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Clever and pertinent links back to Mr Mercedes In addition the book sets up a nice bridge to the third book in the trilogyOne slight niggle would be that that I ve seen a lot of these characters before with different names and guises in other King books so it would be nice to see future protagonists differ slightlyOverall this was great and I d recommend it 810 After reading Mr Mercedes I had to buy this second book in the trilogy of Bill Hodges It was like uicksand and I was sucked in immediately and instead of trying to pull myself out which without immediate plans I don t think that I could have anyway I spent my Saturday with Bill and his friends It was worth very minute and Alter Ego every hour There is never a dull moment with King s books there rarely is What did I do before Iven wrote this review You guessed it I bought the final book in the trilogy I m forcing myself to wait before I start it because I do need to spend the rest of my Saturday accomplishing something outside of the uicksand I do however recommend that you download this and slip into the uicksand Put off verything lse for a while because sh t ain t sh t I had never read a Stephen King book before Mr Mercedes as I didn t have a massive interest in fantasy fiction I m a sucker for a good crime thriller so I picked up Mr Mercedes and loved Uncommon Wisdom every bit of itFinders Keepers has a very different structure to the first book Here we arexperiencing the story through three characters and it s not until the second part of the book do we meet the trio from the first The first part of the book has no real sort of suspense or horrific Unseen City elements to it Despit This is number 2 of the Mr Mercredes trilogy butxcept for characters the links to volume 1 are very tenuous It is a really good story which gripped me to the Art end which I had however guessed I took down two stars because it is basically a clever reuse of plotlements from 2 of King s previous stellar works which I won t name here to avoid spoiling your fun Common King themes like litterature writing and prison life come back here making uite a thrilling story but lacking in originality Almost no fantastic here just some cat and mouse and detective stuff Good book good time but wayyyyyy below Mr Mercedes So many people have already rated this book so I doubt this will be read by anyone But here goes anywayThese two books Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers though the books didn t have any other worldly characters or monsters doesn t make it any less terrifying and leaves to our imagination that there may be some very real monsters who may live next door and we just don t know about itThese two books are classic King which means a total page turner and gripping suspense to the lastStephen King has said that he doesn t write about God Is in the Crowd extra ordinary people who deal with normal things but instead he writes about regular people who are inxtraordinary situations That s almost a direct uote from himI Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoyedvery part of it I listene. EdesWake up genius So announces deranged fan Morris Bellamy to iconic author John Rothstein who once created the famous character Jimmy Gold and hasnt released anything since Morris is livid not just because his favorite writer has stopped publishing but because Jimmy Gold The Matriarchs (The Family ended up as a sellout Morris kills his idol andmpties his safe of cash but the real haul is a collection of notebooks containing John Rothsteins unpublished workincluding at least one Jimmy Gold novel Morris hides verything awaythe money and the manuscripts no.

D to the audible versions of these two books and say that the narrator was one of the best that I ve ver heard and was so completely appropriate for these Stephen King books Only having S We have mixed feelings about the aptly titled Finders Keepers a seuel of sorts to King s When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) earlier Mr Mercedes novel This one opens with a crazed burglar William Morris robbing famous author John Rothstein who has been silent for a couple of decades of not just cash but dozens of moleskin notebooks containing two unpublished novels and other writings and then kills him because he doesn t like the direction Rothstein took his hero Jimmy Gold in the last published work Morris thought a rare bookstore owner was going to sell the notebooks for millions and make them both rich but the guy refuses saying to wait a decade or two In frustration Morris goes out gets drunk rapes and assaults a woman and spends some 35 years in jail before he finally gets out on parole He had previously hidden the cash and notebooks in a trunk he buried near a pond adjoining the back of the property where he livedThen we meet the Saubers who now reside in Morris old house the parents of 13 year old Peter and his younger sister Tina are struggling in both their marriage and their finances Peter stumbles upon the buried treasure and parcels out the money to his parents anonymously through the mail with like 500 payments for several years He meanwhile reads all the author s writings and loves them and thinks about trying to sell the notebooks to guess who the same guy who refused Morris Meanwhile his sister Tina suspects Peter was the source of the monthly cash and tells retired cop Bill Hodges the guy who solved the case in the preuel Hodges tries to intervene with Peter before it gets too lateWhen Morris gets out of prison and finds his trunkmpty he suspects the book dealer and on we go The suspense heightens as he discovers it was Peter who took all and he doesn t care who he has to kill to get the stuff backWe think this would have made a great novella without the follow up to the No Biggy! earlier book which was somewhat tangential As is it was sort of long and drawn out despite a catchy premise and a suspensefulnding Several readers find deeper meaning in the obsession of first Morris and then Peter with the author and his works but we didn t work hard Crush It! enough to figure out what that might be We love our good books too but not to the point of murder and skullduggery The last hundred or so pages of this book were really good So good that I was up reading until 2am I just didn t want to stopHowever getting the that last hundred pages was a really big struggle I think had it been another writer or if I hadn t already read the previous book in the trilogy I may have given upI m glad I stuck through it because thending really was good but it was a looong journey getting thereJust too much unnecessary filler which seems to be occupying and of Kings books latelyAll review can be found One but Gold ver sawbefore being locked up for another horrific crime But upon Morriss release thirty five years later hes about to discover that teenager Pete Saubers has already found the stolen treasureand no one but former police detective Bill Hodges along with his trusted associates Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson stands in the way of his vengeance Not since Misery has Stephen King played with the notion of a reader and murderous obsession filled with nail biting suspense thats the hallmark of his best work Publishers Weekly.

This trilogy so far has been one of my least favorite of King s works The characterization just isn t there like it is in books like The Green Mile and Insomnia and most of his others ven the short storiesBill Hodges is boring A trilogy that is freuently called the Bill Hodges trilogy isn t really Deep Listening even about Bill Hodges because he is boringHolly Gibney is the most interesting recurring character IMO Brady may take second place in End of Watch but he was pretty boring in Mr Mercedes and he was still interesting than Hodges and definitely interesting than Morris Bellamy Morris is one note and it s a harsh jarringvil note at that He s like Captain Ahab and his whale He s awful and yet somehow still boringThis book has been compared to Misery due to some similar plot devices but I m telling you Misery scared the living daylights out of me It was horrible and terrifying and so well characterized that it was Bird-by-Bird Gardening even scarierMorris Bellamy s got nothing on Annie Wilkes Morris Bellamy reminds me of Clayton Blaisdell only without the streak of goodness that makes that character interestingTL DR Middle book syndrome is the pits Here s hoping that End of Watch rocks my face off Otherwise I may turn into a cockadoodie brat Wasn t sure if I really wanted to read crime thrillersven by Stephen King before I started on Mr Mercedes but I did love itA few of the previous reviews for this one are scathing One references Enid Blyton s Famous Five blimey I must have missed the one with gory murders and an account of life in an American prison including male on male rape and suggests it is aimed at children as it involves kiddies playing amateur detective It doesn t Teenagers are involved certainly and get into anxiety provoking trouble but all the detective work is done by main characters of Mr Mercedes retired cop Hodges and Holly a middle aged woman with mental health issues assisted by Hodges former odd job man now a college studentI thoroughly The Works of Saint Augustine enjoyed this book perhaps not uite so much as Mr Mercedes but a near thing The reminders ofvents from that first of the trilogy I found slightly intrusive but they are needed I guess for the info of readers who haven t read Mr MI guess I have to plead guilty lol to being one of S King s constant readers but I am not completely uncritical of his work One of his favourite things baseball leaves me stone cold thankfully there s none of that here I thoroughly recommend this book whether or not you are already a fan of King andor Bill Hodges Another hugely njoyable read from King I ve absolutely loved King s output in recent years Duma Key Mr Mercedes Joyland all great This is the second book in the Bill Hodges trilogy but unlike in Mr Mercedes he isn t the main character This series is thriller mystery than outright horror but that s no bad thing As usual King s ability to keep you hooked is amazing I raced through it in a few days The central story is very strong and interesting and at the same time there are. Winner of the 2020 Audio Publishers Association Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 Audie Award Finalist for Best Male NarratorThe second book in Stephen Kings Bill Hodges trilogy Mr Mercedes Finders Keepers End of Watchnow an ATStephen Kings superb stay up all night thriller is a sly tale of literary obsession that recalls the themes of his classic 1987 novel Misery The Washington Postthe #1 New York Times bestseller about the power of storytelling starring the same trio of unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King introduced in Mr Merc.

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Stephen King is the author of than fifty books all of them worldwide bestsellers His first crime thriller featuring Bill Hodges MR MERCEDES won the Edgar Award for best novel and was shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award Both MR MERCEDES and END OF WATCH received the Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Mystery and Thriller of 2014 and 2016 respectivelyKing co wrote the bestselling novel Sleeping Beauties with his son Owen King and many of Kings books have been turned into celebrated films and television series including The Shawshank Redemption Geralds Game and ItKing was the recipient of Americas prestigious 2014 National Medal of Arts and the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for distinguished contribution to American Letters In 2007 he also won the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America He lives with his wife Tabitha King in Maine