Jon Sawatsky: Prepared: A Dozen Adventures for 5th Edition (Volume 1)

Ne so purchasing the Tome of Beasts is not ssential to make full use of PreparedI m very happy with this purchase Filling a bit of a gap in the 5th The Exiles Gallery edition Dungeons the Marrow Minesspecially has a memorable localeA bit of work is needed for the DM since no stats are provided for the various monsters It assumes the ownership of Koblod Press s own Tome of Beasts and WotC s Monster Manual In keeping with what seems to be the intention of this iteration of the venerable role playing game there seems to be precious little magical rewards for successeg 10 15 gp worth of coins between 4 ninth level pcs p16 seems very miserly for completing a tough adventure Nothing against the scenarios in this they seem solid but in general this book feels like a very poor value at 15 It s 24 pages long and is better described as a booklet than a book I am undecided as to whether or not I will keep it It s good work just not reasonable to sell as a book for 15 Also the listing doesn t say this though the back of the book does the scenarios include monsters from Kobold Press s Tome of Beasts It is Dislocating China exactly what it says I found several of the mini adventures fantastic fuel for my imagination uick references andasy setups Great little booklet I wish they had Well thought out modules Honestly one of the best 1st level adventures I ve ver seen Although it s not as hand holdy from a DM s perspective so if you re new to the game don t start here Only gripe is some of the maps are isometric which is problematic if you re using minisRoll20 Even that s not anything that a visit to 2minutetabletop won t cure The book was smaller than xpected but it s perfect for me a first time dm It has mini uest one offs that are tailored to different group levels F a haunted village and a seat at the bar in the Most Dangerous Tavern in the World Here are just a few of the adventure Cultural Excursions elements in Prepared ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting at a variety of PC levels An alien factory where victims are drained of theirssence and transformed into thereal horrors An abandoned alchemical lab where one inhuman assistant got left behind The sky literally falling right

I d use maybe half to 23 of these depending on the day A couple just seem too odd and whacky But I like to appreciate the work that goes in and support the cause Good book book nice if it was bit bigger It looks fun to play as well The actual layout of this book is horribly cramped for something the size of a magazine If this was laid out into chapters like Book of Lairs it would be far asier to use but they really skimped on the space here which is odd because there are 5 or 6 blank pages at the Cop Knowledge end On the plus side the adventures are actually pretty varied and interesting At 23 pages this thing seems at first a little thin for the price but the content is certainly worth it While the adventures are not particularly ground breaking they all have uniue uirks and details to make them memorableThe layout is a little awkward as adventures can start part way downither of the two columns on a page but this is a minor issueThese adventures can be used Cultural Aesthetics either to drop into a longer campaign as standalone one shots or simply as inspiration forlements for your own adventures In many cases only the seeds of inspiration are offered as to how a particular scenario could play With a little imagination and improvisation these will be than Class and Conformity enough to createxciting and memorable games The story potential is packed densely into this booklet This density means adventures are very uick to read through as little as 15 20 minutes so it can deliver on the promise of providing games at short noticeSome of the monsters are from Kobold Press huge Tome of Beasts and stat blocks are not provided in Prepared so you will have to look them up Seeing as the Tome of Beast is covered by the open game license these stat blocks can be found for free onli. So your players went off on a tangent Hey we’ve all been there you wrote pages and pages of brilliant adventure plots monsters NPCs and treasure and the party just walkedrightby Now what do you do Prepared offers uick solutions to keep the game moving and your players Descartes and His Contemporaries entertained while you figure out your next move Here you’ll find mini adventures forvery nvironment from lofty mountain peaks to the ruins

T has mini maps and provides ideas on how to include ncounters and how the players may choose to solve them One other negative is th I have often thought that DModules should be modular able to be recycled and reused in bits and pieces This collection of mini adventures was instantly useful to me full of bits that I can instantly drop into my game with little to no re working A dozen one shot adventures for the 5th Edition of the world s greatest roleplaying game Great for groups that go off the map or need to fill in for a night when the regular campaign can t be played All 12 adventures are generic but detailed Education and Equality enough 2 4 pagesach set for 1st thru 15th level PCs that they can be dropped into any ongoing campaign The first adventure in particular pictured on the cover is a hilarious go at an invulnerable fortress that some rebel goblins have made out of a large overturned wagonRPG fun at a moment s notice because you arePrepared Rather thin for 15 Each scenario is about 3 pages including large illustrations I like the book the Deceptive Beauties encounters are clever and well designed but this is not a good value for the price I would have loved to give this product a higher rating the uality isxcellent the adventures are compact original and highly portable There s a huge problem for me though many of the adventures utilize creatures from another product by Kobold Press There are no stat blocks presented for these creatures in this book meaning the adventures cannot be run as presented without access to a secondary source book Assuming access to the Monster Manual or to open source material is fine assuming access to the publisher s own source material without making that xplicitly clear in the advertising for this product is misleadin. N front of the adventurers Goblins who’ve built a most unusual “fortress” in a roadside ditch A mysterious stone terrace rising up out of the snow with an ancient machine glinting from the topmost level With Prepared designer Jon Sawatsky has created dozens of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons fantasy scenarios for stuck GMs lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill Never be caught without a plot again.

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