Karen Atkinson: Getting Your Sh*t Together: The Ultimate Business Manual for Every Practicing Artist

T for school but for life A great practical guide for the not practical career of being an artist Amaz. Ess on their own terms Whether you are a gallery bound artist a public artist an merging artist a hobbyist a crafts person a student or a seasoned artist in need of a tune up this manual is meant for you This comprehensive book is informed by decades of Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch experience and years of research into how to perform as a professional artist in the 21st century art world or worlds This book is filled withasy to.

Great book a must read for anyone who wants to advance their career OK great book Great book not jus. Far too often artists find themselves having to compromise their art and their life because they were not taught accurate up to date methods for dealing with business situations Because of this lack of preparedness artists miss out on valuable opportunities financial rewards and access to receptive audiences This book aims to help all artists verywhere avoid these pitfalls and get on the track to succ.

Ing book Excellent resource for all creative makers Top of the wozza Comprehensive and again brilliant. Follow instructions that will help you do verything archive your work start a mailing list write a grant and Mine to Take (Nine Circles, everythinglse you can think of This straightforward book His L.A. Cinderella even addresses topics you may not think you need to know about now but you sure will later Consider this a handbook for all your artisticndeavors This book is written and designed to mpower you to take your future into your own hand.

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