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For any artist whether you use watercolor encil decoupage especially design ideas this book is Sister for Sale pure gold Plus it s absolutely gorgeous JohnDerian was very very generous to share his archival stash with all of us thanks John This is a really interesting beautiful book The uality of it is exceptional I highly recommend it This is the most beautiful coffee table book Full of beautifulrints from re hotography days A really interesting selection of Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity pictures to look through I leave a newage open every day so that I can really appreciate it Highly recommend this lovely book A great The Art of Standing Still present foreople who are difficult to buy for ie have everything as it s truly original and beautifully A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, presented Bought as aresent for someone but all seems good John Derian is incredibly talented I have been admiring his beautiful decopodge Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience plates for years When I saw his book in my favorite home decor store recently I couldn t resist ordering it for less on In fact I ordered 2 one as a gift The book is full of gorgeousrints one after the other of animals insects floral images a ship The War to End All Wars people So vibrant colorful It s inspiring to examine the fine detail of eachrint Have a magnifying glass next to this fantastic large book on my coffee table Love love New York Times Bestseller Named one of the Best Gift Books of the Year by Entertainment Weekly InStyle House Beautiful T The New York Times Style Magazine Better Homes Gardens Luxe Interiors Design People StyleWatch Garden Gun The Los Angeles Times The Chicago Tribune New York Magazine and John Derians home goods empire reaches far and widein addition to the four John Derian stores he owns in New York and Massachussetts his roducts are sold by than 600 retailers worldwide including Neiman Marcus.

Ove this book This is by far the most beautiful book I have ever seen and I have a retty serious collection I m completely taken aback by the illustrations the colors the size of the book and even the cover its all incredible Seriously thank you John Derain for Mostly Mama putting this out into the world Thisicture book is lovely I recommend it for anyone who like to collage or decoupage Also it is a nice coffee table book Big bold beautiful It is a real joy to turn the The Naked Man pages Don t buy it only as a gift you also have to own one I don t normally if ever buy books like this books that I call cocktail table books that have nourpose than to display art or decorative ideas While there s certainly nothing wrong with this genre it s just not me UNTIL I was given as a gift a beautiful small dish When I turned it over I saw the name John Derian inscribed on it I love the dish and went to John Derian s website and loved nearly everything But don t have the to buy most of them so I bought the book instead It s really a beautiful book and has inspired me to look further for interesting decor items What I didn t know was that John Derian either started his interest in collecting or was inspired in some way by looking in vintage antiue flea market type shops. ABC and Gumps in the United States; Conran and Liberty in the UK; and Astier de Villatte in Paris It all started with his now iconic collectible Damias Children plates decoupaged with 19th century artwork sourced from old and rare books arocess that credited him with elevating the decoupage techniue into fine art Over the Cutremur de timp past 25 years the brand has expanded greatly to include home and general design gifts androducts Now for the first time ever comes the book John Derian fans have been waiting for Culled from.

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In Salem MA the town right next to mine I would consider buying it again as a gift for a couple of women friends and my sister because I know that they would really like the unusual but so uniue and interesting items I m glad I bought it for myself This book was a huge disappointment The first is the uality of the Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes paper I expected a uality glossyaper rather than the wallpaper like uality Second the size of the images are too large In order to get any kind of erspective on the images you need to hold the book some distance away from youwhich is not feasible given that the book is so large Third the images themselves are ok but there s nothing artuculary special that I haven t seen coutless times before Overall I am stunned by Patagonia Express predominately glowing reviews of this book And I concur with the few dissenting reviews completely From now on I will make aoint of looking at the negative reviews no matter how overwhelmingly Predator positiveroduct reviews are In summary the size of the images the aper uality and the images selection contribute to an overall disappointing experience If at all ossible I will return this book Its always open I turn to a new Seven Days in Utopia page each day Bought this for my wife and she loves Had a sneakeek myself and I uite liked it. The thousands of images that have appeared in his biannual collections here is an astoundingly beautiful assortment of nearly 300 full bleed images in their original form From intensely colored flowers and birds to curious ortraits hand drawn letters and breathtaking landscapes the best of John Derian is here The result is an oversized object of desire a work of art in and of itself that brilliantly walks the line between commerce and art and that is destined to become the gift book of the seaso.