Phoenix

Absolutely amazing read Couldn t put it down I plan on reading the rest of the books that this amazing writing team has authored I am now inspired to try my hand at the thriller genre This book wasn t as good as Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons but it was still ntertaining Instead of dealing with Christianity the story is based on Aztec godsgoddesses It was an njoyable read but I wish the characters had been developed I know that I will probably check out the next book in the Seneca Hunt series if the authors write one This is a hard book to categorize part mystery part science fiction part history you name it It is very much a thriller and I uite njoyed it though it s not a genre I usually read Kept me awake one night I loved Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore s Cotten Stone series so I really looked forward to this one As usual the premise is a little cosmic woo woo mixed with Michael Chrichton like science ish stuff mixed with Last Chance Bride evil people who believe they re doing the right thing The cosmic component is justnough to make the story happen but not so much as to sink the story with silliness When you read one of their books yes you must suspend your disbelief and go with the flow It s worth the rideTheir main characters are well fleshed out but I think they do the best job with their villains You don t like them they creep you out but you don t hate them You simply want them to not succeed and please have the heroine make them go away My first purchase from Kindle Daily Deals and it was uite a good book I thought the plot was put together well and it definitely held my interest as it moved me from scene to scene and Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy even year to year I had a few very small ualms with the main character and how she processed what was happening around her trying not to give anything away but they were small and didn t detract from mynjoyment of the story I Lawman Lover (Outlaws, enjoyed the stor. Magazine journalist Seneca Hunt is reporting on the opening of Montezuma's tomb in Mexico City when the dig team learns that the remains of the Aztecmperor are missing Within moments of the discovery an apparent terrorist attack kills City Girl in Training everyone at the sitexcept Seneca who barely scapes the carnageDetermined to get answers Seneca starts investigating She finds out that someone is stealing the remains of the most infamous mass murderers in history and plotti.

Dds brains and love interest for seuels He is the first to recognize a pattern of missing corpses and persists in the trail They awake with no memory ruler or current identity great plot potential Seneca is tepid gets swept up waits to be rescued rather than inspiring us The climax was disappointing compared to the ncounter with an Apostle The story concept is inspiring beyond the competent Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files execution competentxcellent for book club discussion The potential for the series is there Unfortunately the first book is a tough read I would pick up the next just out of curiosity Does Seneca grow a backbone Really good mysteryadventuresuspense book Would make a good screen play In fact it s written so visually that I realized I was seeing it when a certain scene made me drop my Kindle Thank goodness I was in the lounge chair and Kindle was not harmedI was so into it that I talked about with my husband who is now 79% through he stayed up reading last nightThere is a description of Aztec ritual sacrifice that may be hard for the sueamish the detective book I started reading since is much worse And the Aztecs did have a very gory ritual I read through that part uickly and fortunately it didn t take up much reading timeand on to the mysteryAlthough anti Christ is never mentioned as such in the book some readers would recognize that the character Scarrow could fit that roleI think this was one of the deal of the day reads but we would get it again at full priceit s that good Very good book I took a step away from my usual horror interest and stepped into a world I never thought I would care much about I loved the story and the characters The mix of archaeology mystery and suspense made this book a winner I m definitely going to do research on things mentioned in the book and I hope the authors will write with Seneca Hunt This was The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, easy beach type readingjust what I needed this wee. Postles a rollicking thrill ride with so many twists and turns that you won't have time to catch your breath Tess Gerritsen New York Times bestselling author of Ice Cold Sholes and Moore have created a knockout apocalyptic thriller anpic tale of gold archaeology mass murder ancient prophecy and terrorism Douglas Preston New York Times bestselling author of Impact A fascinating compelling page turner Carla Neggers New York Times bestselling author of Cold Daw.

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