Erin Meads: The Quick Pose: A Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing

Adow accuracy drapery and foreshortening strategies all while avoiding the onderous over anatomized Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen pitfall It s an inspiring reminder not to skip this initial invigorating stepAsainters often say if there s something wrong with your Fline en Lingerie painting it srobably a Surface problem with the drawing Well if something wrong with your life drawing it srobably because you skipped the gestureExcellent book The best book about figure drawing that I found so far I do not need better one Great explanations and Orange 5 (オレンジ, pictures and well as very good suggestions how toractice I have a Kindle addition which I read on my ipad I will buy hard copy as well Fantastic book I will treasure this oneGreat for serious artist studying gesture and figure. From the model and challenges the artist to make uick decisions about what to include and even significantly what not to include Topics include symmetry foreshortening light and shadow drapery and other essential elements of figure drawing Artists art students art teachers and anyone who draws will appreciate these well illustrated insight.

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If anyone wants to be a better figure drawer that not only draws better what they see but how the ose feels then this is the book to buy Short but we ll written Very nice drawings and sketches One of the better books on gesture Well detail book that guides your frame of mind for figure drawing Journey from beginning to end Bought strangers kindle version I have reaped the fruits of many many classics Peck Richer Hale Bargue and countless others I owe these giants much of my ability to draw the figure accuratelyAnatomical knowledge is indispensable but it won t help if the overall drawing is lifelessThe uick Pose focuses on the first critical step of any life drawing the gesture Meads addresses weightbalanceline sh. Look at the rocess The Scot presenting first rate examples and a brief but well constructed text highlighted by than 300 illustrations Author Erin Meads defines the uickose as figure drawings than can be executed in less than 20 minutes The majority of images in this book took less than five minutes to draw; their brevity encourages dynamic oses.

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Downloaded the Kindle version for grand kids who are uite young indeed both are learning to draw Many an insight given are there to assist in becoming a better artist The tips shared about how the brain and the body work when drawing have been very helpful I highly recommend this book She is such a talented artist This book is full of beautiful figure drawings that fill the whole age and I can t wait to dive in and learn about the figure Useful text and drawings Highly recommend this book to any level figure drawer because it contains from the basics to advanced material Like any good art instructive book should have it has The Greatest Victory pages FULL of amazing examples that show the different methods and techniues Meads explains. The foundation of all figurative work is the life study of the human form Sculptorsainters and illustrators Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, pull from therocess to sharpen their observations develop better hand eye coordination and improve their understanding and interpretation of what they see uick Pose A Compilation of Gestures and Thoughts on Figure Drawing takes

Erin Meads b 1986 was raised in Bountiful Utah USA Her artwork is mainly figurative in nature as she is inspired by Golden Age illustration and nineteenth century American portraitureShe has a BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University and continued her studies at various schools across the United StatesHer work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country and is housed by collectors widespreadDrawing and painting from life is important to her She believes the lessons learned from studying this way are invaluable in gaining understanding She freuently teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University and her gesture drawing book “The uick Pose” often serves as a supplemental text to her figure drawing class She is currently working on building an online teaching platform She is influenced by music ballet family and her religious faith She and her family live in Lehi Utah