Michael Kaufman, Thomas Evans: Law School Legends Audio on Agency and Partnership (Law School Legends Audio Series)

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That the goal of its professors is to teach the law but rather to teach legal analytics Ok Whatever I wish I would have appreciated this distinction better while I was in law school rather than making honest efforts to induct rules from casesAnyway this lecture is a MUST HAVEThanks Prof Kaufman Just his inflection makes this lecture so funny you will likely have to stop listening from time to time to get yourself together he doesn t really tell okes but the way he speaks is ust plain halarious I am a 3L who uses tapescds for every class I can find them and this by far was the funniest one He also of course does a great ob of breaking down organizing and providing examples to put agency and partnership into bite size pieces to make it very easy to understand and remember I was happy with the grade I got on my final I relied on the cds to make my outline I have spent YEARS listening to different legal audio CDs PMBR is the most consistent but this particular product from Law School LegendsThomson BarBri is simply excellent The outline is presented in very basic fashion and on the second listen I basically had the outline committed to memory I cannot recommend this product highly enough Very well done As others have noted Kaufman has a very distinctive lecture style My favorite But if you want astro points and I know you Formation partnership by estoppel in partnership property relations between partners to third parties authority of partners dissolution and termination and limited partnershi.

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Agent s unauthorized contract because they always remember to change the terms A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just a bitI promise that Kaufman will simply this information in a way that your professor cannot or does not take the time and care to For example I particularly appreciated Kaufman s effort and ability to boil the unnecessarily complex rules governing agent liability on Ks into a one sentence rule Authorized agent not liable on contracts unless undisclosed principal One sentence two subjects with two modifiers are all it takes to see the big picture of this intricate rule And this isust one example his lecture is filled with this kind of thoughtfulness Its a great lesson in brevity and demonstrates that one word when used thoughtfully does make all the difference in the lawIn sum Kaufman will not only prepare you for Agency and PS but will also help you adjust your approach to learning the law in a way that will allow you to both conserve lots of brain power and redirect it toward expert type rule enunciation and analysis The only downside may be that after listening to Kaufman you may seriously begin to wonder what they hell you re doing spending days or even weeks on some subjects in class and become uite critical of your 150k law school bill Kaufman does the ob for fifty bucks and it s a game changer To be sure law school does not purport. Thority ratification liabilities of parties tort liability respondeat superior frolic and detour and intentional torts Professor Evans also discusses the nature of partnership.

Unlike many recorded law lectures which attempt to teach a semester course in one session Kaufman boils down his subject to the essentials The material is well organized and succinct But best of all he is a oy to listen to Imagine Emo Phillips teaching a law lecture and you ll get the basic idea Highly recommended 5 Super helpful This audio book will tell you exactly how to get a top grade on test and on bar Useful tips for all other classes as well Most valuable buy since law school I m an older student and my kid dreads it when I reach for my ipod to listen to my lawyer stuff in the car until now The prof sounds like a cross between a drunk Bart Simpson and Sheen from Jimmy Neutron and it is ust a riot to listen to Of course the law is good and the synopsis is tight and exceptionally well tailored to examsmanship techniue There is no way you can listen to this lecture and not pass an exam in Agency or Parternship Kaufman is a Game Changer and this Lecture is an Eye OpenerYeah used this to study for the bar and this guy is pretty much my hero Kaufman is so clear and the info so digestable that my two dogs who had been listening close by as I studied managed to form a registered limited liability partnership and are doing uite well selling their tasty oatmeal dog treats and they have never been caught out ratifying an. This audio lecture includes creation rights and duties of principal and agent sub agents and contract liability actual authority express and implied It also covers apparent au.