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It s books like this that have actually made me like poetry I love the nonfiction kids poetry and so does my daughter And we both learn lots Perfect book to end the nights and et those tired eyes to close The words flow and eb so well to et those brain waves set to snooze and are pretty interesting too Thunder Underground by Jane YolenImagine the Moon by Gerald FierstSometimes we all even the rownups need a comforting bedtime book and I read these two on successive evenings I thoroughly enjoyed the blending of facts poetic imagery and beautiful illustrations There is much of interest under the surface of our earth and in the movements and makeup of our moon I learned many things my years of schooling hadn t taught me including the right to left waxing and waning of the moon and the important work of worms Perhaps lessons should be taught with such creativity In this collection of poems noted children's poet Jane Yolen takes readers on an expedition underground exploring everything from animal burrows and human creations like subways near the surfaceto ancient cities and fossils lower downto caves magma an.

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You could create an entire unit about the earth centred around the poems in this book Absolutely fabulous I would recommend for K 4 My class loved this book We used it for the Rooted in Reading curriculum on TPT Great little book A delightful series of poems rhymedtraditional each of which explores ana aspect f the busy ness under our feet Most reflect nature animals plants but also includes other manufactured underground elements subway buried treasure etc This almost feels like overreach in terms of the range of topics but would pair well with other narrowly focused titles about what is oing on under our feet Back matter is useful Uniue and powerfully told in rhyming verse author Jane Yolen and illustrator Jose Masse show us the world beneath our feet literallyYou will never think of underground the same way againPublished by WordSong PB verse nature science. O one But it's also than that In these poems we see that beneath us are the past present futurehistory truth and story This thought provoking collection will evoke a sense of wonder and awe in readers as they discover the mysterious world underneath

Yolen deftly wields all the powers of poetry to illuminate the world beneath our feet with wordplay rhyme rhythm imagery and alliteration From the soil to the creatures digging through it to the rowling subways below our cities she makes word magic of uncovering them all while we discover this mysterious nearby realm Mostly nonfiction with a tantalizing smattering of poems dedicated to feelings includes backmatter Notes on the Poems Both Scientific and Personal I am thunderstruck We are absolutely in love with this incredible collection of poems from Jane Yolen I love using poetry to teach children all about the magical and marvellous ways we can play with language This collection of poems has the added benefit of tying in with history and science concepts Poems in the book explore the world beneath our feet animal burrows subways buried cities fossils caves and. D Earth's tectonic plates deeper still below our feet At the same time in Jose Masse's rich art a Hear the Wolves girl and boy accompanied by several animalso on a fantastic underground journey This book contains science poetry and an adventure story all rolled int.