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Beautifully written funny and creative with forms almost every poem tries something new from mad lib style news stories to a screenplay about the author s family fleeing Kashmir uring Partition If you re any minority at all and even remotely interested in history or coming of age poems you ll enjoy this I would recommend it to everyone since these are such important conversations which too few people have Wow that sounds like a bot wrote it this was just a really good book okay Fatimah s poetry collection was passionate clever real factual graphic funny saddening hopeful and touching I got insight into the lives of Indian women and Indian people in general as far as their reality and feelings as Americans and as foreigners It is an eye opener and Fatimah is uite the talented poet Her writing kept me enthralled from beginning to end I give this book four stars and would recommend it to people of all ethnicities women especially A very powerful collection of poetry It Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book doesn t pull any punches and gets to the heart of the matter of belongingifference ignorance A Study in Scandal (Scandalous displacement and ostracism yet there is also love friendship and family here Very well expressed and vivid Great read Nobody in India will love me so Irew them a line Cyril Radcliffe who Letting it Go drew borders of partitions in less than 40ays without ever previously visiting South AsiaHonestly I read this book twice before even sitting The One Who Stays (Summer Island, down to write this review The poetry is soeep powerful and full of emotions that I felt the need to read this book again to feel the emotions which I may have missed the first timeThis Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, debut book of poems by Fatimah Asghar explores the history andifficulties of 1947 partition the inheritances of violence struggles of being a brown woman in the USA vacuum created by loss of parents early in life and explorations of the body In 100 pages the book gives you so much to grasp understand and sink in your soulHer poems are Smijurija u mjerama deeply moving and intelligently written about the keen observations in her life I am sure that her poetry will find its new form of saying and will give you a rush of emotions every time you pick up this bookThis book touched my heart I highly recommend this to poetry lovers I ll admit it I like haiku and limericks Sonnets are too longI only want to look at. “Aebut poetry collection showcasing both a fierce and tender new voice” Booklist “Elegant and playfulThe poet invents new forms and updates classic ones” Elle Named one of the top 10 books of the year by the New York Public Library Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award  An aunt teaches me how to tell an edible flower from a poisonous one Just in case I hear her say just in case From a co creator of the Emmy nominated web series Brown Girls comes an imaginative soulful ebut poetry collection that captures the experiences of being a young Pakistani Muslim woman in contemporary America  Orphaned as a child Fatimah Asghar grapples with.

No But it s good and it s important I find myself gravitating and toward stories about immigrants or other cultures in America what they have to eal with how they try to adapt because I fear becoming complacent forgetting for even a moment that what is so easy for me isn t for everyone that we aren t all eual in other s eyes even if everyone is in mine Does this make sense or am I just rambling For me the first step toward making an America that loves and accepts everyone is accepting the Ultralearning differences and the past what they had to go through and their heritage I want to understand how others feel because ignorance is just not an option As I have always found I learn and understand best when things are written it just makes sense for me to seek books like these outExcuse me while I climbown from my soap box The poems and exerts here made me smile sometimes and cry in others It made me feel as all good writing should I found pieces that surprised me and resonated with me It was honest open and beautiful even if the prose were just a tad imperfect Actually maybe so because of that For me this is a four star collectionOn the adult content there s some language and it The Ring Of The Dove does touch on some adult themes but I still see this as being very teen friendly I give it a three The book was first and foremost so enlightening I learned so much about partition and plan to learn so much I heard Fatimah Asghar read at Split this Rock and have been excited toive into the since then The poetry is playful and gutteral light and The Lost Literature of Medieval England dark It is breaking and healing all at the same time I appreciate that sheoesn t italicize anything which forces you to o your research What I loved about this work is that as a friend put it Fatimah excavates the truth I felt that as I explored the collection No one was safe from uestioning not even herself There were many moments of such beautiful heartbreaking images exploring the political personal and corporeal landscape post partition A raw coming of age narrative everyone should read stories that shouldn t be forgotten I was a big fan of the concept behind the book and while I idn t love this book as much as many of my peers it Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, delivers a really great experience Plenty to learn from be intrigued by and the occasional challenge here and there. Gender illuminating the forces by which identity is fixed or flexible Most vivid and revelatory are pieces such as ‘Boy’ whose perspicacious turns and irreverent idiom conjure the rich jagged textures of a childhood shadowed by loss” The New Yorker “This summer Asghar’sebut poetry collection cemented her status as one of the city’s greatest present Im a Narwhal day poets A stunning work of art that tackles place race sexuality and violence These poems both personal and historical both celebratory and aggrieved are unuestionably powerful in a way that wouldoubtless make both Gwendolyn Brooks and Harriet Monroe proud” Chicago Review of Books.

One page and get the idea Short and sweetAsghar s poetry was longer than that It sometimes covered many pages but in those pages I got the full picture of life as a young Muslim women from a family separated by the partition of India and Pakistan who immigrated to the US It is a timely book in our world today To live in two worlds and to be accepted fully by neitherOne poem that sticks in my memory is the Microaggression Grid which is like a bingo board Being asked about the hijab being told that her family is sooo authentic having her name mispronounced by the teacher on the last Madame Timide day of school and everyone thinking that she was an expert yogi are just a few blocks on the boardYes it was outside my comfort zone both the topic and the format It was a small but powerful book where I read a few poems at a time and thought about them afterwards That is what the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge is about This incredible collection is full of politics and identity and selfiscovery and highlighting Girl, Woman, Other differences but at the same time invites you to learn about and understand the culture and identity of the poet Some of these poems absolutely floored me The first Partition floored me in a veryifferent way than White Lie floored me or My Love for Nature floored me With every turn of the page there was something unexpected and foreign to me but also so viscerally familiar I felt as though we were living a mirrored childhood even though the similarities were only in the way it felt remembered Absolutely amazing collection I went in not knowing what to expect and left completely amazed at the power behind these words The verses portray those raw emotions in us women not only women in color I would say it will resonate with all women at some level They are beautifully painful verses It rings of honesty and truth melancholy and introspection Thank you Arrived in perfect condition straight away A A South African Night debut poetry collection that looks into what it s like to be a Pakistani Muslim woman in America Filled with anger joy confusion and love she tells her story A story of being orphaned coming of age without a mother uestions about race and sexuality and love for a world that put a target on her back For such a short book it packs a wallop Is this the best book of poetry ever written. Coming of age and navigating uestions of sexuality and race without the guidance of a mother or father These poems at once bear anguish joy vulnerability and compassion while also exploring the many facets of violence how it persists within us how it is inherited across generations and how it manifests itself in our relationships In experimental forms and language both lyrical and raw Asghar seamlessly braids together marginalized people’s histories with her own understanding of identity place and belonging Praise for If They Come for Us “In forms both traditionaland unorthodoxAsghar interrogatesivisions along lines of nationality age and.