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Nly made one recipe and liked it But the book and there s uite a lot of text this is far than a cookbook is a pleasure to read Baker s DelightAlton Brown can be trusted to provide the right information and techniues to help improve your cooking skills Knowing why to do certain steps makes it easier to remember their importance A bestseller by the most popular postwar writer for children of all ages Good Eats is an amazingly nerdy and informative cooking show so I turned to this book to check out Alton Brown s bread making tips before I try my hand at it I ended up flipping through the entire book in one sitting Really good information that s laid out so clearly and scientifically Probably going to binge watch some Good Eats reruns on Youtube Really informative As a beginner baker some really good information about the mechanics behind baking and why I m doing the things I do while baking I could hear Alton s voice in this book Makes me want to binge some Good Eats Brown s catchy educational style makes the book about than ust recipes but the recipes are also uite good Mad kitchen scientist Alton Brown is back for another installment this time looking at the process of baking and the chemical compositions that make it work He divides his recipes into mixing method because it determines the consistency and texture of the final product This makes a lot of sense for this book and also for anyone anxious to pick out the patterns in a wide variety of recipes Every section provides examples of the typeFor my money I thought this book was a little better than the first though some of the metaphors illustrations are stretched a mite too thin Maybe it s because baking is precise and scientific so Alton s exacting methodology has less tendency to seem like overkill maybe it s purely personal because baking is my favored arena Regardless I also found the recipes in this book less basic and generally interesting this is a book that lends itself to being used as a recipe bookHowever the way the recipes are laid out and printed significantly hampers this I always photocopy recipes so I can hang them up in my kitchen and not damage the book well several of the recipes are 4 5 pages with illustrations and wide spacing Even if this isn t your habit and you prefer to have the book on hand that s a lot of flipping propping etc to refresh yourself of the steps I would have preferred the detailed explanation and then a separate page with the compact recipe I can t really complain about the flaps with the Mixing Methods rather than repeating it in every recipe since Brown s intention is for you to memorize them instead of continuously referring back It s a good idea though I pulled the flaps forward for my photocopies anyhow I ll get thereBut the rest of the book is entertaining and clever It starts with the building blocks of baking and examines their composition and their purpose in baking whether they strengthen leaven weaken etc It s a delicate balance but one gets the feeling that by deeper review and perhaps some additional information for instance what ratio of X to Y would balance out you could alter recipes in a complicated manner than simple 11 substitution and that s invaluabl. O funnel cake to cheese souffle The book also contains appendices and euipment list.

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If you re into baking this is probably one of the better cookbooks you re going to find out there but that s ust a guess I m not really into baking But it was enjoyable even though I knew I d never even attempt 90% of the recipes in the book Now I know why I m not a baker OhMyGosh Talk about information overload Waaaaaay too much technical info for me I make a great custard and fairly good biscuits and pie crust without all the scientific terms and gadgets This is basically a textbook In many ways this book is a little difficult to describe so that it receives the credit it deserves It is than a recipe book even though it isn t a classical recipe book it is than a textbook tooThis fairly massive tome from Alton Brown is a relatively informal workshop guide to basic food preparation in the shape of baked goods Here Alton focusses on ensuring that the reader really understands the nitty gritty or the nuts and bolts as to what really happens from when you mix together ingredients right up to the point of serving If you only care about making recipe X with the shortest amount of work hassle and time this book is not for you If you want to understand how things work with a view of improving them then you may find this a gem particularly if you are not a food scientist or advanced chefBrown starts with a good introduction and a bit of an explanation to as to what to expect before it is onto the parts department where elements such as proteins and carbohydrates are explored and their interaction whilst baking is explained No do read on it is not as dull as you might think Even if you don t fully understand what Brown is writing if you can pick up some basic understanding and practical tips you may find a real noticeable difference in your baking The importance of core ingredients such as eggs and flour also comes under the proverbial magnifying glass helping remove any misapprehension that for example different types of flour are essentially the same and do roughly the same ob Indeed they may ust as a bicycle and an aircraft can propel you from New York to London eventuallyAfter all of this recipes and their underlying work processes are concentrated within a number of standard methodologies and thus many recipes appear here Each standard methodology muffins biscuits pie variants creaming straight dough egg foam custards and a few other bits and bobs are similarly heavy on the science and plain language explanation of the whats and whys and naturally then many recipes are provided that draw on this knowledgeAs long as you remove any preconceptions about this book and if you are interested in how things actually go together and want to hopefully make a better product then this book might be an interesting innovative diversion for you A hybrid that carefully curates and moulds both high level academic theory and common sense practical information to a fairly light hearted engaging and informative stream to be piped en masse into your brain Just like Alton Brown s American television shows you can sense the energy constantly changing focus as you read through the book yet surprisingly there is an almost serene controlled manner to this as well A concept that is harder to expl. Alton Brown explores the science behind breads cakes cookies pies and custards expl.

Ain than it is to understand through reading itThe book ends with as you would hope for a good detailed index since it is a fair bet you will be referencing hither and tither as time goes on Some little errors and some abrupt endings made this reviewer scratch his head metaphorically a few times but these little black marks rapidly pale into insignificance when you consider the overall pictureI m Just Here for More Food Food X Mixing Heat Baking written by Alton Brown and published by Stewart Tabori Chang ISBN 9781584793410 336 pages Typical price GBP20 YYYYThis is a RETROspective review of a previously published book that whilst not new on the market is still available and the review has been made of the book as it stands today This review appeared in YUMfi and is reproduced here in full with permission of YUMfi YUMfi celebrates the worldwide diversity of food and drink as presented through the humble book Whether you call it a cookery book cook book recipe book or something else in the language of your choice YUM will provide you with news and reviews of the latest books on the marketplace I was waiting to review this until I had tried a recipe and tonight I did I made the peanut butter cookies I have made many batches of peanut butter cookies over the years and have never had a bad batch Alton s are very good cookies but not my favorite They re kind of crunchy and I like a chewier cookie but that s ust me Don t get me wrong AB s are excellent too The real reason I m giving this book 5 stars is that it s Souvenirs de dbauches just such an interesting read for someone who loves baking I had a lot of Ah ha moments reading about the chemistry and physics of baking Actually I knew I had a touch for it and now I understand clearly what I have been doing right And I definitely have picked up some valuable pointers for improving The writing is light and amusing and easy to read but gives some really solid information It s almost a dummies kind of read only you re not pretending to be stupid because there happens to be an area in which you re not expert which I think is the problem of the concept behind the dummies books You re not a dummyust because you don t know Photoshop or antiue coin collecting You re a dummy if you are interested in one of those things but won t read up on it So anyone reading a dummies book has proven ironically that they are not Wow what a digression What I m saying is that Alton uses a similar light touch with humor and helpful diagrams but without insulting you for not already knowing it Some people might not like his insistence on unusual methods like weighing ingredients by volume There are little things to pick at in this book like that He also insists that you have a stand mixer if you re going to bake cookies He says handhelds don t cut it and neither does manual mixing But I mixed manually on cookies for years when I was young and poor and they always came out great Then I used hand mixers for many years and my cookies were of course fine So he s kind of unrealistic in his expectations for the euipment of the average Joe s kitchen But it s fun to dream of one day having all that stuff and knowing you would have this book to help you know how to use it To recap Aining it in his own inimitable style Recipes cover all the basics from pie crust

Alton Brown is an American food personality cinematographer author and actor He is the creator and host of the Food Network television show Good Eats the miniseries Feasting on Asphalt and the main commentator on Iron Chef AmericaBrown received a degree in drama from the University of Georgia He first worked in cinematography and film production and was the director of photography on the m