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Oes explain concepts like mass force and trajectory in side bars ou can use the book to uiz The Mountain and the Valley your child ifou re into that we are It s not a book Zero Option (Geordie Sharp, you would read for its fun value but it is surprisingly appealing to my preschooler who loves Blaze and his friends This is one of those books that reminds me how much the Pre K set love repetition and that what seems boring to an adult can still be immensely enjoyable for kids Do not wasteour money Worst book everonly introduces the charactersno story at ALL So very very disappointed Book describing all of the Blaze characters Great for my 3 ears old who is a lot into the visuals and illustrations My son loves these books He especially likes that they go along with an episode in the show so he can kind of tell me the storyThe uality is good but I don t think they would be for a child under 3 My little boy loves Blaze and this is now his new favourite book so much so it might need to go missing for a while It s cute but reading the same book over and over can be tedious Luckily it s uite short story so good for nap times Got this for my sons birthday as he s Blaze mad It s a great little boo. Le machines and his best friend and driver AJ This book is sure to thrill kid.

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He s such a fan of the show so I comply and read it again and againIt s a somewhat silly nonsensical adventure of dino looking monster machines in a parade floating away on parade balloons in the air and then needing blaze to transform to save the day At the end they resume the parade hope I didn t spoil it for ou Blaze saves the dayIt s got lots of Summary your fav characters like Blaze AJ Zeg and CrusherOverall I d recommend it This book is an introduction to the characters and STEMphysics concepts from the eponymous television series and not a story So ifou re looking for something with a plot this won t fit the bill I gleaned that from reading the reviews but I took a chance since my daughter loves BlazeThe book is pricier than most books from this publisher but the binding and paper uality is better Again the book has no narrative but it does present the STEM concepts within context of the action of the show and its character s abilities Given the lack of actual story I wasn t expecting this to be as popular as it is in our house but my daughter has begged me to read this multiple times in succession during one story session Since the book Series It stars Blaze a problem solving truck that can transform into multip.

I fdidnt even know my child purchased this book but whatever floats his boat is what makes me happy He loves the blaze e book he actually thought it was a game but enclosed up loving it anyway Dear Parents I would avoid bringing home Blaze cartoons are usully enjoyable and educational but this story is terrible Nothing makes any sense even in it s own monster truck world and it gets worse with each read But it may become hilarious when The Janitor (The Contenders, your spouse reads it the first time aloud toou and Night Without Stars your child and expresses much confusion about the turn of events Its funOmg I cant stop reading this book it is so much fun You should definitely get this book Next step up for board bookskids are eager to turn the page so I expect a few torn pages before they are done but it s time Story is good but the uality of book is poor Feels very flimsy despite being hard back and certainly won t take much use before falling apart Good be longerOnly a few pages I wish this was a little streamlined and shorter but my 3ear old Blaze lover loves itHe likes me to read to him maybe 2 times a week before bed It s not my favorite choice but he really likes it because. Blaze and the Monster Machines is Nickelodeon's new animated action adventure.

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